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Some of my friends write fan fiction, not just for Harry Potter, but for other stories to. So I want to share them with you, because I want you to enjoy them to. If you have any Fan Fiction, for ANYTHING, you can always post a comment with a link so that we can all read it. You should also check who I follow on Wattpad, because I have other friends there who also post fan fiction.

The first is by one of my oldest Pottermore friends, Lunar Kitty, and can be found at

Second, for my friend Misty, where she writes some pretty cool stuff. She’s a really good friend from Pottermore to.

Next, is this one by another cool Pottermore friend called Twinkle at

The next one I am going to post here, because it’s not been posted anywhere else online yet. It’s from another old Pottermore friend called Prongs. I hope you like it.

Chapter One


Flik opened his eyes widely, he noticed two black shadows. He turned around and saw nothing. He closed his eyes, hoping it was just a dream or something.

“What should we do with him?” A strange voice asked. Flik, who was trapped in some kind of box, listened carefully. “I dunno! Throw him down the lake or something!”

Flik’s eyes widened, he didn’t want to make any noise, they might find out he’s awake!

“But…He’ll die underwater!”

Flik didn’t know who was talking, he was trying to recognize the voice, Flik heard the box start to open. He closed his eyes, like he was sleeping.

“He seems to be sleeping…” A girl said, she had short brown hair, brown eyes, and she wore a pink t-shirt and dark green sweats.

“Yeah! Like I said, Nanami! Throw him in the lake!” A boy yelled, he had black hair, and brown eyes. He wore a yellow tank-top and grey sweats.

“Viktor!” The girl said, elbowing the boy in the gut.

“If you don’t want too, fine. I’ll do it.” The boy said, shrugging.

Nanami shook her head. “Fine. Do what you want with him.”

Flik tightened his eyes, the two noticed it.

“I-is he awake?” Nanami asked, suddenly looking at him.

“Only one way to find out,” Viktor grabbed a stick, and started to poke Flik with it.

Nanami slapped her hand on her face, shaking her head.

“If you’re going to poke him with a stick, please do it the right way!” She said, and snatched the stick out of Viktor’s hands. She started whacking Flik with the stick, and Flik groaned in pain.

“Woops.” Nanami said, and dropped the stick.

“Did you wake him?!” Viktor asked.

“I-I dunno…” Nanami mumbled.

“No, I’ve been awake.” Flik said, he sat up, rubbing his head.

“H-how long?” Viktor asked.

“Enough to know that you were gonna throw me in the lake! I mean, what kind of friend are you?! Throwing your own pal into the-“ Flik babbled.

Before Flik could finish, Nanami picked up the stick, and wacked Flik in the head with it, extra hard, which made Flik back down into sleep.

Flik slowly woke up. “Huh…” He asked. “What the?!” Flik sat up, he didn’t hear any voices this time. He grabbed his sword from his pocket, and cut open the top of the box. He peaked out from the top, and looked around. “Oh no…” He said, looking at this place with a waterfall that was pink, and a pink unicorn drinking from the waterfall. “Wha-?” Flik looked behind him and saw a colorful rainbow going across the sky.

“No way…” Flik whispered to himself. Flik laid back down, groaning.


Flik opened his eyes suddenly. He sat up.

“Flik! Ellllllo?! FLIK? ARE YOU HERE?”

Flik peaked out of the top of the box.

“Elllllllo?!” Flik saw the guy, he had black hair, that was in a green and purple bandana, he wore red and gold shirt, with white sleeved, yellow baggy pants, and yellow gloves.

“Flik?” The guy asked.

“D-Do I know you?” Flik asked.

“Don’t you remember me? It’s Tir!” The guy introduced.

“Hello, Tir.” Flik said. He rubbed his head.

“You don’t remember me, do you?!” Tir suddenly yelled.

Flik closed his ears. “No not really.”

“All I need to know is how I got here.” He said.

“Well, I’m not gonna go into details, but I found you drifting off in the water, I knew I knew you. So, I followed you and suddenly, I lost you, later on, I found you.” Tir said, grinning.

Flik shook his head. “That’s not what I meant.”

“Oh,” Tir said, sighing.


A few hours later….


“Maybe you should get some rest, it’s been a long day. For me anyways. I dunno if it was long for you…Because sometimes it seems longer for some people, and shorter for a different person. Do you know what I mean?” Tir said, quickly.

“I-I guess…” Flik said, confused.

Tir sighed, and looked at his own feet.

Flik sighed, and closed his eyes.

“Er, I need to get some firewood…I’ll be right back…Okay? Don’t get scared, I’ll be back.” Tir said, he walked away, smiling.

Flik opened one eye. “Oh no…Take your time.” He said.

Flik was confused, he didn’t know if Tir was lying or not. Flik shrugged. ‘He seems nice…’ He thought.

He heard the bushes start to move, he crawled over to where Tir was sitting, and grabbed his flashlight. He turned it on, and pointed it at the bushes.

It started to move again, but at a different spot.

He pointed it at the bush.

“Who-er, what are you?!” Flik asked, shivering.

The bushed stopped moving.

“What…” Flik asked.

A foot stepped out, it was a brown boot, and the boy showed his face to Flik.

“Hello Flik. It’s been awhile, eh?” The boy asked.

“Wh-Who are you?” Flik asked, and Flik shined the flashlight at his face. He had a dark blue tank-top, white sweats, and his long light blonde hair was back into a messy ponytail.

“You don’t remember me huh…” The boy said, crossing his arms.

“I-I don’t think so…” Flik mumbled. The boy sat by him.

“Do you even know why you’re here?” He asked.

Flik shook his head.

“I’m Jowy.” The boy said, reaching his hand out to shake Flik’s hand.

Flik looked at the boy’s hand. And looked back at the boy, grabbing his hand.

“F-Flik.” Flik said, shaking his hand.

“Of course. I remember you.” Jowy said, smiling.

Flik smirked back.

“LALALALALALALALALA!” Tir sang, walking back with his hands filled with firewood. “Ello campers!” He said.

“Don’t call me that.” Jowy said, shaking his head.

“Hehe, sorry. ‘Jowy’.” Tir said, winking.

“Right…” Jowy sighed, rolling his eyes.

“How are you Flik? Feeling any better?” Tir asked, throwing the firewood into the fire pit.

“Better thanks.” Flik said, smirking happily.

“Good. I see you’ve already met Jowy.” Tir said, smiling at Jowy.

Jowy smiled, and looked at Flik.

“Yeah, he kinda scared me at first.” Flik said, looking at Jowy.

“Really? Jowy isn’t the type who would scare people.” Tir said, tilting his head.

“What does that mean TIR? I can be VERY scary.” Jowy said, scowling at Tir.

“Eh…Not really. You kinda got an innocent face…” Tir said, pinching Jowy’s cheeks.

Jowy shooed his off. “Stoooooop!” He said, laughing.

Flik blinked, smiling.

“But, I can be scary. I have the scary face! RUFF!” Tir said, barking like a dog.

“…How is that scary?” Jowy asked, shaking his head.

“Guys, this is a silly argument.” Flik said, laughing.

They both looked at Flik, squinting their eyes.

“Sorry…” Flik said.

“You know, Flik’s right. Let’s stop.” Jowy said, and sat next to Flik.

“Oh yeah right! You just know I’m scarier than you!” Tir said, laughing.

Jowy sat up, and sprinted over to Tir, and tackled him.

“Get off of me now! PLEEEEEAAASSSEEE!” Tir yelled, laughing.

“Not until you admit, I’m scarier!” Jowy said, putting Tir into a headlock.

Flik shook his head, and laughed silently.

“FINE! FINE! FINE!” Tir said.

“Say it!” Jowy said, grinning.

“You’re scarier! WAY scarier!” Tir said, giggling.

“Good.” Jowy said, he stood up, and held his hand out for Tir’s hand.

Tir grabbed Jowy’s hand, and pulled Jowy down to the ground, and Tir jumped on him. “Arrrroooooooo!” Tir said, howling like a wolf.

“Yikes!” Jowy said, lying on his stomach, laughing.




“Ye, de, de, de, de, doh, doh, ye, de, de, de, de, doh!” Tir sang, in a weird voice, serving three bowls of stew. He handed Jowy and Flik a bowl, and kept one for himself.

“I sure hope you guys like the stew. I know it’s not the best, but Gremio’s gone out searching in the woods…So, I made it this time…” Tir said, sitting down.

“G-Gremio?” Flik asked, shivering.

Tir nodded.

“Sit closer to the fire…It’ll keep you warm.” Jowy said, smiling.

Flik smiled back at him, and scooted closer to the fire.

Jowy filled his spoon up with stew, and slurped it. “This is good Tir,” he said, smiling. “I thought you said you never made it before.”

“Gremio’s taught me a thing or two about making it.” Tir said, shrugging.

Jowy set the bowl down, and pushed it towards Flik, Flik looked in the bowl, and saw carrots. Flik looked at Jowy. Jowy smirked at him. “You can have my carrots. Never been a real fan of them anyway.” Jowy said.

Flik took the carrots, and smiled at him.

Jowy scooted closer to Flik, who was close to the fire.

Tir smiled. “So…What’s new?” He asked, smiling.

“Well, I found some stuff today, Tir. That’s why I was in the woods.” Jowy said, getting some stuff out of a satchel. Tir chuckled.

“What’s so funny Tir?” Flik whispered so only Tir could hear him.

“I think his ‘satchel’ looks awful like a purse…But whenever I say that to him, he gets all mad…” Tir whispered back.

They both looked at Jowy, with a jaw-drop.

Jowy turned around. “What? Why are you both staring at me like that?”

Flik shook his head. “Nothing.”

Jowy nodded, took out a brown satchel.

“It does kinda look like a purse…” Flik whispered to Tir.

Tir chuckled. “I know!”

“Here take a look at this…It’s a golden chest. I can’t seem to open it though…” Jowy said, trying to split it open.

“It looks valuable…” Flik said, watching Jowy try to open it.

“I thought it did too,” Jowy said, sighing.

Tir, who was watching them, reached into a tall bag, and pulled out a red bo-staff. And pushed Flik and Jowy aside.

“Let the master take care of this…” Tir said, holding the staff.

“…Master…?” Flik whispered to Jowy. “Let him have this.” Jowy whispered back.

Tir put his staff up into the air, and grinned. “Well, go on ahead then, Tir.” Jowy said, smiling.

“Okay…” Tir said, and slammed his staff onto the chest, it began to slip open, Tir looked behind himself at the others, and shrugged.

“Hey Flik, maybe you’d like to take a swing at it,” Jowy said, pointing at the chest. “You do have a weapon right?”

“Yeah…But what do you expect me to do with it?” Flik asked, looking at Jowy.

