I made this page back when Pottermore was a place we called home, and had friends, before they changed it all and ruined it. I was going to remove it, but I have decided to keep it as a dedication to what we lost when they took everything away from us.




Well, as I’ve made this for my Pottermore friends I wanted to create a section just for Pottermore on here. It’s just a random place to talk about the site, so I hope you find it useful. I joined Pottermore as a Beta user in August 2011, and at that point everyone was a newbie so we were all clueless about how it worked. So I suppose this little page is for the newbies; to help you figure things out. Here goes:


Make a nickname. Everyone has a nickname on Pottermore. A lot of people (including myself) have a Harry Potter related name, which means that there is a lot of people with the same nickname. That’s fine if you really have your heart set on a particular thing, but you could also try a none Harry Potter one. Try to think of something that you really like that is unique, that way you’ll stand out more.


Harry’s story (collecting items, shopping list, what year you’re in, and new content from JK Rowling). It was the new content from JK Rowling that really drew me in when I learned about Pottermore. As you go through Harry’s story new material by JK Rowling about Harry Potter and the magical world is revealed, which I think is amazing! It’s all information that never made it into the books, which happens all the time with a lot of authors and books, but we don’t usually get to see it. As you go through the story and complete the moments the info will be discovered. There’s things like how Lupin was bitten by a werewolf when he was young, to Professor McGonagall’s life before Hogwarts. The moments with exclusive content have a little red quill in the top right hand corner.

When it comes to collecting things, this is the easiest way for a newbie to earn points. In all the moments there is either something to collect, or an activity to do, which will earn you house points. Some of the items are harder to find than others because they are small or well hidden, but there is a progress bar at the bottom of each moment to tell you if you’ve completed it yet. If you have trouble figuring out what you need to do, you can either ask your classmates, or go online to search for videos on sites such as YouTube. Simply type the moment you want to find out about, for example; ‘Pottermore, Book One, Chapter One, Moment One, Walkthrough’, and you’ll find several videos that will help you.

You’ll also need to buy all the things on your shopping list, which means a trip to Diagon Alley that is always fun (see the section below about Diagon Alley). If I remember correctly, you need to finish book one before you get the second year shopping list, and it’s the same for the third year shopping list to. After that, there are no more shopping lists.

A lot of people like to know what year they are in, and the most common way people decide this depends on what book they are currently exploring on the site (rather than the books they have read, or films they have watched in the Muggle world), so if you’re exploring Goblet of Fire then you’re a fourth year.


The Great Hall and Common Rooms. This is where you can see what people are up to. We used to be able to leave comments and talk to each other here, but Pottermore took that ability away from us; claiming it was for child safety reasons. I’m yet to see how this can be the case, and hope that one day we can return to talking to the friends we have made.

You’ll also find the leaderboards for your house on the right of the screen in your Common Room, or underneath your House Hour Glass in the Great Hall. These show the top 20 point earners, the top 20 duellers, and the top 20 brewers for each House.


Friends. A lot of Muggles don’t get why we find Harry Potter and Pottermore so much fun, so Pottermore is a great place to find people who are just as obsessed about it as we are. If you have friends who are already on Pottermore, you can find them by clicking on the ‘Friends’ section which is just to the right of the silver Pottermore sign next to your pet at the top, and type their username into the search box.

Once you are friends, you can send them gifts and duel more easily with them.


Gifts. Everyone likes sending and receiving gifts, and you can do that on Pottermore too. If you’re chatting to them then you can just hover over their name (once they’ve been added to your friends list) and click the ‘Send Gift’ button, or look for them on your friends list and click the link to send gifts. (Your friends list is sorted alphabetically by username, but you can change it to be sorted by nickname. This has to be done each time, as it will change itself back to being sorted by username.)

If you send a gift and it’s the last of a particular item you have in your trunk or ingredients store, you can re-collect it from the moments. Just remember that you only get given House Points the first time you collect it, not for each time you re-collect it. You can send most items in your trunk, and potion ingredients from your store, but there are some things (like your pewter cauldron) which you can’t; this is because you need these items as part of the story.


Badges. There are 12 badges on Pottermore, and they have to be earned. They are little rewards for successfully completing certain things. Below are what the badges are called, and how to earn them:

Galleon – Collect 25 galleons from moments.

Lock Picker – Use the Hairpin (found in the Luscious Malfoy moment in Book 2, Chapter 4) to open the cupboard under the stairs moment (Book 2, Chapter 1. I know it seems strange that you have to go backwards through the moments). To earn the badge you also have to collect the Chocolate Frog Card that is inside the cupboard.

Bertie Botts Collector- Collect 35 different flavours of Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans.

Discoverer – Discover 5 new pieces of exclusive content from JK Rowling.

