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Hogwarts Mystery


A new game has been announced called ‘Hogwarts Mystery’. From what I can tell it will be a free RPG, with in-app purchases available, and will be released in Spring 2018. In the game you will take on the role of a character, and have to solve mysteries set in the Hogwarts castle (as the name suggests). I think we will also be able to brew potions and duel.

At the moment the game is still in the Beta stage, and only available in certain countries on android devices (which makes me sad as I use Apple). I’m not sure if this is connected to the ‘Wizards Unite’ app that was announced recently or not, but I suppose we will have to wait and see.




Wizards Unite


So, some good news from Pottermore, which is a rare thing since they took everything away from us. There is going to be a new game/app for mobile/cell phones called Wizards Unite released at some point in 2018 (date to be confirmed).

From what I can tell it is going to be a little like Pokémon Go, where we will be able to interact with the wizarding world whilst out in the muggle world by collecting things, and seeing things that the muggles can’t.

I’m quite looking forward to it, because it will be cool to walk around in the muggle world using my phone to do magic without getting into trouble with the ministry.

When more news is released I will post about it again, or you can check out Pottermore for updates.



A Journey Through A History of Magic


A new Harry Potter book was published yesterday, and while I haven’t finished reading it yet I couldn’t wait telling you all about it. It is called A Journey Through A History of Magic, and like the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them book it is a Hogwarts textbook.

It is full of new facts about the history of the wizarding world and Hogwarts, including more recent history including Harry Potter. It also includes some pretty cool illustrations, and glimpses of manuscripts written by JK Rowling. I am enjoying this book so much that I don’t want to put it down, and I think everyone should be asking for a copy for Christmas.

I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do.



Kindle in Motion edition of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

A new interactive version of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone has been released on Kindle, which features art, animations, and videos. I haven’t had a chance to read it yet, but a preview is available on Pottermore.

Don’t forget that you don’t need a kindle to buy/read kindle ebooks, as you can get an app for most smart phones and tablets. The cost of the book will depend on which country you are buying it from.


“No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world.” Robin Williams.

Strike: The Cuckoo’s Calling on BBC One

Last Sunday night saw the first episode of a three-part adaptation of The Comoran Strike novels by Robert Galbraith on BBC1 here in the UK. For those of you who don’t remember, Robert Galbraith is the pseudonym of J.K. Rowling.

I didn’t get to watch it last Sunday, only getting to watch it on Catch Up TV on Friday night. It has some differences from the book, which is to be expected of course; no adapatation is every a 100% copy of the original text, but overall I think they have done a good job of taking the novel from the page to the TV screen.

The casting has been done well, especially the main character, and I am really looking forward to the next episode tonight, which is about to start any moment. I was hoping to post this yesterday to give everyone the chance to catch up on the first episode, but unfortunatly my Nan was taken into hospital yesterday so that has taken over my weekend.

I hope you enjoy watching it.



Time Magazine Harry Potter Special Edition

2017 Time 20th anniversary

Time Magazine have published a Special Edition to celebrate 20 years of Harry Potter, and I am guessing that it is available everywhere that the magazine is published/on sale. I have spent the last two days reading it, and been reminded of just why I fell in love with the world of Harry Potter.

It is full of little facts and information that is new, but more importantly a reflection on why Harry Potter became so important and inspirational to us. 20 years have passed since the first book made a small entrance into the world, going almost unnoticed by most, but something abut a small boy living in a cupboard under the stairs grew into something so much more than just a story.

I hope you guys manage to get a copy, because I think you will really enjoy it.


“If Harry Potter taught us anything, it’s that no one should live in a closet.” J.K. Rowling.


MCM Manchester Comic Con 2017


Today is a bumper edition, as I will be making TWO posts, to make up for the lack of a post on Saturday. This, the first one, is all about Comic Con over the weekend. I had such an amazing time, and as usual I wanted to share it with you guys.

It was a very busy event, so much so that even with a priority ticket it still took over an hour to get into the event on Saturday morning. It can get pretty packed, but everyone is really friendly, so it never mattered if people kept knocking into each other.

Here are a few photos of some of the stalls that I found that made me think of you. The first one made me think of Blackthorn as we both love Doctor who. The second made me think of those of you who have cats. The next two were all Pokémon stuff, which I thought was awesome, and the last one just made me smile.IMG_8820



I almost brought one of these, but they were way too expensive, though I did buy a unicorn milkshake like in the second photo.



The next photos are of some of my favourite cosplay from the weekend.

There weren’t many Special Guests there this year, but of the ones who were there Professor Flitwick (Warwick Davis), and the cast of Class (a Doctor Who spin-off) were my favourite. I got the autograph of Sophie Hopkins (Class), and she was super nice. AND it turned out I was staying in the same hotel as some of them. I saw them in the bar, and even got to speak to them. 🙂

Finally, here is a picture that I thought would make you all smile. Izzy kept saying she wanted to go to Comic Con and Cosplay, and she finally got her wish.


I hope you’ve enjoyed the post, and check back in a little while for post two of the day!