“Well, do what Tir just did. Open it with your sword. I’ll stand behind it to make sure you’re doing it right.” Jowy said, smiling.

Flik nodded, and walked over to the chest, and Jowy followed.

Tir sat down where Flik was sitting, grinning happily.

Flik threw his sword up into the air, and the chest was right in front of him on a log, and Jowy was standing behind the log, smiling at Flik.

Tir looked behind himself, and saw a boy holding some wood, with long blonde hair, in a ponytail, a X-shaped scar on his cheek, dark blue pants, and a lighter blue long sleeved shirt, and a green cloak come out.

Tir waved to him, and looked back at Flik and Jowy.

Flik, who had his sword up in the air, deeply inhaled, and the boy’s eyes widened, and he ran to Flik and Jowy. “NO! NO! NO! W-WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” The boy yelled, standing in front of Flik.

“What does it look like?” Jowy asked, smiling.

The boy looked behind him at Jowy, then looked down and saw the chest. “Oh” the boy said, and looked back at Flik. “Hehehe…” The boy said awkwardly.

Flik didn’t say anything, and Jowy walked to Flik.

“He’s Gremio.” Jowy said, and put his hand on Gremio’s shoulder.

“Hi there.” The boy said, and waved.

“Hello. I’m Flik” Flik said, blinking.

“Continue.” Gremio said, walking to Tir.

Flik sliced the chest open, and there was a letter inside.

“What?” Flik said, sort of in shock.

Jowy looked at Flik.

“What does it say?” Tir asked, and sat up and walked to them.

“It’s kind of hard to read…” Flik said, staring at the letter.

“Hey Gremio, c’mere!” Tir called Gremio over.

“Yes, Young Master!” Gremio said, and ran over to him.

“Gremio, I told you, you don’t have to call me that anymore.” Tir said, smiling at him.

Gremio nodded, and looked at Tir. “What do you need?” He asked.

“Hmm, can you read this? It’s kinda hard to read…’ Tir said, handing Gremio the letter.

Gremio took the letter. “Of course I can read this. Do you want me to start? It’s kind of long…” Gremio said, looking at everyone, and they nodded.

“Dear Sylvina, I have been away for a while and I don’t know when I’ll be back, and I don’t know when you’ll find this, but I need to tell you something, something very important. It’s that I don’t think I’ll be back. Well, maybe, that’s a low chance though. I’ve been held as a prisoner at Soniere Prison. If you ever get this, remember that I love you. And that I never meant to hurt you, I just meant well. I was going to the Operina Village to get the others….And I sorta got thrown into the prison. Sorry. I wish you the best of luck. And tell the kids that I love them and that I’m okay, I don’t want them worrying or anything. I don’t know if you will find this in time, but, if you are reading this, and you’re worried, don’t be. I have a dream to run far away with you and the kids, far, far away. Go to Operina Village and find the others. I will meet you there eventually. They will take good care of you and the kids. Remember, I love you very much, and I wish you the best.



Flik looked at Gremio, shocked. “Who are those people?”

“They’re our friends…And…We’re in Operina… Kirkis probably was trying to tell Sylvina to come see us.” Gremio replied.

“We need to help them.” Tir said.

“Tomorrow. I’m kinda tired.” Flik said.

Flik looked over at Jowy. Who was asleep. Flik smiled. “He must’ve been tired.”

“I guess.” Tir said.

“I’m gonna go to bed too.” Flik said, and walked away and lied on the ground.

Gremio and Tir walked together and lied on the ground.


Chapter Two

“Huh…” Flik said, he found himself in a burnt place, the cotton candy tree’s we’re burnt down to the ground. And he sat up, and looked around, everything he had known to be ‘Operina’ was all burnt down. He turned around and saw Tir. Only he was burnt to the ground, and he ran to Tir’s body. “T-Tir?” Flik muttered, he grabbed his body, and hugged it. He looked to the side and saw Gremio’s body. Just like Tir’s.

“What?” Flik mumbled.

“Hello there, Flik.” Jowy greeted, in a non-pleasant voice.. Flik looked at him.

“Jowy…What happened?” He mumbled.

“It’s a shame, huh?” Jowy said, walking around.

Flik nodded. “Do you know how this happened?”

Jowy shrugged. “Of course I do.” He replied, smirking.

Flik eyeballed him. “H-how? How did this happen?!”

Jowy smiled evilly. “How else?” He asked, walking to Flik.

“Y-you?” Flik asked, almost crying.

“Of course I did it. No one else would suspect me. I was the quiet one in the group.” Jowy replied.

“N-no…It’s not like you to do this…” Flik said.

“How would you know? You’ve only known me for a day or so.” Jowy said, in an angry voice.

Flik shook his head.

Jowy walked over to him. “Now to finish you off!” Jowy said, holding up his staff.

“AAAAHHH!” Flik opened his eyes once again, and woke up from a nightmare.

“Flik! Are you okay?!” Tir asked, running over to him.

Flik tilted his head breathing in and out.

“You screamed…We were making sure you’re okay.” Gremio said, looking at Flik.

“You scared me! I was sooo worried! But I’m glad you’re okay!” Jowy said, and hugged Flik.

Flik gasped, as Jowy hugged him.

“W-what’s wrong?” Jowy asked, worriedly.

“Nothing…” Flik replied, looking at Jowy scarily.

Flik groaned and rubbed his head. “Ugh, what time is it?” He asked, looking around.

“Hmm, we don’t have a clock,” Tir said, and looked at the sky, it was pink and orange. “By the color of the sky, I’m guessing…7 AM?”

“Isn’t the sky always a type of pink?” Gremio commented.

Tir shrugged. “Yeah well, this pink I can tell…It’s early.”

Jowy looked over at Flik. “Was it a dream?”

Flik bit his lip. “Maybe…”

Jowy shook his head. “Don’t worry. It was just a dream. None of that was true, trust me.”

Flik nodded. “I know that.” He looked at his feet and sighed.

“Oh yeah! Maybe we should go see if Kirkis is still in Soniere prison!” Tir said, with a huge grin on his face.

“Yeah,” Gremio agreed, nodding. “How old do you think the letter is?” He asked, and looked at Tir.

Tir shrugged. “I don’t know; but it seems kinda old…”

Flik sat up. “I will start walking.” He said.

Jowy shook his head. “F-Flik, don’t you think it’s a good idea if we get this together before we leave?” He said, following Flik.

Flik stopped walking. “I dunno…Do we need too?”

Gremio shrugged. “Why not? We need to bring food, right?” He asked, and he looked at Tir again.

Tir smiled. “Yeah, I mean, we gotta eat.” Tir replied, looking back at Gremio, who smiled.

Flik sat down, and sighed.

“I will get the food. Tir, can you get the firewood? And, Jowy…Can you please be Flik’s company? It may take a minute…But, if either of you guys forgot something, you’re welcome to come and get whatever that would be…” Gremio commanded. They all nodded.

Tir looked at Gremio. “Do I need to do this quickly?” He asked.

Gremio shrugged. “No, I won’t rush you.”

Tir nodded, and walked to the firepit.

Gremio, who was gathering the food, put some fried fish balls in a bag. “What do you guys like to eat?” He asked, looking around.

“Stew!” Tir spoke up.

“Sure.” Gremio said, and packed the ingredients for stew.

Jowy sat down next to Flik. “Hello.” He greeted, Flik slightly waved back.

“So, about that dream-“ Jowy began.

“It’s nothing.” Flik interrupted.

“-I was actually gonna ask what it was about.” Jowy finished.

Flik shook his head. “It’s not that big of a deal…It’s just a dream-no, a nightmare.”

“You can tell me…We’re pals right?” Jowy said, smiling.

Flik nodded very lightly, but he was confused. Because according to his dream, he barely knew him. Because Jowy said: ‘How would you know? You’ve only known me for a day or so.’ But Flik knew it was all a dream, and that Jowy would never do that.

Jowy sighed and looked at the ground. “Hmm, did you forget anything?” He asked Flik.

Flik shrugged. “Hmm, should we bring the letter? Just in case…” He asked, and looked over at Jowy.

Jowy looked back at him. “I think we should,” He said. “I’ll go get it.” He got up, and walked away.

Flik watched him walk away, he looked at Jowy’s hand, and noticed a weird marking. Flik shook his head. He didn’t know if it was a scar or a rune…But he ignored it.

Flik laid his head down on the grass, and sighed deeply, hoping this would all end, and that he would remember everything.

Jowy walked back to him, and sat down, crossing his legs.

Flik sat up and crawled over to him. “How old do you think it is?” He asked Jowy.

“Hmm, I dunno…” Jowy replied, rubbing his arms against the paper. ”What’s this…” Jowy wondered out loud.

“W-what is it?” Flik asked, leaning over Jowy’s shoulder, trying to read the letter.

“I-It says something…Something hidden.” Jowy replied.

“Can you read it?” Flik asked, looking at Jowy face.

Jowy looked back at him. “No. But I’m sure Gremio can. Let’s go tell him and Tir.”

Flik nodded with agreement, and him and Jowy walked over to them.

Flik tapped on Gremio’s shoulder.

Gremio looked behind himself. “What is it? Can I help you?” He asked, facing Flik.

Jowy nodded. “Can you read this?” He asked, and held out the letter.

Gremio examined the letter. “Kind of…Why?” He asked, looking at Flik and Jowy.

“Because, we think it might show the date of when it was made.” Jowy replied, Flik nodded.

Flik saw Tir running towards them, while Gremio and Jowy where trying to read the date.

“Guys! I just got everything around! Some of the stuff was really cold…I thought of putting it in the fire. I made that mistake once when I-“ Tir said, meeting up with them. “-What are you guys doing?” He asked, tilting his head.

Gremio looked up at Tir. “We’re trying to read this…” He said.

“Uh, didn’t you already read it? It was kind of long right? Or was it not?” Tir asked, looking over Gremio’s shoulder, trying to read the letter.

“Apparently not fully…” Gremio sighed, attempting to scrub off some dust over the date it was sent.

“What the heck does that mean??” Tir wondered out loud.

“We think it says the date it sent, Tir. We just don’t know how to get this dust off…” Jowy replied.

“Ooh! I got an idea!” Tir said, raising his arms up, waving them around.

“If only we had some idea…” Jowy said, not realizing what Tir said.

“J-Jowy! I have an idea! A good one!” Tir said, running to Jowy.

“Just one idea…Just give me one idea anybody…”


Jowy looked at Tir. “Really? What is it?”

Tir slapped his hand onto his face. “Duh, silly! Just blow on the dust like this…” He said, and blew on the paper, which made all of the dust go away.

“Young Master! How did you do that?” Gremio asked, amazed.

Tir looked over at Gremio quickly. “I have a secret technique.” He replied, grinning.