Book of Spells – Collect the Book of Spells from the Restricted Section of the library (Book One, Chapter 12, Moment 1- 3rd zoom. It’s pretty well hidden so you’ll have to hover over all the books to find it.).

Book of Potions – Borrow the Book of Potions from the Restricted Section (follow the same instructions as above).

Scarlet Engine – Awarded after completing the ‘Journey from Platform Nine and Three Quarters’.

Explorer – Awarded after completing Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone (there is a common glitch with this badge; it can sometimes take a long time for it to appear, but don’t worry, you will receive it eventually).

Practical Potion Maker – Successfully brew 2 different potions from the Book of Potions in a row.

Potions Apprentice – Successfully brew 3 potions in a row.

Rematch – After losing a duel, have a rematch and win (against another house other than your own).

Charming Dueller – Win a duel using each of these charms: Levitation Charm, Tickling Charm, Disarming Charm, and Freezing Charm (against another house other than your own). This was the hardest one for me to earn, as I’m better at Potions than duelling, but keep at it and you’ll eventually earn it. One idea you could try is to make a pact with a friend from another house, where you agree to let each other win one duel with each of the spells. This way you both get the badge.


Duelling. Duelling is very popular, but it takes a lot of practice. Winning a duel against a student from another house will earn you 5 points, which makes it the quickest way to earn them, but if you loose then the other house gets the points instead (you DON’T loose any points for declining a duel). There is a spell book on the bench in the Christmas at Hogwarts moment in book one, and another in the Dumbledore’s Escape moment in book five.

My top 5 tips for duelling are:

1.The Disarming Charm, Jelly-Legs Curse, and the Full Body Bind Curse give the highest. I’ve been told the top score is 160 though I haven’t seen this yet myself, the highest I’ve seen is 153 (my top score is 150 which I’m very proud of).

  1. Use sites such as YouTube to watch some great videos to learn how to do it well, as a video is better than me trying to explain it here. ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uv9zvmk0csQ Watch this video; it’s a good one.)
  1. Practice the spell, and when you are good, practice some more.
  1. You want to be reaching at least 135 before you start duelling other houses, but 140 would be even better.
  1. Some people find it easier to use their keyboard rather than their mouse, but it’s up to you to decide which one you feel more comfortable with.


Potions. I love potions, and it’s a bit like duelling; in the sense that once you’ve mastered it, it becomes second nature. Some potions are harder than others, while some are easier, so the House Points you get from successfully brewing one depends on which potion it is. Potions class has recently changed and I’m still figuring out how, so at the time of writing this the points you get for each potion are:

Cure for Boils = 8 Points

Doxycide = 9 Points (appears as one potion once both parts are completed, but two while brewing, and the points don’t get awarded to your total until both parts are completed).

Herbicide = 9 Points.

Forgetfulness Potion = 15 Points.

Antidote to Common Poisons = 25 Points.

Sleeping Solution = 25 Points.

Beautification Potion = 40 Points (appears as one potion once both parts are completed, but two while brewing, and the points don’t get awarded to your total until both parts are completed).

Shrinking Solution = 50 Points (appears as one potion once both parts are completed, but two while brewing, and the points don’t get awarded to your total until both parts are completed).

Swelling Solution = 50 Points (You need to have one of these for Chapter 11 of Harry Potter and Chamber of Secrets).

Wideye or Awakening Potion = 100 Points.

Polyjuice Potion Part One and Two = No Points (Appears as two potions. When Pottermore first started you needed to brew both parts of this potion before you could get into the Syltherin Common Room in the Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets moments, but for some reason you don’t need to anymore). The book for this potion is in the Restricted Section of the Library, and is called Moste Potente Potions.

How long a potion takes to brew depends on the cauldron you use, and the potion you’re brewing. A pewter cauldron takes the longest, while a copper one is the quickest.

If you ever have trouble brewing a potion, you can always ask someone to brew it for you and send it as a gift (this includes the Swelling Solution needed in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets). I would recommend that you ask someone in your own House to do it for you, that way it will still be your House that earns the points, even though it’s not you brewing it yourself.

Don’t forget that when you’ve used all your ingredients you can re-collect most of them from the moments. DON’T WASTE YOUR GALLEONS BUYING INGREDIENTS YOU CAN RE-COLLECT FOR FREE!!! There is only a couple of ingredients you need can’t do that with and need to buy.

To find out which moments you can find ingredients in (this also goes for any other collectable item), search online (Pottermore Wiki tells you where to find most of them, but it can take some time to get updated when new things are introduced to Pottermore).

Now for the ‘How to Brew’ part. At best, getting a potion wrong will just mean that you fail to brew it. But if you get it majorly wrong (such as not keeping the temperature in range), you’ll blow up your cauldron and loose your House 5 points (it will just come the House total, not your personal total). It can be a little tricky to get the hang of it, so the best I can suggest is the same as with Duelling: Watch videos online on sites such as YouTube because they can show you better than I can explain here.

