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Mega Post


Today is going to be a huge MEGA post, to make up for the ones I have missed over the past couple of weeks. First however I want to explain what has been happening. As I posted briefly; I have fractured my ankle which is very painful. I have had to take time off from work as I can barely stand for more than a few minutes, let alone walk, without being in a lot of pain. Thus, I have been taking some very strong painkillers, which make me very sleepy and leave me with very little energy. This means I have been finding it hard to write my posts here, and for that I am sorry. I hope you guys can forgive me.

Now for the real post. Firstly it will be the riddles:

So, the answers to last set of riddles are:

1) Clara Clatter was born on December 27th, yet her birthday is always in the summer

She lives in the Southern Hemisphere.

2) He has married many women but has never married. Who is he?

A priest.


1 House Point if you answered one riddle correctly, and 5 if you answered both correctly.


Your next set of riddles are:

1) An item is made from lead blanks in a lathe shop. Each blank suffices for 1 item. Lead shavings accumulated for making 6 items can be melted and made into a blank. How many items can be made from 36 blanks.

2) Not far off shore a ship stands with a rope ladder hanging over her side. The rope has 10 rungs. The distance between each rung is 12 inches. The lowest rung touches the water. The ocean is calm. Because of the incoming tide, the surface of the water rises 4 inches per hour. How soon will the water cover the third rung from the top rung of the rope ladder?


Good luck!


Next, I want to tell you about a new/second chatroom for this site. Just to be clear; the chatovod chat will still be active. I promised that it will always be here, and I promise again that it always will be.

This second chatroom is simply for more choice, as it has some features that chatovod doesn’t, such as being able to play music and post pictures (as long as they are appropriate and not of you). The link for this second chatroom is https://discord.gg/3PCxBZ3 You do have to register to use it, and everyone has the choice about if they want to use it or not. You can also download an app for your desktop, tablet, or phone to use it ‘on the go’.

I want to say thanks to Lunar Kitty for suggesting and creating this second chatroom, and to both her and Ennard for helping me figure it out. Little by little we are going to make it as comfy as possible, as it is much easier to personalise.



The third part of this MEGA post is to tell you about the MCM London Comic Con I recently went to. I volunteered for the first time this year, and I am so glad that I did. I had the best Comic Con ever!

I had signed up to do different things over the weekend, but after doing a good job on my first task in the ‘Photo Opportunity Area’ I was asked to do that for the whole weekend, as the job was very demanding and the organiser in charge wanted to keep certain people who he knew would do well. This meant that I got to meet a lot of the ‘Special Guests’ who appeared, and I made some really good friends I plan to meet up with at Comic Cons in the future.

I got to meet Professor Flitwick again, which made me very happy indeed. He is such as nice man, and offered to let several volunteers have photos with him. Mine is now framed and mounted on my bedroom wall. I also say Filch and Pius Thicknesse.

By far though, the two most popular ‘Special Guests’ over the weekend in my area were Andrew Scott (Jim Moriarty in Sherlock) with over 400 people wanting a photo, and Hayley Atwell (Marvel’s Agent Carter) with over 200 people. I also really enjoyed meeting the cast of Red Dwarf, which is one of my favourite British comedies. I would recommend it to everyone. Unfortunately we weren’t allowed to take photos in this area without permisson, so I don’t have any to show you from this area.

However, I do have some others I wanted to share with you of my favourite Cosplayers:

As you can see I saw a Dementor, but don’t worry: I had my wand ready and thought happy memories of my Pottermore friends to chase it away with my patronus. Here are also a few photos from around Comic Con that I thought were pretty cool:


Here is the t-shirt and lanyard that I got to work for the weekend, and also a butterbeer glass I got for myself. I also brought a Pokemon Card for as a gift for Izzy:


I hope you’ve enjoyed this post, and I’m sorry again for not posting the past couple of weeks.


“Friends don’t lie.” Stranger Things.



MCM Manchester Comic Con 2017


Today is a bumper edition, as I will be making TWO posts, to make up for the lack of a post on Saturday. This, the first one, is all about Comic Con over the weekend. I had such an amazing time, and as usual I wanted to share it with you guys.

It was a very busy event, so much so that even with a priority ticket it still took over an hour to get into the event on Saturday morning. It can get pretty packed, but everyone is really friendly, so it never mattered if people kept knocking into each other.

Here are a few photos of some of the stalls that I found that made me think of you. The first one made me think of Blackthorn as we both love Doctor who. The second made me think of those of you who have cats. The next two were all Pokémon stuff, which I thought was awesome, and the last one just made me smile.IMG_8820



I almost brought one of these, but they were way too expensive, though I did buy a unicorn milkshake like in the second photo.



The next photos are of some of my favourite cosplay from the weekend.

There weren’t many Special Guests there this year, but of the ones who were there Professor Flitwick (Warwick Davis), and the cast of Class (a Doctor Who spin-off) were my favourite. I got the autograph of Sophie Hopkins (Class), and she was super nice. AND it turned out I was staying in the same hotel as some of them. I saw them in the bar, and even got to speak to them. 🙂

Finally, here is a picture that I thought would make you all smile. Izzy kept saying she wanted to go to Comic Con and Cosplay, and she finally got her wish.