“It was sent, June 16th 2013…” Jowy said.

“Wow. That was two years ago!” Tir said, jumping

“Wow…Should we go then?” Flik asked, looking at Jowy.

Jowy looked back at him. “Yes. We should.”

Flik nodded, and smiled.


Chapter Three

“Uuuuuugh! My feet HURT!” Tir said, stomping on the grass.

“Young Master, please don’t complain. We’ve only been walking for ten minutes or so…” Gremio said, looking at Tir.

“But I’m not used to walking this much!”

“How could YOU not be used to it? You were the leader of the Liberation Army!” Jowy said, smiling at Tir.

“Liberation Army?” Flik said, and looked at Jowy.

“You don’t remember that either?”

Flik shook his head, closing his eyes.

“You were in the army before Tir was.”

“Then why was he the leader?”

“Because, Odessa-I mean, the old leader, died and chose Tir to be the leader.”

“Who is that girl?” Flik asked, looking around.

Gremio and Tir both looked at each other quickly, then looked back at Flik, shocked.

“Was she important?” Flik asked.

Jowy nodded. “Well, of course she was important. She was the old leader like I said.”

“Did I know her?” Flik asked.

Tir ran to them, and nodded. “Oh yeah. You knew her. You knew her A LOT.”

Flik tilted his head.

“You used to love her, man.” Tir said.

Jowy shook his head. “It doesn’t matter now.”

“Shhhh…” Gremio shushed, and everyone turned around to him.

“I hear something…” He said, looking around.

“Hmmmmm…hmmmm…” A girl hummed. “Hello? Gremio, was that you?”

“Yes, you can come out now.” Gremio replied, smiling. He could tell who she was by her voice.

A girl walked out, she had blonde messy short curly hair, a red long jacket, a white shirt underneath, a dark-grey skirt, and white socks and black flats walked out, looking around.

“Nina!” Jowy said, and hugged her.

“Jowy! Hi!” The girl replied, hugging him back.

“Hey Nina, guess what?” Jowy said, he stopped hugging her and had his hands on her shoulders.

“What, what?!” She asked, happily looking at Jowy.

“Flik’s here-“ Jowy began.

“FLIK?! REALLY?!” Nina yelled, grinning.

Jowy moved so she could see Flik.

“FLIK!” She said, and ran to him.

“W-who are you?” Flik asked, looking at her.

“Well, obviously you know it’s Nina.” Tir said.

“Yeah well, that is obvious.” Flik said.

“Eeeee! I missed you!” Nina squealed, and she squeezed Flik.

“Is she like, my girlfriend or something?” Flik asked.

“Oh yeah. Definitely your girlfriend.” Tir said, crossing his arms.

Flik smiled, and hugged Nina back tightly.

Jowy chuckled, and covered his mouth.

Flik kissed Nina’s cheek. “Well, GIRLFRIEND, where were you? What were you doing? Are you okay?”

“I was taking a hike. And, I was also looking for food, and I’m perfectly fine!” Nina replied, happily.

“I’m so relieved.” Flik said, rubbing his forehead with his arm.

Nina kissed Flik’s cheek, and Flik smiled.

“Even though she’s like…Sixteen…” Jowy whispered to Gremio, who smiled.

“Guys, we should continue.” Gremio said, and started to walk.

“Ooh! Are you guys on an adventure?” Nina asked, jumping up and down.

Gremio stopped walking. “Yeah. We’re going to go to the Soniere Prison.”

“Really? I wanna go too!” Nina said, looking at Flik.

Flik smiled at her, and looked back at Gremio.

“C’mon, let the little lady go.” He said, putting his arms around her waist.

Jowy and Tir chuckled to each other.

Gremio widened his eyes. “Okay then. Only if she promises not to get in our way.”

Nina slightly nodded, and sighed dreamily.

“You’re not gonna walk,” Flik said to Nina, and picked her up and curdled her up in his arms.

“Eeeeee!!!” Nina squealed, then grinned.

They all started to walk.

Jowy shook his head. “Someone’s gotta tell him…” He mumbled to himself, and followed everybody.

“We’re on an adventure, a very fun adventure, we’re going on it together, all of us forever!” Tir sang, skipping.

“Please stop, it’s very annoying!” Flik pleaded, walking backward, looking at Tir.

“All of us forever….” Tir sang, getting quieter, and quieter.

“I’m done now…sorry.” He said, throwing his head down ashamed.

“Yeah…” Flik said, he looked at Nina, curled up in his arms.

“Are you tired?” He asked her.

Nina shrugged, looking at him.

“Just close your eyes, my Neenee-Weenee.”

She giggled, and closed her eyes.

Jowy made a disgusted face at them, and continued walking quickly.

“Think it was something he ate?” Tir whispered to Gremio.

“I dunno. But he seems to be in a bad mood.”

“He’s not usually like this.” Tir said, he looked behind himself, and watched Flik and Nina.




Jowy, who was still walking fast, and way ahead of them, saw a light from the distance. He started to run to it, hoping it can be a campground or something.

“Jowy! Where are you going?” Tir yelled loud enough so Jowy could hear.

Jowy didn’t reply, he just kept running.

Tir shook his head, and ran after Jowy.

“Young master! Where are you going?” Gremio asked loudly.

Tir spun around, and looked at Gremio, walking backward.

“Following Jowy of course. I don’t know where he’s going.” Tir said, smiling.

Gremio blinked, and ran to Tir.

“Fine. But I’m coming with you.” He said, and Tir looked at him.

“Okie!” Was Tir’s reply.

Flik ran up to them, still having Nina in his arms. He looked around, trying to find Jowy.

“Whoa…Do you guys see that? It’s light!” Tir said happily.

“That’s probably where Jowy was going.” Gremio said, staring at the light.

“I hope so. I hope nothing happened to him…” Flik said, looking at the ground.

“C’mon, let’s go see if he’s there!” Tir said, skipping happily to the light.

“He can never stop being happy, can he?” Flik whispered to Gremio, who nodded.

“Nope never. Not even when…Never mind…” Gremio said, and he instantly ran to Tir.

Flik tilted his head, and continued running.

They reached a house, it was made of wood.

“Whoa. Let’s go inside.” Flik said, whose eyes were locked onto the house.

They slowly walked into it, and they still could not find Jowy.

“I wonder where he is…” Gremio said, entering the house, looking around.

“Hello!” Jowy said, hanging upside down from the ceiling, right in front of Gremio’s face.

Gremio screamed loudly, and Tir and Flik laughed loudly.

“That was awesome Jowy!” Tir said, still laughing.

Jowy smiled. “It wasn’t that funny.” He said, tucking a piece of his hair that has fallen out of his ponytail behind his ear, looking at Tir and Flik.

There was nothing but silence, everyone stood there.

“I need to take a shower…” Jowy said silently.

“Is there a shower here?” Gremio asked, and looked at Jowy, who shrugged.

“I don’t know, but if there is, I’m going in it.”

“Go ahead and look. I’ll look too.” Flik said, looking at Jowy.

“Sure. Thanks.”

Flik nodded. “Yeah.”

They both walked out together.

“Thanks again for helping me look.” Jowy said, looking at the ground, while walking.

Flik, who was also walking looked at Jowy. “It’s fine.”

Jowy smiled at him, and Flik smiled back.

“Well, we should split up then.” Jowy said.

“Right, right.” Flik said.

Flik and Jowy went separate ways, looking for a shower.

Tir looked at Gremio. “How do we even know Kirkis is still in the prison?” He asked.

Gremio shrugged. “We don’t. But we’re not gonna risk leaving him, are we?”

Tir shook his head. “Of course not,” He said, and looked away from Gremio.

“But, what if this is all a mistake?”

“Mistake?” Gremio said.

“I mean, what if it’s a trap? You never know, Kirkis could be a spy. There are rumors that there is a spy around here.”

“No, Kirkis is out friend. Remember?”

“So was Sanchez.”

“Y-yeah…I know that, but I kinda had a bad feeling about him in the first place.”

“I dunno…You never know…Flik could be a spy. Jowy even.”

“But, Jowy has been with us for years.”

“Exactly. What if him and Flik are not going to look for showers? What if they’re meeting up with-“ Tir began, closing his eyes.

“-Queen Jillia?” Gremio finished, looking at Tir.

Tir looked back at him. “Yeah…”

“You can trust them. They haven’t done any harm to us yet.”

Tir nodded. “I guess you’re right.”

Jowy walked around, he was looking for a shower, it was dark, so he could barely see anything.

‘What if I don’t find a shower…What if I get lost?’ Jowy thought to himself. But he was strong. He could fight off any monster.

“Maybe there’s one in the woods…” Jowy thought aloud. He walked into the woods.

He looked around, and heard a twig crack.

“Hello Jowy. Long time no see.” Jowy heard a voice, he had no clue who it would be. He turned around, and saw a girl.

She wore a black and red dress, black long hair, a red circlet, and black heels.

“You…” He mumbled.

“Yes. It’s been awhile since our wedding, huh?”

Jowy shook his head. “I never loved you.”

“Oh you didn’t? Then why did you marry me?” The girl said, sarcastically.

Jowy didn’t reply, he decided that not saying anything would be the best.

“Well, aren’t you going to answer me?” The girl said, walking around Jowy.

Jowy closed his eyes, and looked at the ground. “Jillia, just don’t hurt any of my friends.”

“Your friends? You barely know them. For all you know, they could be spies.”

“That’s a lie.”

“Is it? Is it really? Come home with me. You’ll be happy there.”

“I’m already happy.”

Jillia shook her head. “No. No you’re not.”

“Yes I am. You wouldn’t know though…”

“What do you mean by that? Well, I know you more than anyone else does.”

“No. No you don’t.”

“Jowy, Jowy Blight…You and me, we’re a lot alike.”

“No we’re not. I have friends who care about me. And, it’s not ‘Blight’. It’s ‘Atreides’.”

“JOWWWWY!” They heard a voice call.

Jowy looked behind himself, to see what it was. Then he looked back, and Jillia wasn’t there.

“Jowy? Is that you?” Jowy looked back behind himself, and saw Tir coming to him.

“Yeah it’s me.” Jowy replied, walking over to Tir.

“We thought we lost you. Flik came back saying that he found a shower. But, he said he hadn’t found you.”

“I’m perfectly fine.”

“That’s good. Flik said he’d show you the way to the showers. If you still want one anyway.”

“Of course I do. Let’s go to the hut.”

Jowy and Tir walked back to the hut together.

“Jowy, can I ask you something?” Tir asked, a few feet away from the hut.

“Of course you can. What is it?” Jowy said, and stopped walking.

“What were you really doing in the woods?” Tir asked.

Jowy stayed silent, but Tir did not.

