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Happy Birthday Izzy!


I can’t believe it, but I forgot to make a post to celebrate Izzy’s birthday! She turned three on the 12th September; and spent the day munching on strawberries, and being waited on hand and foot (which is kind of a normal day for her anyway).

She has grown so much since I first brought her home, I forget how small and fragile she was, not to mention how nervous she was at being in a strange new home with a strange person she didn’t know. Now she is such a big part of my life, that I couldn’t imagine it without her.

I was going to let her hibernate for the first time this year, but after talking with her vet they have advised me to keep her awake until she is at least five. This is to make sure she is has enough fat/energy reserves to last the winter, as she obviously won’t be eating while she is in hibernation. The vet has also given her a check-up, and given her a clean bill of health. They also said that Izzy is a very curious and inquisitive tortoise, and they can tell that she must be a handful, which she is. To those of you who I have been talking to Izzy about her gender, I still don’t have a definitive answer for you. The vet says Izzy is still too young to be 100% sure that she actually is a girl, and it will be another couple of years before we know for sure.

Here are some recent photos of Izzy that I hope you will like:



As you can see, she likes her woolly hat very much (she actually has two of them), and one of her favourite places to hide is behind my bin and next to some Comic Books because she likes Super Hero stories. Hopefully the last photo will make you all smile; this is how much of a mess she makes when she eats strawberries. She eats them whole, and it ends up looking like strawberry jam all over her face.

Izzy and I hope you have enjoyed the post, and Izzy will accept any presents you wish to send by owl. Flowers will be eaten, and teddy bears will be cuddled.


Izzy & ThestralSnidget84.


Happy Birthday Izzy!


Izzy’s 2nd birthday is approaching very quickly, and it still only seems like a five minutes ago that I first got her. She will turn 2 on the 12th September, which is on Monday, so there will be an all day party in the chat room for her on Tuesday (I have a very long day at work on Monday, so I won’t be online much that day). She has written the following wish list for gifts:

  1. Dandelions.
  2. Ravenclaw Robes.
  3. Dandelions.
  4. Sonic Screwdriver.
  5. Dandelions.
  6. Light Sabre.
  7. Dandelions.
  8. Ice skates (2 pairs as she has 4 legs).
  9. Dandelions.
  10. And More Dandelions.

As I’ve said before, Izzy is very adventurous for a tortoise, and she hates being kept in her house for too long. She is also very clever, so when she wants to go on an adventure she will climb on top of her tunnel to use it as a stepping stone to climb the wall and get out. Luckily it is too far away from the wall for her to reach, but she keeps trying anyway. Here is a photo:


And this is her using her tunnel for what it is supposed to be for:


This is the new tunnel that I had to buy for her, as she could no longer fit through the original one that I brought for her.

So don’t forget; there will be an all day party on Tuesday in the chat to celebrate. I’m not sure 100% what time I will be there, but I am hoping it will be at 12 noon and 17:00 (UK time) at the very least, but hope to be there more.



Happy Birthday Izzy!


Today is Izzy’s 1st birthday, so I would like to wish her a very happy birthday! She is my best animal friend, and an amazing pet, who I love dearly.

I don’t have a present for her yet, as I am still making it for her, so I will show it to you all when it is made. But I do have a few photos I would like to show you of her that I really like.


As you can see, she has a wand and has been sorted into Ravenclaw like me, which makes me very proud that she is magical, and because she has such a tough shell spells just bounce straight off her.


This is a door stop I brought from a place called Chatsworth House. Izzy isn’t really interested in it, except for when it is in her way. Sometimes she will push it out of the way and try to get out of the door so she can go on adventrs around the house.


I took this one in the morning just after she had woken up, having dug herself under the soil to sleep with just her head poking out of the soil.


This last one is of her in my hand to show how big she is. She will grow more than this, and reach her full size when she is around 8 years old. She could grow up to just short of 1ft long from head to tail, but that would be large for her breed.

I will give her some sprouts today as a treat, and sing Happy Birthday to her. I know that this may not sound like much of a treat to most of you, but Izzy loves sprouts; though for tortoises it is junk food and should only be given in moderation.


“May this house stand until an ant drinks the ocean and a tortoise circles the world.” Jonathan Carroll.