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The Fireman by Joe Hill (16 years and over)


Title: The Fireman. 

Author: Joe Hill.

Year of Publication: 2016 (UK).

Publishers: Gollancz (UK).

Website: www.joehillfiction.com

Cost for Paperback (RRP): £7.99 (UK).

Format: Available in paperback, audiobook, and as an ebook.

Age Range: 16 and over. If you are younger than this then I suggest asking your parents first.


A deadly virus has been released upon the world. Some say it is Islamic terrorists who let it loose, while others say it is Christian fundamentalists. No one knows for sure, and while the people on TV debate its origins the world is burning. 

When school nurse Harper Greyson see’s what happens when people burn in the schoolyard, it doesn’t really matter who released the virus. The only thing that matters is keeping her unborn baby safe. So, Harper is forced to survive anyway she can, but when the apocalypse arrives in a ball of flame, how exactly do you survive with sacrificing everything that you are?

This has been a fantastic book; one that I have not wanted to put down. I stayed up until 3am to finish it, though I felt very tired the next day. It is certainly a great book, and I will be reading more from this author.


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