“Was it scary in the dark? Where there any monsters? If there were, I bet you beat them all huh?” Tir said quickly.

Jowy opened his mouth to answer.

“I wonder if there was anyone spying on you in the woods. Did you see anything suspicious?”

“Nothing too suspicious…”

“That’s a relief. Well, we should go inside now. If you want…It looks like a nice night. To me anyway. Hmm…There’s a nice breeze tonight.” Tir said, then sighed.

“Hey Tir…” Jowy said, and looked at Tir.


“I have never forgiven Jillia.”

“Because she-“ Tir began.

“-Yeah…” Jowy finished.

“Well, I guess…You know, I bet she’s okay.”

“I just can’t believe that I didn’t protect her.”

“Hey, it’s not your fault. Pilika’s still alive, isn’t she? She’s just one of Jillia’s slaves.”

Jowy nodded.

“Well, uh, maybe on our way to get Kirkis, we’ll see her again.”

“I hope so…I remember…when she always used to call me ‘Uncle Jowy’.”

Tir smiled, and looked at Jowy.

“And, she would be so happy to see me…” Jowy said, a tear came out of eye.

“Hey, Jowy, don’t cry.” Tir said, trying to make Jowy feel better.

“I’m not crying…I was just right there…And Jillia had to come and…Took her away…”

Tir bit his lip. “Hey, she’ll come back eventually. She always does.”

Jowy sat down on the stairs to the hut, and put his hands on his knees.

Tir sat next to him, and sighed.

It started to get windy. The trees were blowing everywhere, and Tir’s bandana flew off and hit Jowy in the face.

“Ouch.” Jowy said as it hit his face.

“Ooomph, sorry.” Tir said, as his hair started to blow everywhere, and took his bandana off of Jowy’s face, and put it back on.

Jowy opened his eyes, and looked at Tir. “It’s pretty windy. We should go inside.”

Tir nodded with agreement, and walked inside.

“Jowy! I was so worried!” Flik ran to Jowy, and hugged him.

Jowy hugged him back, happily.

“Young Master! I was so worried! I’m soooooooooo glad you’re okay!!!!!” Gremio said, and gave Tir a tackle for a hug.

“Gremio! Hey!” Tir replied, patting his back gently.

“I’m going to bed. It’s late.” Flik said, smiling

“Yeah…” Tir said.

“Hey, Flik…” Jowy spoke up.

“What is it, Jowy?” Flik asked, looking at him.

“Where were the showers?”

Flik smiled. “Let’s see, east from here, then you’ll see a broken tree, when you see that, just take a left and you’ll eventually see them.”

“Thanks. G’night.”



Chapter Four

Flik opened his eye, and looked around, with no sight of Jowy.

“Jowy?” He whispered, he saw Nina, who was laying by him. Tir sleeping, and Gremio making breakfast.

“Hey. Jowy went outside for a walk. He said to tell you when you get up.” Gremio said.

Flik nodded. “Right. When did he leave?”

“Fifteen minutes ago actually. He can’t be that far.”

Flik walked outside, and looked around.

Flik went to the east, knowing Jowy would’ve been at the showers.

He saw the showers, and ran to them.

He stayed silent, so he wouldn’t startle Jowy.

Flik walked into the shower room, and heard Jowy humming.

He walked toward Jowy, he saw him by the sinks, taking his long light blonde ponytail out, he watched Jowy wave his hair around.

“Wow…” Flik mouthed, Jowy’s hair went to his waist, and Flik kept a jaw drop.

Flik looked away as Jowy started to take his tank-top off.

Flik walked outside, waiting for Jowy.

“Jowy? Are you in there?” Flik asked, pretending that he doesn’t know.

“Yeah Flik. Just got in the showers. Be out in a few minutes.”

Flik exhaled, and closed his eyes, and leaned his back against the walls, and slowly sat down, with his knees up to his chest.

Jowy had thought Flik had gone away, so he started to hum again, but Flik wasn’t gone, he was sitting outside the showers, listening to Jowy.

Gremio looked over at Tir, who was still sleeping. “Hey, Young Master…Wake up, I made breakfast.”

Tir opened his eyes slowly, and looked at Gremio.

“Where’s-“ Tir began.

“-Jowy and Flik?”


“Flik went to go find Jowy. Jowy said he was going for a walk, so Flik is trying to find him.”

Tir nodded, then looked at Nina. “He finally let her go?”

Gremio nodded, and looked at Nina. “She didn’t leave his side at all last night. For nothing.”

Tir smiled. “She’s so…pretty when she sleeps…”

Gremio looked over at Tir curiously, and Tir looked back.

“Oh that didn’t mean anything!” Tir said, and punched his arm.

Gremio laughed, and looked at Nina. “I’m gonna wake her up too.” He said, and walked over to her, and bent down.

“Nina, Nina…Wake up. C’mon Nina…” Gremio said, and shook her.

“Huh?” Nina mumbled, “HUH?!” She said, way louder and looked around.

“Where’s Flik?!” She asked, still looking around.

“He’s on a-“ Gremio began.

“Is he okay?” She interrupted.

Gremio nodded. “He’s fine.” He replied.

“Do you know where he is?” She asked them, looking at both of them.

Tir smiled, and sat next to her. “He’s on a walk. Well, Jowy’s on a walk…-“

“-Jowy? Is he okay?”

Tir nodded. “Yup. Anyway, and Flik is trying to find him…Well, that’s what Gremio told me anyway.”

Nina nodded, and lied down, and exhaled deeply.

“Wanna go see if they’re okay? I’ll go with you.” Tir said, looking at Nina.


Tir nodded, and smirked a little.

Flik was half-asleep, but he knew he had to stay awake, in case something happened to Jowy.

Flik heard the water shut off, so he hid behind the showers.

Jowy walked out, looking around, with his wet light blonde hair back into a messy ponytail.

Jowy looked around, and walked back into the woods.

Flik tilted his head. ‘Where could be be going?’ He wondered to himself, and followed Jowy.

“Jowy, you’re back.” Flik heard a voice say.

“Yes, but not just because.” Flik knew that was Jowy, he could tell by the voice.

“Then what is it?”

“I want Pilika back.”

“Pilika? My slave?”

Jowy nodded, and then looked at the ground.

“She’s nothing but a worthless pig!”

“No. She’s not. I love her.”

“You actually like that troll?”

Jowy looked up. “Yes Jillia. I do.”

Jillia shook her head.

Jowy walked backward and bumped into Flik.

Jowy jumped, and turned around, looking at Flik. “Oh! Sorry! How long were you there?”

Flik looked at Jowy. “Just got here.” He lied.

Jowy looked behind himself, and saw that Jillia has gone. “Good.”

“W-what are you doing here?” Flik asked.

Jowy shrugged. “Because…I…I…I’m trying to find some wood.” He said, scratching the back of his head.

Flik nodded, he didn’t want Jowy to know that he was there, he didn’t want to lose his trust in Jowy.

“It’s still pretty early, shall we go back? Nina’s probably worried about me…” Flik said, looking around.

Jowy looked at the ground, then nodded. “We probably should, huh?” He said, and then looked back at Flik.

Flik smiled. “Yup.” He said, then Jowy patted his back, and they both walked a little.

Tir and Nina where already out looking for Flik and Jowy, Nina looked around, hoping she could find them.

“Hey, Do you think they’re okay?” She asked, and looked at Tir.

“Of course. They’re both strong people.” Tir replied, smiling at Nina.

Nina smiled at him. “You’re right, I guess they can defend themselves.”

They both stopped walking, and Tir faced Nina, and Tir tucked Nina’s hair behind her ear, and she smiled.

“I’m worried.” She said.

“Hey, don’t be. Being worried isn’t good for that pretty little head of yours.”


“Well, what I meant by pretty was-“

Nina kissed Tir’s cheek, and he widened his eyes.

“-It’s okay.” She said, smiling.

Tir grabbed Nina’s hand. “Let’s go find them.” He said.

Jowy and Flik were still walking, and they saw Nina and Tir, and they quickly ran to them.

“Jowy! FLIK! I’m SOOOOOOO glad you’re both okay!” Nina said, hugging both of them.

Tir stood behind Nina, and he watched her hug them.

“I missed you, Nina!” Flik said, hugging her.

Tir looked over at Jowy, to get his mind off of Flik and Nina.

Jowy shrugged at Tir, “I dunno!” Jowy mouthed.

“Let’s just go back…” Tir said, turning around, and started to walk.

Gremio was waiting at the table, and he heard the door open.

“Guys! Hey! I was worried about you guys!” He said, as they all walked in.

“We’re okay.” Tir said, as Gremio ran to them.

Gremio hugged Tir. “I’m glad!” He said, and Tir hugged him back.

Nina gripped Tir’s hand, and Tir looked at her.

“Uh, er, well I have eggs waiting for you on the table…” Gremio said, looking at Nina holding Tir’s hand.

Tir nodded. “Yeah…Thanks.”

Nina smiled at Tir. “Yeah.”

Tir put his arm around Nina. And Gremio grinned awkwardly.

“Hey, uh, after breakfast, Nina…Wanna go for a walk?” Tir asked, nervously.

Nina nodded. “Sure!!!”

Tir smiled, and took a bite of his eggs.

“So guys, what where you two doing outside?” Jowy asked, playing with his eggs.

“Hmm, we were looking for you guys.” Tir replied, and then looked at Nina.

“Is that all?” Flik asked, sitting down next to Tir.

Tir looked away from Nina, and felt his cheek. “Yup.”

Flik nodded, and then looked at Jowy.

Jowy looked back at Flik, but stayed silent.

“So guys, how do you like the eggs?” Gremio said, trying to make a conversation.

Tir nodded. “They’re good.”

Nina looked at Tir. “Agreed.” She said, looking away from him and then at her eggs.

“Well, I’m going to eat these outside…I need fresh air.” Jowy said, standing up.

“But, you’ve just had fresh air.” Flik commented, watching Jowy.

Jowy shrugged. “I need more.” He said, walking out the door.

“I should go after him.” Flik said, standing up.

Gremio nodded, and watched Flik leave the room.

Jowy sat under a tree, where shade was covering his whole body.

He closed his eyes, letting the wind blow on him, he was relaxed, he thought nothing would get in his way.

“Jowy.” Jowy opened his eyes, and saw Flik standing right by him.

“Hey there, Flik.” He said, scooting so Flik could sit by him.

Flik sat down, and sighed.

“Are you okay?” Jowy asked, and looked at Flik.

Flik shrugged. “I guess so…” He said, and looked at Jowy.

“I guess so? Flik, if there’s something wrong, you can tell me.”

Flik shook his head. “Jowy, it’s nothing. Honest.”

“Yeah, but still, if there’s anything…ever…”

“I know, I know I can trust you.”