I suggest that you write the instructions down on a piece of paper, because potions are timed and having to keep clicking on the book to read them takes up time, and if you see time running out some people panic, which will mean you make more mistakes.

Also, I know some people have trouble dragging the crushed contents from the mortar into their cauldron. You just click on it and drag, and don’t let go until it’s hovering over the cauldron.

The last bit of advice is; underneath your cauldron you will see three symbols to control the heat. One turns the flames up high, one is low, and one puts them out. You have to keep going between them to keep the heat within range.

I hope this helps. Happy Brewing!!!!!!!!!!


House Cup. The House Cup seems to get award at least twice year, but no one ever seems to know when it will be awarded, and so far every House as won it at least once. A week before it is awarded the Hourglasses in the Great Hall are concealed, to make it more tense and exciting, so just because your House is in front, doesn’t mean you’ll be the eventual winners. When Ravenclaw won it’s historic victory for it’s second House Cup in a row in October (2014), we were miles behind Hufflepuff when the scores were hidden from view. When the time comes for the announcement, you have to click on the banners in the Great Hall to reveal the final scores.

After you’ve competed for your first House Cup you’ll notice that your points total gets reset to zero, but don’t worry they haven’t been lost. If you look at your profile you’ll see that there are two totals there: The top one is the goal for the current House Cup, and the bottom is the total points you’ve earned since the day you joined; adding up all the totals from all the House Cups you take part in.


Diagon Alley. There is only a few shops open on Diagon Alley at the moment, the rest remain locked. This is because they haven’t been fully developed by the people who design the site yet. So everyone has to wait until they are ready to let us in. I suppose its like shops in the Muggle world; they have to be decorated, and stuff like that before we can go in. I’ve been waiting for over two years now, so hopefully it won’t be much longer. I know it’s tempting to buy everything you see in the shops that are open already, but if you can keep yourself from spending every last Sickle it will give you more money to spend when the new shops do eventually open


Glitches. There always seems to be some kind of glitch on the site, especially when it’s busy. Common glitches involve potions and duels going wrong even when you’ve done things right (we blame it on the Nargles), but I’m afraid there’s not really anything you can do about it other that report it and wait for it to be fixed.


Quidditch, Patronus, and Animagi. Everyone wants to know if they can play Qudditch, buy a broom, figure out their patronus or animagus, and see more of the castle, but at the moment there is no official way of doing so. Many people take unofficial tests online, but one day I hope that we will be able to do all of these things on Pottermore itself.


Other Harry Potter Related Websites.  So there are loads of official and unofficial Harry Potter related websites out there, and most are pretty cool. So here is a list of some of them (the ones marked with a * are ones that I use):

* https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/104470964416899735402

* http://www.hogwartsishere.com















If you have any questions you can just ask, and myself or another visitor here will always help. HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!



P.S.- If anyone ever has some spare ingredients for a Sleeping Draught, please send them to me. I like brewing them. I also like Dragon Eggs and Quills. I’ll send gifts back to everyone. 🙂


35 thoughts on “Pottermore

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  2. Snow Fire

    Hey, Thesi 🙂
    This is a great blog; lots of very useful and important information, especially for new members of Pottermore. They should all take a look.I loved reading through it. 😉

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  3. Snow Fire

    Thesi, you’re very welcome 🙂

    I know you’ve been on Pottermore since Beta, and I was wondering if you knew the answer to this question.

    Above, you mentioned trolls reporting innocent comments for no good reason, which is something that I hear about often and have experienced a few times. I try not to worry, but I have heard from a few people that a certain number of reports, matter not what the comments say, could get you banned. Do you know how many reports it takes for this to happen?

    Sorry this was such a long post. XD


  4. Guinea Pig

    Snow fire it takes a lot usually… of course if the reports were for a reason, it takes a lot less, but usually you get two warnings beforehand, so you usually know its coming. And you normally get suspended first. Don’t worry about it sweetie.


  5. Snow Fire


    I see, thank you. And when your comment is put back, do you receive a notification? I myself have never received one telling me it was or otherwise. Just the one about the original report.


    1. Guinea Pig

      I’ve had a couple put back for normal comments, but I think it’s rare… When you do you get a notification saying it’s been approved. I’ve had some reported which are perfectly fine, but not heard anything back though. It takes a lot to even get suspended. It’ll be fine 😉


  6. Blossom

    Hello Pottermore pals, now that comments are gone I’m missing talking to you guys alot!

    My nickname is Blossom and my PM name is NewtCat7473 if we are friends, I suggest you create a Facebook account for talking to your PM friends, alot of us have one and I’m sad I’ve lost contact with so many people without any notice.

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