I hope you’ve enjoyed the post, and check back in a little while for post two of the day!



Want to go to Comic Con?

The thing is, I’ve been going to Comic Cons for a couple of years now ,and apart from one where I took my uncle along for the day, I have always gone by myself. That’s ok, as Comic Cons are very friendly, and I always end up talking to random people, but it would be so much better if I could go with a group of people.

So, I would like to give an open invitation for anyone who would like to come to the MCM London Comic Con with me in November 2017.

Obviously, it would need planning, especially if you have a long way to go, but the general idea is as follows: The Comic Con runs from Friday 27th to Sunday 29th October 2017 at the Excel Centre in London. My idea is to make the trip from Thursday 26th to Monday 30th October, and I would suggest that we have two options. The first is to buy weekend tickets, and spend the whole 3 days at Comic Con, but this would leave very little time for anything else. The second is to only buy tickets for Saturday and/or Sunday. That way we all get to experience London, which I’m sure those of you who have never been to London would like to do even more than the rest. The only condition I am making is that everyone must be over 18, as I doubt any parents would let their children travel to another country on their own to meet a group of strangers.

There are several hotels within walking distance of the Comic Con, though they are expensive, but it will be easy enough to find a reasonably priced hotel in London and catch the tube. It’s what I usually do. London City airport is next door to the Excel Centre (literally next door), though it is a small airport. If flying to London you’d be better off flying to Heathrow or Gatwick, and Stanstead would also be fine. If you guys like, I can book a hotel that we all agree on, and arrange with them how you can pay, but you’d have to sort out your own travel arraignments.

I was thinking that on the Friday (if we go for option 2), we could go to the Harry Potter Studio Tour. I also have several other ideas for things to do, such as a sightseeing tour, and the Tower of London.

If you are interested, let me know by 1st August 2017. You can email me (thestralsnidget84@yahoo.com), or let me know via Facebook, Wattsapp, or the chatroom.

I am also thinking it would be something that I’d like to do every year, so if you can’t come this year there will always be another time.



MCM London Comic Con 2016

Hello from Comic Con! I usually wait until after the event to make posts of this kind, but I am just too excited not to share my time here with you guys. So far I have met Professor Flirwick, for the second time, and two actors from one of my favourite shows when I was growing up called Red Dwarf.

There is even a fair ground here this year, and it is awesome! Tonight there will be a big party that will go on until 1am! It will be just like the Yule Ball.

 I have seen a lot of Harry Potter things, as well as a lot of Hogwarts students.

There is a lot of people here in Cosplay, and it always surprises me just how much hard work people put into them. Here are some of my favourites so far:

I came here by myself, but I have already made some friends. Last night I went to the pub with some people I met, and we sat there until nearly midnight playing games. I also met a guy from Japan who won a huge trophy and a lot of money from winning a gaming tournament.

So as I still have some things I want to see, I will end my post here and hope to see you all very soon.



MCM Manchester Comic Con 2016


I went to another Comic Con last weekend in Manchester, and I wanted to share it with you guys because I had such a great time, and I hope that you all get to go to one if you haven’t already. I had never been to a Comic Con before until I went to this same one last year, so I just had to go to it again. It seemed even busier than last years, and there was a whole bunch of different things from the last one. Here are a couple of photos of the building and entrance to show you just how many people were there:




I’m always fascinated by just how awesome the Cosplay costumes are, and how much time and effort people put into them. Not to mention how expensive they must be, one guy wouldn’t say how much his cost because it would get him into trouble with his wife. So I took loads of photos of people in their costumes, and here are some of my favourites:








As usual, there were some special guests there who you could meet. There was a Doctor Who, three members of the cast from The Musketeers, and four members of the cast from Game of Thrones. The most popular guest by far though was Warwick Davies, who all of you Potterheads will know better as Professor Flitwick and Griphook. He has the biggest queue of fans wanting to meet him that stretched across the whole room. I waited for about 45 minutes to see him, and it was worth it. He was so very nice, and spoke of Harry Potter when he saw that I was wearing a Ravenclaw t-shirt. I got his autograph, and he very kindly let me take a selfie of the two of us. Meeting him was the best part of the weekend for me by far. I have now met two actors from the Harry Potter films, and they were both Ravenclaws, the other being Evanna Lynch (Luna Lovegood, who is my favourite character) who I met when she was performing in a play called Houdini in my home city.

There were also tons of stalls and displays where you can buy pretty much anything any geek or nerd would want, so here are some photos of a few of them:








I spent way to much money while I was there, and the best thing I brought was this poster of Hogwarts. In time I would like to get it signed by as many members of the cast from the Harry Potter films as possible, and of course by JK Rowling herself.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this post, and when I go to my next Comic Con in London in October I will make a post about that too.


“Geek? Sure, call me that. I take that as a compliment.” Brian Krzanich.