Jowy leaned back and hit his head on the tree.

“Did that hurt?”

“Nah, I meant to do it.”

Flik nodded, and copied Jowy.

“I love breezes, they calm my mood.” Jowy said, in a soothed voice.

Flik smiled, and closed his eyes.

Tir watched Nina finish her eggs, and he smiled.

“Yay! Walk time!” She said, and grabbed Tir’s hand, and then dragged him out.

Tir looked at Gremio, as he was being dragged out.

Gremio laughed at little, but silently, as he picked up Tir and Nina’s plates.

Nina still had Tir’s hand in hers, she had stopped dragging him though.

“So, how are things going with you and Flik?” Tir asked, kicking leaves around.

Nina looked up at him, and then looked back at the ground. “Huh? Oh yeah, Flik. Eh. Things are going okay I guess.” She said, shrugging.

Tir nodded, with his mouth open.

Nina looked at Tir. “Why’d ya ask?”

Tir shook his head. “I was just curious.”

Nina got closer to Tir, and Tir watched her.

He blinked, ‘She’s gonna kiss me…’ He thought to himself.

“You wanna walk around? I feel for a walk…” Jowy said, looking at Flik.

Flik nodded, and he got up.

Jowy got up after Flik, and they began to walk.

Nina was still getting closer to Tir, he knew she was gonna kiss him, and he didn’t stop that.

He closed his eyes, as she got closer.

Jowy and Flik were walking together, and they saw Nina and Tir.

“Are they-“ Jowy began.

“-Nina wouldn’t do that…” Flik interrupted.

They both looked at each other, and ran to Nina and Tir.

Nina saw Flik and Jowy run toward them, she backed away.

Tir opened one eye, and saw Nina had stopped.

“D-did I miss something?” He asked, looking at Nina.

Nina shook her head, and slightly pointed at Flik and Jowy.

Tir turned around, and saw them.

“Oh…heeeeey…” He greeted, waving.

Flik grinned, and kissed Nina on the lips.

Nina blushed, and looked over at Tir, speechless.

“Hmm…I wonder if anything awkward is going on….” Gremio said, to himself.

He walked outside, looking for the others.

“What were you two doing out here?” Flik asked, looking at them.

“Uh, we can explain…” Tir said, scratching the back of his head.

“You can?” Jowy said, he knew that Tir and Nina liked each other, he just didn’t want to upset Flik.

Nina nodded. “We were looking for you guys…”

“Oh you were?” Flik asked, smiling.

“Yup.” Tir replied for Nina.

Nina looked at Tir, smiling.

Tir turned around, and then saw Gremio coming toward them.

Tir waved at him, and Gremio waved back.

“What’s up guys? You didn’t come back…” Gremio said, as he reached the others.

Tir nodded, sighed then looked at Nina, who scratched her arm.

“What were you two doing alone?” Gremio asked, knowing that they were up to something.

“Just going for a walk.” Tir replied, and Nina nodded, grinning.

“Where-Are you two up to something?” Gremio asked, squinting his eyes, pointing at them

Nina shook her head. “N-no…” She replied, smiling.

Gremio grabbed Tir’s hand, and dragged him back to the hut.

“Tir!” Gremio heard Nina call, he continued walking, quickly.

“What could he be doing with him?!” She thought aloud, and spun around and saw Flik and Jowy.

Jowy shrugged. “He’s not going to hurt him.”

Nina nodded. “I know…” She said, and sat down.

“I should, uh…Go see what’s going on…Be right back.” Flik said, following Gremio.

Jowy sat next to Nina, smiling at her.

Nina looked at Jowy, and hid her face in her knees.

“What’s wrong, honey?” He asked her. He treated Nina like she was his sister or daughter or something.

Nina looked at Jowy. “I lo-Never mind, it’s not worth talking about…” She looked away from him.

Jowy shook his head. “You can tell me, you can always trust me.” He said, putting his hand on her shoulder.

Nina looked back at Jowy. “Okay, okay, okay…” She said, slightly smiling.

“Well?” He said.

“I love Tir.”

Jowy nodded, and looked away. “Yeah, I kinda figured that out…But what’s so bad about that?”

“Because! Flik thinks we’re ‘IN A RELATIONSHIP’…”

“And you don’t want to hurt his feelings…”

Nina nodded.

“Tir, explain to me…What were you two doing?” Gremio said, sitting down.

“We were taking a walk…” Tir said, putting his hand on his chin.

“C’mon, tell me. If you don’t tell me, I’ll find out.” Gremio said.

Tir sighed. “Nina…”


“Nina, she almost kissed me-“

“She what?!”

“Almost kissed me. Anyway, until Flik and Jowy came…She stopped then…It is either because she doesn’t like me…or that Flik was coming…But…”

“Probably the second reason…”

“I thought so.”

Gremio nodded, and scooted to Tir.

Tir lied his head on Gremio’s shoulder.

“You tired?”


“Just rest.”

Tir closed his eyes, and eventually fell asleep.


Chapter Five

Gremio, who’s head was resting on Tir’s, heard the door open.

“Who is it?” Gremio asked, moving his head.

“It’s me…” Flik said, walking in.

“Hey there…”


Jowy sighed, as Nina lied her head down on Jowy’s lap.

“Hey, do you think we should go back?” Nina asked, placing her chin on his thigh.

Jowy shrugged. “Whatever.”

Nina jumped up, holding out her hand to help Jowy up, Jowy grabbed her hand, and she pulled him up.

They both walked back together, but with Nina on Jowy’s shoulders.

“I feel soooo tall!” She said, waving her hands in the air.

Jowy laughed a bit, as she swung her hands in the air, happily. “Having fun up there?” He said, smiling at her.

Nina grinned, then nodded.

Jowy blinked, then looked back. “Hey, we’re almost there, hey, how much do you want to bet, that Gremio has lunch waiting? Huh?”

“Hmm, It’s a fifty-fifty percent chance…”

Jowy chuckled, then smiled.

“Well, let’s not let it get cold now, huh?” He said, and went faster.

“WOOOHOOO!” Nina yelled, letting her hair flow in the wind.

Jowy smiled, he reached the hut, and put her down.

“Let’s go inside…” Jowy said, they both walked inside, looking around.

Nina looked over at Tir, who was half-asleep, she ran over to him, and sat in front of Gremio and Tir.

“Are you tired?” She asked Tir, smiling.

Tir slightly nodded, smiling back at her.

Nina scooted next to Tir, and lied her head down on his shoulder.

Tir put his arm around Nina, then fell asleep.

Flik sat down, and didn’t say anything.

Jowy sat down next to him, and put his hands on his chin.

“What’s wrong?” He asked, looking at Flik.

Flik shook his head. “If there was something wrong, I’d tell you, remember?”

Jowy nodded. “Y-yeah, I remember.” He said, looking away from Flik, and looked at Nina, who was sleeping.

“Well, I guess there’s one thing…”

“Oh yeah? What is it?”

Flik looked around, and saw that the others were sleeping, including Gremio.

“Well, I think that Nina likes Tir…”

Jowy didn’t move, he knew that if he told Flik, Flik would be very upset.

“I dunno, maybe I’m wrong…”

“Hey, Flik, did you know, that before you lost your memory, you couldn’t stand Nina?” Jowy said, trying to make Flik realize that he never loved Nina.

Flik looked at Jowy, confused. “Huh? Really?”

Jowy nodded, and they both looked at Nina.

“Hey, we should wake them up, and continue on finding Kirkis.” Jowy said, and looked at Flik.

“We could let them sleep for a little while…Make them lunch, and then wake them up.”

Jowy nodded with agreement.

Flik got up, and walked over to a pot that was on the stove.

“Uh, what should we make?” Jowy asked, following Flik, then Flik shrugged.

“Hmm, I dunno…Let’s see what’s in the bag…” Flik said, opening the bag.

Flik searched through Gremio’s bag, and pulled out some carrots. “How are these?”

Jowy shrugged. “Eh…Carrots aren’t my thing…But, sure if you want.”

Flik put them back, and pulled out some things that looked like potatoes.

“Hey, I can make potato soup.” He said, showing them to Jowy.

“Are you sure those are potatoes?” Jowy asked, examining them.

Flik nodded. “I-I think so…”

Jowy smiled. “Well, you can never go wrong with THINKING.”

Flik smiled back, and laughed a little.

“Well, let’s cook these up.” He said, cutting the potatoes.

Jowy grabbed the knife Flik was holding, and helped him cut them.

“Do you think I don’t know how to cut up potatoes?” Flik asked, smiling.

“I-No, go ahead.” Jowy said, and stopped helping him.

Flik looked back at the potatoes, and kept cutting them up.

Flik put some potato soup in five bowls, and gave Jowy a bowl.

“I should wake the others up, go ahead and eat.” Flik said, smiling.

Jowy smiled back. “Thank you.”

Flik shook Gremio, who was sleeping by Tir.

“Hey, Gremio…Hey…” Flik said, trying to wake him up.

“What? What is it?” Gremio asked, waking up.

Jowy laughed a little, and took a bite of his soup, his eyes widened, and he fell onto the ground.

“J-Jowy?!” Flik yelled, and ran to him.

Gremio ran to Flik, and kneeled to Jowy.

“Is he okay?!” Flik asked Gremio.

“I-I dunno…What happened?” Gremio asked, and looked at Flik.

Flik kneeled by Gremio, and looked at him, and shook his head. “I don’t know.”

Gremio shook Jowy. “Jowy?” He said, still shaking him.

Tir and Nina woke up, and found themselves holding hands, they let go, and started to whistle awkwardly.

“W-what’s wrong?” Nina asked, looking at them.

Flik turned around, and saw them. “Jowy. It’s Jowy.”

Tir sprung up, and ran to them. “Is he okay?”

Gremio shrugged. “I don’t know.” He said, and looked at Tir.

“I sure hope he’s okay…” Flik said, quietly.

“He will be, Flik.” Nina said, and walked toward them, and put her hand on his shoulder.

Flik looked at Nina, and smiled.

“Jowy…Listen to me…Jowy…” Tir said, desperately.

Flik held Jowy’s body, and hugged it.

“What did he eat?” Gremio asked, looking at Flik.

“The only thing I know of is the potato soup I made-“ Flik began.

“Potato?” Gremio said.

“Yeah why?”

Gremio stayed silent, and closed his eyes.

“What? What? What happened?!”

“The only potatoes I packed were poison.”



“Is Jowy gonna be okay?” Nina asked, looking around.

“I hope so, Nina.” Tir said, and looked at her.

Nina grabbed Tir’s hand, and squeezed it tightly.

“It’s gonna be okay, Nina. Jowy’s a strong person…”

Nina smiled at Tir, and hugged him.

“Is there any cure?” Flik asked, looking at Gremio.

Gremio shrugged. “I don’t know.”

Flik’s eyes widened. “So what you’re saying is, he might die?!”

Gremio nodded. “I’m afraid that’s the truth…”

Flik hugged Jowy’s body again.

“Why did you even pack poison?!” Tir asked Gremio.

“I-I thought in case if there was a robber or something, and they were to take our food…”

“Why didn’t you tell us?” Nina asked, holding back her tears.

Gremio sighed, and looked at Jowy.

“We should, er, continue on walking, someone should carry Jowy…” Flik said, trying to change the subject.

Everyone looked at Jowy, then at Flik.

“What? You want me to carry him?” Flik said, looking at everyone.

They all blinked. “Okay, fine, fine…Someone give him to me…”

Gremio handed Jowy to Flik. “Gee, thanks. You’re a life saver…”

Gremio smiled and nodded, and Flik scowled at him.

“Hey guys, do you think he’s gonna be okay?” Nina asked, in a worried voice.

“Have faith in Jowy, Nina. Has he ever failed in a situation like this?” Tir said, trying to make Nina feel better.

“Yeah, I know Jowy will make it. I know it.” Nina said, Nina was optimistic, she knew Jowy would make it, she knew Jowy would be okay.

Flik had Jowy on his shoulder, with his face by Flik’s back.

“Is that comfortable?” Tir asked Flik, smiling.

Flik looked over at Tir, frowning.

Tir chuckled, and looked over at Gremio, who was shaking his head, and Tir frowned and looked down at his toes, ashamed.

“Don’t be ashamed, Tir…” Nina said, and looked at Tir.

“You always know just what to say to me!” Tir said, and hugged Nina.

Nina hugged him back. “Yeah…” She said, patting his back hardly.

Flik looked at them, confused.

Nina ended the hug when Flik looked.

Tir looked at Flik, and Flik smiled.

Tir slightly smiled back.

Flik stepped out of the hut, and looked around. It was pretty light out, so Flik knew that it wasn’t that late.

The others followed after him, and they started to walk.

Nina looked at Jowy, and saw he was still passed-out.

She grabbed Jowy’s hand, and squeezed it tight. “It’s gonna be okay, I promise.” She said, knowing that Jowy couldn’t hear her.

But Jowy smiled slightly, which made Nina gasp. “J-Jowy!” She yelled, and everyone stopped walking.

“Nina, what is it?” Gremio asked, looking at her.

“H-he smiled! He smiled!” Nina yelled, pointing at Jowy.

Everyone stayed silent, confused.

“What? Isn’t that good?” Nina said, looking around.

Everyone continued walking, and shook their heads.

“At least we know he’s still alive!” She said, stomping.

“Wait, hush up…” Tir said, putting his finger on her lips.

She looked at his finger, and stopped talking.

“Do you hear that?” Tir asked.

“Hear what?” Gremio asked Tir, and Tir walked off to the side, and moved a couple of bushes.

“Hey! Being a true warrior means that you have to man-up and fight those monsters!”

Tir saw two people he recognized, one was a girl and one was a guy.

“T-that doesn’t mean fight to the death!”

“It actually does, Hix!”

“Guys, guys!” Tir yelled to them, and they stopped everything.

“T-Tir! It’s been a while! How are you?” The boy asked, he walked over to Flik. He had a yellow t-shirt, a blue vest, white pants, black hair, and brown shoes.

Flik looked at the boy, and he smiled. “Hi Flik!” He greeted.

“Hey, er…”

“…It’s Hix…Remember?”

Flik shook his head. “Apparently I lost my memory, is what Tir said.”

Tir waved, and grinned.

“Hix!!!!” The girl came out, she wore a yellow dress, a brown big belt around her stomach, white boots, and she had red hair, pulled back into two messy braids, and a blue headband.


“What are you- HI GUYS!” She interrupted herself.

“Hey! Tengaar!” Nina greeted, and she hugged her.

“Hey Nina.” She said, grinning

Tengaar smiled, and looked at Hix.

“What are you two doing out here?” Gremio asked, looking at them.

“I was helping Hix become a true warrior.” Tengaar said, pointing at Hix

Hix frowned, and looked at Tengaar. “Tengaar, I told you…I’m just happy being with you.”

“Aww, Hix…But, you’d be more happier if you were with me and a true warrior, right?”

Hix sighed, and Tengaar kissed him on the cheek. “I’m even happier now…” He said, after she kissed him.

She giggled, and hugged him.

“Anywaaaay…Should we continue?” Tir asked, looking around.

“Continue on what?” Tengaar asked, happily.

“Uh, we’re going to Soniere Prison to save Kirkis…And anyone else we meet along the way.” Gremio explained.

“Ooooh! Can we come? We got nothing better to do…Right Hix?” Tengaar said, looking at Hix.

Hix shrugged. “I dunno…”

“I-I guess…Why not?” Tir said, smiling.

Tir looked at the others, and they all shrugged.

“I bet they’ll be great company.” Nina said, happily.

“T-Tengaar…Hix…” They heard Jowy’s voice whisper, they all looked at him.

“Oh my gosh…Jowy…Is he okay?” Hix said, looking at him.

Flik looked at the ground. “He ate p-poison…”

“Poison?” Tengaar said, looking around.


“Poisoned potatoes?” Hix said.

Tir nodded, and looked at Jowy.

Nina grabbed Tir’s hand, and Tengaar bit her tongue.

“Nina, Tir…Are you two like…Dating or something?” Tengaar asked, looking at the ground.

Tir and Nina looked at each other, and Nina let go of Tir’s hand. “N-no! We’re not dating! Just, er, very close friends!” She said.

“I-er, no!” Tir replied.

“Eek, sorry.” Tengaar replied, and backed away behind Hix.

“Well, let’s not run into any more distractions…” Gremio said, walking fast.

“What’s the rush?” Tir asked Gremio.

Gremio stopped walking, and turned around. “What’s the rush? What do you mean by ‘what’s the rush’?! We need to save Kirkis!”

“Oh yeah!” Tir said, happily.

Nina grabbed Tir’s hand, and started running, dragging Tir behind him. “C’mon, c’mon, c’mon, c’mon!!!”

“Okay, okay!” Tir laughed, as he was being dragged.

They were still running, and it was pretty late.

“Man, it’s getting pretty late, er, can we rest for the night? I’m getting tired.” Flik said, still holding Jowy the same way.

Gremio looked over at Flik, and nodded. “Yeah, we can rest in the grass.”

“Good…” Flik said, walking to the grass.

“I’m very tired…” Tir said, yawning.

“Hey, can someone help me put him down?” Flik asked, looking around.

“Oooh! I will!” Tir volunteered, running to him.

Flik grabbed Jowy’s legs, and Tir grabbed his arms.

“Don’t hurt him, do it gently.” Flik said, looking at Tir.

“I got it, Flik! I wouldn’t hurt him on purpose!” Tir said, happily.

Flik nodded, and set his legs down on the grass.

Tir looked around, and saw a firefly.

“OOH! A FIREFLY!” He yelled, and slammed Jowy onto the ground to go find it.

“Omph…” Flik heard Jowy mumble.

“TIR!” Flik yelled, which startled Tir.


“I said GENTLY!”

“So, so sorry…”

Flik nodded, and sighed.

“Hmm, maybe by tomorrow, Jowy will be okay…” Tir said, looking at Jowy.

Flik shrugged. “I hope so…Things just aren’t the same without him around.” Flik sighed.

“How long has he been knocked out?” Tengaar asked.

“Just before we found you guys, actually.” Gremio said, and looked at Hix.

“Really?” Hix asked.

Gremio nodded.

Flik lied his head down on Jowy, and fell asleep.

Flik opened his eyes, and looked around, everything was still dark, so he knew it wasn’t morning.

He stretched, “Aaaah, good morning or whatever it is…guys.” He said, looking around.

“Hello?” He said, when no one was in sight.

He ran further, and didn’t see them, everything looked the same, but without his friends, he only saw Jowy laying down next to him.

“Flik…” Flik turned around, he didn’t see anyone, he thought he was hearing voices, so he lied down, he was tired, he didn’t realize he was awake.

“Flik, listen to me…You seek a great destiny…And so do you friends…You’ll meet new people, and some of your friends will die. It will be an depressing adventure, but it will be very important, and you shall fulfill your destiny…That is all I have to say…Good luck.”

Flik looked around, and slightly saw a woman in a white and purple dress, and a pink cloak, she had black long hair, and black heels.


“Goodbye Flik…”

She vanished, and left a thing of smoke.

Flik noticed the others running toward him.

“Flik! You’re awake!” Tir said, holding Nina’s hand.

“Flik, you wouldn’t wake up for anything!” Nina said, looking at Flik.

“Guys…Uuuhhh…What happened?” Flik asked, rubbing his head.

“We were going to find some more breakfast to make in the morning.” Gremio said, smiling.

“Who was that woman?” Flik asked, looking at everyone.

“Woman? What woman?” Tengaar asked curiously.

“There was a woman…She told me to follow my destiny…I don’t know if it was a dream or not…”

“Just now?” Hix asked.

“Just before you guys got here.”

Tir looked at the sky, knowing it was still late.

“Man, it’s late.” Nina said.

“Well, we should go to sleep. G’night, Flik.” Tir said, lying down.

Flik hugged Jowy goodnight, and then lied back on Jowy, and fell asleep again.


Chapter Six

Flik opened his eyes.

“So I said to her, leave the body on the floor! No one will think you’re suspicious!” Flik heard Tir say, he sat up, and looked at Tir.

“Oh look! He’s up!” Tir said, waving.

“What was it about a body?” Flik asked curiously.

“…No time to explain! Er, we have to continue and I need to help you get Jowy…” Tir said quickly, and grabbed his legs, and Flik shrugged, and grabbed his arms.

Tir threw Jowy over Flik’s shoulders.

“I have to carry him? Again?” Flik asked, looking at Tir, who nodded.

“Yups.” Tir replied, with a grin on his face.

Flik nodded, he liked Jowy, he felt like Jowy was his brother.

Tir looked at Nina, who was asleep. “She’s so beautiful…” He thought to himself, and smirked and kneeled down to her.

“Nina, hey, wake up girl…” Tir whispered in Nina’s ear, which woke her up.

“Tir…” Nina said, smiling shooing him away.

“C’mon, we’ve gotta continue walking…”

“Oh that’s right,” Nina sat up, and looked around. “How’s Jowy?”

“Jowy? Oh right, he’s better. He’s been mumbling some things…”

“Really? Like what?”

“He mumbled Flik’s name a few times…”


Tir nodded, and held Nina’s hand. “I can tell you’re worried for Jowy. We all are. Don’t think we’re not, because he’s like a brother to us.”