Being Me

I’ve always been different, strange, a misfit. For some people that means that I am not worth the same as they are. Yet for others it is what makes me special. It is with those people that I choose to spend my time with, because those who don’t see my true worth are not worth my energy. My post today is both a letter to myself when I am finding life tough, and to those reading it who are like me and don’t always fit in.

I have suffered from depression, anxiety, and insomnia for quite a long time, but it went undiagnosed for several years because I didn’t even recognise that anything was wrong. But now I know, and at the times when I am finding it hard to deal with, I take medication for it. For too many people depression is something they feel bad about, because they are told to just cheer up, but sometimes you just feel sad even when you think there’s no reason to be. But it shouldn’t be that way. If a person has a broken leg, they don’t get told to just walk it off. Mental illness is just the same, it doesn’t just go away because those around you want it to. So don’t ever let yourself sink deeper into depression by tying to make others happy.

My depression is one reason I love books. In them I find friends, and I find solace. I can always find the friends I have made in books whenever I need them by simply going to my bookcase, and when I am facing tough decisions I always ask myself what they would do in the same situation. They have brought me comfort in very dark times, and I carry them with me where ever I go. Some, those who think we are strange, would say it only makes me more crazy, but I am with Luna Lovegood in saying that I am just as sane as they are. I am a dreamer, who believes in magic, and in my dreams I am not so lonely. Then, when I’m in the real world, things aren’t so bad and the depression can’t stop me from living a good life, because I’m not so afraid to be myself. It doesn’t make me what some would call mad; because I know the difference between real life and a story. But isn’t that what a good story does? They make us believe, if only for a moment, that anything is possible and that we can all be heroes, so why is it so wrong to pick up a book and jump head first into a story?

Some people have footballers, or musicians, or reality TV stars as idols. I have characters from books, and the authors who create them. In a hundred years from now, when no one has any idea who won the 2016 Big Brother, they will still know who Harry Potter and Frodo Baggins were, and the people who wrote them. That is because when you strip away all of the magic and fantasy, they are people who we can actually admire, and the stories they gave us will still hold meaning. Yes, I love the magic, but it is the characters that make a good story, and they are the reason we feel connected to their worlds.

That’s why places like Pottermore (as it used to be before they changed it and stopped us making friends) are so popular, and why a comic con in London can draw in over 133,000 people in a single weekend, because people like us aren’t misfits at all; we fit with each other. We have just become accustomed to hiding in the shadows, but as a great man once told us, “Happiness can be found in even the darkest of times if only one remembers to turn on the light”. It took me a while to realise this; that I do have a place in the world, and that I don’t have to be a powerful person to change the world for the better, because it is the small things that mean the most. I have my friends, and they give me strength, and I don’t just mean the ones I find in books. I have you guys from Pottermore, and those I’ve made from travelling, and those I know from my home city who like me for my weirdness.

I also have Izzy, who brings me so much joy and gives me a reason to wake up on the bad days, because she still needs to be fed and bathed, and expects adventures in the garden whenever it is a sunny day, no matter how I am feeling. She is my friend, and I am hers, and being responsible for her gives my life a little extra meaning because I know she depends on me.

So just be you, because you can’t be anyone else, and no one else can be you. You are never alone, and the world is never too dark to see the light, it is just sometimes hard to remember that even Dementors can be beaten if we have hope and love.

MCM London Comic Con


I spent last weekend in London at the MCM London Comic Con, and it was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had such an amazing time seeing all the different things it had to offer, and seeing so many people dressed up in fancy dress. This Comic Con broke a record, for the biggest Comic Con in the UK, with 130,555 people attending over the weekend. To show you just how busy it was, here is a photo of the central Boulevard of the London Excel Centre where it was held.


I brought so many Harry Potter things, and I thought that you guys might like to see some of them. The first was from a stall that sold newspapers from various films and TV shows, so there was also pages from Batman and Superman, and lots of others too. The second is a limited edition Ravenclaw House print, which you can buy online from the Harry Potter shop at Kings Cross Station (see the link on the Links Page). They also do prints for the other houses too, and the Hogwarts Crest. Then finally there is Hermione’s wand, which you can also buy online from the Noble Collection and the Harry Potter shop.

DSCF3100DSCF3103 DSCF3107

DSCF3109 DSCF3110

The next things were some prints of paintings, from artists who were there. I thought the first one was really pretty, and it reminded me of the Ravenclaw Common Room on Pottermore. The second is obviously of a tortoise, and as you know I love tortoises.



I took so many photos, so here are some of the best ones, I hope you like them.









On Monday I went to the Harry Potter shop at Kings Cross. I really wanted to buy a Chocolate Frog, but they don’t sell them anymore. 😦 So I got this instead.



I also got to meet Guinea Pig while I was in there, as she was in London for the day with a friend from Slytherin. It was so nice to meet her in the muggle world; we had a coffee and a nice chat, and I really enjoyed it.


This was a nice view from the River Thames that I thought you guys would like. I really hope you like this post, because I had a great time down there. 🙂

“A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.” Walter Winchell.