“I know, I know, Jowy’s a strong person. You said that already.”

Tir smiled, and squeezed her hand. “Have I ever told you that you have the most beautiful eyes?” He said, trying to get her mind off of Jowy.

Nina blinked, and stared into Tir’s eyes. “Yours aren’t bad yourself.”

Tir leaned in to kiss her.

“Guys, guys…” Hix said, running toward them, he could tell now that Tir and Nina were a thing, but he just didn’t want to tell them.

Tir looked at Hix. “Yeah?” He asked, and then stood up.

Nina stood up after Tir.

“We’ve, uh, gotta go…”

Tir nodded, and Nina grabbed his arm, and hugged it.

Hix smiled, and walked to Tengaar.

Tir put his arm around Nina, and continued walking with her.

Tengaar was rearranging Jowy’s position for Flik. “Is this comfortable?” She asked, as she put Jowy on his back.

“It’s fine, Tengaar. Jowy isn’t that heavy. At all.” Flik said.

Tengaar frowned, but still tried to help. “I thought it would be nice to help…”

“It is nice, Tengaar. But Flik just doesn’t want Jowy on his back.” Hix said, as he came toward her.

Tengaar looked at Hix, and smiled.

“Well, guys, uh, we should, go…” Hix said, looking around, noticing that Tir and Nina were already gone.

“Where did they…” Flik wondered out loud.

“Probably continuing walking, c’mon let’s go.” Gremio said, walking faster.

Flik shrugged, and followed Gremio.

“Nina…” Tir said, looking at Nina.

“What is it, Tir?”

“Do you still love Flik?”

Nina’s eyes widened, but she didn’t reply.


“I, er, uh, I…N-Why?”

“It’s just a question, you know, just a random question…” Tir said, as he picked a pink flower from a tree, and put it in Nina’s ear.

Nina giggled. “I guess, I mean…He’s a nice guy, just not the right guy for me…”

“Hey, the right guy is somewhere in the world…”

“I think I already found-“ Nina began, looking at Tir.

“-Guys! Guys!” They heard Gremio yell, they turned around, and saw him running toward them.

“Hey Gremio.” Tir said, loudly enough so he could hear him.

“I’m glad you’re okay. I thought something might have happened.”

“No, no…We were just fine.”

“Oh thank goodness. Nothing happened?” Hix asked, looking at them.

“No. Nothing at all.” Nina replied, looking at Tir, who smiled.

Gremio ran to Tir, and hugged him tightly. “I’m soooooooo glad you’re okay!”

“Gremio. I’m seventeen. I can survive on my own.” Tir said, crossing his arms,

“Yeah! And I’m sixteen! I’m mature!” Nina said.

Tir looked at Nina, smiling.

“Yeah, sure you are. Anyway, let’s continue.” Flik said, walking past them.

Nina laughed. “Was that supposed to be offensive Flik?”

“No. I wouldn’t do that to my girlfriend.”

Tir sat down against a tree, and had his knees to his chest.

“Oh right, I uh…” Nina said, watching Tir.

Flik walked over to Nina, and looked at Tir, then back at Nina and grabbed the back of her head, and kissed her.

Tir started to suck his thumb, rocking back and forth, and watched them.

Gremio looked at Tir, who was very desperate. “S-stop, Flik…” He said.

Flik ended the kiss, and threw Nina onto the ground.

“F-Flik!” She yelled, as she fell to the ground.

“Next time kiss me back, girlfriend.”

Nina shook her head slightly, and backed away to Tir, who was still sitting against the tree, and she lied her head on his shoulder.

Gremio kneeled to Tir and Nina. “It’s okay guys, he’s just worried about Jowy. And each and every one of us are, so don’t get rough on him, okay?” Gremio said, looking at them.

Tir nodded, and looked at Nina, who nodded.

“So, do you any of you guys know if we’re almost there?” Tir asked, stomping.

Gremio looked at Tir. “How are any of us supposed to know?”

Tir threw this head back groaning.

“Why are you so mad, Tir? It doesn’t mean we have a while…” Nina said, looking at Tir.

Tir kicked leaves around, with his hands behind his back.

“Do you guys, uh…See that?” Flik said, trying to point, but with Jowy on his shoulders he can’t.

Gremio looked to where Flik was trying to point, and he widened his eyes. “It looks like…Stairs…”

“Yeah but…Stairs to what?” Tir asked, looking at Gremio.

Gremio shrugged, and looked back at Tir.

“Should we go check? Or do you think it will distract us?” Tir asked.

“It’s worth a shot, right?” Gremio said, and began to walk faster.

“Gremio! W-wait for me!” Tir said, running to him.

Nina followed after Tir, and grabbed his hand.

“You’re not going without me, are ya?” She asked, looking at Tir, who smiled.

“I would never.”

They both got to the stairs and waited for the others.

“C’mon, Hix! This will be fun!” Tengaar said, and began running to the stairs.

“Tengaar!” Hix yelled, following her.

Tir and Nina looked behind themselves, and saw them coming closer.

They all reached Nina and Tir, and they looked back at the stairs.

“Okie…” Tir said, and put his foot on the stair, seeing if anything would happen.

“What do you think is behind the stairs?” Nina asked, looking at Tir.

Tir, who was already half way up, looked at her. “I bet something great.”

Nina grinned, and walked behind Tir.

Tir put his hand on the rail, and looked behind him and saw Nina.

“Tir…I’m scared…” He heard Nina say.

“Of what?”

“I-I don’t like heights…”

“It’s not that high.”

Nina looked behind herself, and she was about fifteen stairs high. “How much longer?”

Tir looked in front of him. “It doesn’t look too far…”

Nina nodded. “Okay, okay…Stay strong Nina…You’ll be okay…” She mumbled to herself, to keep her from exploding.

Tir smiled, and looked back at Nina. “I promise you, nothing will happen…”

Nina smiled back at Tir, and grabbed his hand.

Tir squeezed her hand, and began walking some more, and Nina followed.

Nina stopped walking, which made Tir stop.

“Nina, we can do this…together.”

Nina shook her head.

“What is it?”

Nina pointed her shaky finger up at a shadowy figure.

Tir pulled out a red bo-staff, and stood right in front of Nina.

“Tir w-what is that?”

Tir shook his head. “I dunno.”

Gremio ran up to them. “What’s wrong? Why did you stop?”

“We saw something…”

“I-Er-Wh-Really?” Gremio stuttered, looking at Tir.

Tir nodded, and looked around.

“Heeeeeey! Guys! It’s been a while!” They heard someone say.

Tir gasped, and looked around.

The boy had a flashlight up to his face, even though it was in the middle of the day.

The boy had a yellow thick scarf, a gold circlet, a red baggy-ish tank-top, with white tips for the sleeves, black pants, beige boots, and dark brown messy hair.

Tir exhaled, knowing who that was.

Tengaar ran to them, and saw the boy, and Hix came after her.

“Tengaar…How many times have I told you, don’t start going without me…”

Tengaar looked behind herself, and saw Hix, she smiled. “Sorry…”

“Hix! Tengaar!” The boy said, grinning.

Flik ran up to them, and still had Jowy in his arms. “Hi guys, er, who is this?” Flik asked.

“I am the one and only…Riou!!!” The boy said, bowing at them.

Tir hugged Riou. “We thought we’d lost you!”

“I’m fine!”

“I know now!”

“Riou. Hi!” Nina said, and hugged him.

Riou hugged everyone, and looked at Flik. “Wait, you don’t remember me?”

Flik shook his head.

Riou slapped his hand onto his forehead, and finally noticed Jowy.

“Oh. My. Gosh. Is he okay?!” Riou yelled, looking around.

Flik shrugged. “He’s fine…”

“What happened to him?”

“He ate poison-“


“Yeah, but he’s just passed out…”

“Wait ‘til Nanami sees him…She’d be FREAKING OUT.” Riou yelled.

Flik covered his ears. “Nanami? Where have I heard that name…”

“I dunno…Someone probably mentioned it or something.”

Flik nodded.

Riou sighed, and looked at everyone. “What are you guys doing here?”

“We’re going to save Kirkis at Soniere prison…” Gremio said.

“Oh! Cool!”

“Wanna come with us?” Flik asked.

Riou nodded. “Would I?!”

Flik smiled. “Well, c’mon then.”

Flik started to walk up the stairs, and the others followed.

“Guys I think we’re almost-“ Tir began, as he went to the top of the stairs. “-There…”

Everyone looked around, and saw a beautiful building.

“Where could we be…” Tengaar said quietly.

Hix looked at Tengaar, who was looking around in amazement.

“Tengaar, what if it’s a trap?” Hix asked, looking at her.

Tengaar looked at Hix. “How would it be a trap? It looks like no one has been here…” She said.

Hix shrugged. “I dunno…”

“Should we go inside?” Tir asked Gremio, who shrugged.

“I guess…It wouldn’t hurt…”

Tir smiled, knowing Gremio usually would’ve said no.

Gremio, who was in front of the house, started to turn the doorknob. “Ooh…” He said, shivering.

“What is it, Gremio? Is there something wrong?” Nina asked, leaning over his shoulder.

“No…It’s just cold,” Gremio said. “Too cold…” He said quieter.

He turned the doorknob quickly, and pushed on the door.

“What was the rush?” Riou asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Rush? What rush?” Gremio said, and then walked in.

Riou shook his head, and followed Gremio.

“It’s kinda…old…don’t ya think?” Tir asked, looked around.

“I think it’s pretty.” Nina said, looking at Tir.

“I do too, it’s just that…It seems old…”

Nina smiled, she knew that Tir was trying to impress her by being like her.

“You don’t have to pretend, Tir. Just be yourself. That’s one of the reasons why I like you.”

“Really? Pssssh! I knew that!” Tir said, leaning on what looked like a stool, and fell over.

Nina giggled.

“I totally meant to do that!” Tir said, jumping back up.

Flik rolled his eyes, but smiled at the same time.

Nina laughed. “Tir, you’re so funny!”

Tir grinned, and put his arm behind his neck. “Yeah, because I meant to do that…”

Gremio looked at Tir, and smiled, he knew that he wanted to impress Nina, but he didn’t say anything.

“Hey Gremio, maybe we could stay here for the rest of the day…It’s kinda late, right?” Tir said, looking outside.

“Who knows? I don’t. Anyway, I guess staying here wouldn’t hurt. I mean, Flik could use the rest. Since he’s been carrying Jowy everywhere he goes…” Gremio said.

“Even in the-“


Tir sighed.

Flik looked around, and set Jowy down on the wooded floor.

“Can I er, I…Talk to Jowy for a minute or two…Please…” Nina said, looking at Flik.

Flik shrugged, and stayed right by her.

“I meant alone…”

Flik widened his eyes, and walked to the others.

“Hey, Jowy,” Nina said, grabbing his hand. “I know you can’t hear me, but everything is okay…We’re gonna get you better. Soon I promise.”

Nina squeezed his hand, and looked at him.

“Hey…Jowy can I ask you something?” She asked, then shook her head.

“Never mind…You can’t hear me.”

Nina watched Jowy, and he nodded.

Nina widened her eyes. “Okay, okay, okay,” She said, rearranging herself. “I’m confused. I know Flik likes me…But I also know that Tir likes me…And I don’t know who to choose…I don’t know who likes me more…I’m not saying that what I want but-“

“-Nina…” She heard him mumble.


“Pick who your heart wants…”

Nina smiled. “I-I will Jowy, I will.”

Jowy smiled back. “G-good…”

Nina hugged him. “Are you okay?”

Jowy opened his eyes, and looked around. “Wh-where are we?”

“We’ve been traveling some more while you were out… But, don’t worry! Flik was carrying you!”


“Nothing…Nothing…I’ll get the others.” Nina got up.

“Even in the…Never mind…” Jowy said, as Nina was leaving.

“Guys! Guys! It’s Jowy! He’s awake! He’s awake!” Nina said, coming toward them.

“Nina, are you sure? Last time you said that, he was breathing…” Gremio said, looking at Nina.

“For sure this time. Promise…”

Gremio looked at her and nodded, then ran over to Jowy.


“JOWY!!!” Flik yelled, and hugged him.

“Flik…” Jowy whispered, hugging him back.

“It’s like a reunion!!!” Tir yelled, jumping.

“J-J-J….” Riou said, sitting down.



“It’s been a while…”


“How have you been?”

“Good…I’ve been exploring around the world…”

“That’s awesome…Very awesome actually…”

Riou smiled, and nodded.

Nina hugged Jowy.

“You saved my life, Nina…”

“It wasn’t me…All I did was talk to you…” Nina said, smiling.

“But your words inspired me.”

“Inspired you to what?”

“Realize I was still alive…”

“What did you say, Nina?” Riou asked Nina.

“I,” Nina said then looked at Tir, and sighed. “I just said that we were gonna get him better soon…That’s all.”

“Nina, even though we’re not…You always felt like…A sister to me…” Jowy said, looking at her.

Nina looked at Jowy. “And you were always like a brother to me,” she said.

Nina hugged him again, and Jowy hugged her back.

“Jowy, I love you. Love you like a brother.” Nina said, still hugging him.

“I love you too, Nina…”

“You are like the sibling I never had…” Nina said, and stopped hugging him.

Tir put his arm around Nina, and she smiled.

“Tir…Take good care of Nina…” Jowy said, watching them.

“W-what?” Tir said, moving his arm away from Nina.

“Just trust me…”

Tir nodded, and sighed.

Jowy closed his eyes, and fell asleep.

Nina grabbed Tir’s hand, and they both lied down.

Flik lied down next to Jowy, and Riou lied on Jowy’s stomach, while Hix and Tengaar were laying a little off to the side, where they were laying together.


Chapter Severn

Jowy opened one eye, and looked around, and he saw Riou lying on him, and Flik laying right by him. He sighed, and blinked.


Jowy looked around, and saw no one, he closed his eyes, hoping nothing would happen.

“Jowy…Jowy Blight…”

Jowy opened his eyes, knowing who it would be, and he pushed Riou off of him, and he walked around the building, looking for her.

“Come home Jowy…”

“No! N-never!” Jowy knew who it was. “Never, Jillia!!!”

Jillia stepped out, and looked at him.

“Jowy…If you come home with me, I promise not to hurt your friends…”

Jowy closed his eyes, and sighed.

“You want me to hurt your friends? Hix? Tengaar? Gremio? Tir? Riou? Nina?” Jillia said, walking closer to Jowy.

“Flik…” She whispered in his ear.

“NO!” He said, and pulled out his staff.

“Just come home, Jowy. Pilika’s waiting for you.”

“P-Pilika? YOU LIE!”

Jillia smiled. “I would never lie to my husband.”

Jowy held back his tears. “I’ll go. Only if you promise…Don’t hurt any of my friends…”

“Good, honey…” Jillia said, and kissed him on the cheek.

“Don’t do that…again…”

Jillia grabbed his arm, and pulled him away.

“WAIT! At least let me say goodbye…”

Jillia stayed silent, and dropped him on the floor.

“Hix…I’ll miss you, you were a good warrior, and I wish you and Tengaar the best luck…”

Jillia rolled her eyes.

“Tengaar, always make sure Hix had enough confidence to become a warrior…I’ll miss you, girl…”

Jillia blew her hair out of her face.

“Tir, hehe, you were a good friend of mine. You’re a funny person, and you keep your spirits high, I love you, bro…”

“Get on with it…” Jillia said.

“Gremio, I will never forget your amazing stews, and you’re fun personality. I always thought of you as my father, Gremio…Love ya…”

Jillia blinked, and looked at Jowy.

“Riou, I’ll never forget the time you saved my life. To repay that favor, I will save yours and the others…”

Jillia sighed.

“Nina, I think you’re a fun girl, and very optimistic, and I’ll miss you, I hope your heart choses the right path…Love you, sis…”

Jillia stayed silent, and she watched him.

“And, Flik…I always thought of you as a brother…My guardian…I will protect you and the others for anything. You’ve got a precious destiny…I love you…Flik…”

“C’mon, Jowy Blight! We’ve gotta go!” Jillia grabbed his arms again, and ran out.


Flik opened his eyes to the yelling.

“Where are you, JOWY?!”

“Jowy? Is he okay?” Flik asked, sitting up, he saw Nina, looking around.

“Flik! Thank goodness you’re awake! I don’t even know how you could sleep in a situation like this! JOWY’S GONE MISSING!”

“Jowy’s what?!”

“He’s missing…Dang it…Just right after I saved his life…” Nina said, sitting down, holding back her tears.

“Hey, hey, hey…It’s okay…”

“Yeah, yeah…” Nina said, as tears started to drip down her face.

“Flik, you should go freshen up…” Flik turned around, and saw Tir coming with some towels.

“Do you-“

“-Know? About Jowy? Yes sir, I do…”

Flik looked around, and walked outside.



“I’m so afraid…” She said, as more tears dripped down her face.

“Jowy’s fine…I know it…I just know it…” Tir said, trying to comfort Nina, he didn’t really know Jowy was safe, in fact, he didn’t know at all.

“You really believe so?”

Tir nodded, and smiled. “Of course I do…Jowy survived during poison! He will survive during a little detour…”

Nina nodded. “You always comfort me…Why is that?”

“I sometimes feel that you need to be comforted…That’s all…”

Nina scooted closer to Tir, with her hands on her chin.

Tir smiled. “Hey, would you endanger yourself, for someone else’s life?” He asked, looking at Nina.

Nina smiled back. “Of course…”

“I know I sure would.” Tir said, grinning.

Nina looked at Tir, who was still grinning, and she grinned back.

Tir looked around, and noticed the others were asleep.

Tir leaned closer to Nina, and Nina leaned closer to him, and they were getting closer.

Gremio opened his eyes, and looked at Tir and Nina.

“Are you gonna…Kiss me?” Nina whispered to Tir, who nodded.

“Tir?” Tir looked at Gremio, who was sitting up.

“We can explain Gremio, we can explain…” Tir said.

“Go ahead, I’ll just sit here…BORED…”

Tir shook his head. “It’s fine…” He looked at Nina, she was looking at the ground.

“I want out kiss to be special…” He whispered to her.

Nina smiled, and nodded with agreement.

“Guys, if you don’t want me to watch…”

“It’s okay…” Nina said, sighing.

Gremio looked around, and saw that Hix and Tengaar were still asleep.

“Where’s Flik?” He asked, still looking around.

“He’s, uh, freshening up…”

“And Jowy?”

Tir and Nina looked at each other, and didn’t say anything.

“Jowy? Is he okay?”

Nina looked at the ground, trying not to cry.

“We don’t know…” Tir replied.

“What do you mean?”

“Something happened to him…”

Gremio’s eyes widened. “What?!”

“We…Er, don’t know…”

Gremio didn’t say anything, he sighed.

Jowy opened his eyes, and found himself sleeping next to Jillia on her bed.

“Good morning, Jowy…” Jillia said, looking at him.

Jowy didn’t reply, he was mad at Jillia.

“Don’t be so sad, hon. I won’t hurt your ‘friends’…”

“I’m not sad…”

“Then just…Calm down a bit, and take a stroll around the castle…”

Jowy sighed, he knew if he didn’t treat Jillia like his wife, she would kill his friends.

“Okay, maybe I will…” He said, and looked at her.

Jillia put her hands on Jowy’s shoulders. “I knew you would come around…”

Jowy nodded. ‘I could get used to this…’ he thought to himself, he got up, and left the room.

“I hope he didn’t meet up with…Jillia…” Nina said, looking around.

“Jowy is out friend, he would never betray us like that.” Tir said, comforting Nina again.

Nina smiled, and looked at Tir.

They heard the door open, and saw Flik.

“Flik! Hey!” Gremio said, waving at Flik, who waved back.

Flik tied his hair back into a blue headband, and shook his head around.

“I sure hope Jowy’s okay…” Flik said, and sat down.

“He’s fine, Flik. Have faith in Jowy.” Tir said, looking at him.

Flik nodded, and looked out the window. “I-I do…I do have faith in Jowy; it’s just that I hope he’s not hurt…I wonder where he could be…”

Jowy walked down the stairs from Jillia’s room, and saw a black figure in the shadows.

“Hello?” He said, walking closer to the figure.

“U-Uncle Jowy?”

“Is that…P-Pilika?”

The figure ran over to Jowy, and hugged him.

“I-I’m so glad I have found you, Pilika…”

Pilika smiled widely. “Guess what?”

Jowy looked at her. “What is it, Pilika?”

“Miss Jillia gave me my own room…It’s big, and it’s pink and it’s got rainbows!”

Jowy smiled, even though Pilika was Jillia’s slave, Jillia treated her with respect, and spoiled her.

“Jillia is, er, nice like that…” He said, putting his hands on Pilika’s shoulders.

Pilika nodded. “Wanna see it?”

“I sure would, Pilika.”

Flik blinked, and looked around. “Has anyone seen Riou?” He asked.

Tir and Nina both looked at each other, then looked back at Flik, and shook their heads.

Riou ran in, and looked at everyone. “HI!”

“Hey?” Tir said, waving slightly.

Riou smiled, and walked toward Gremio, then looked around.

“W-where’s Jowy?” He asked.

Tir sighed, and looked at the ground.

“Well? He’s okay right?”

Everyone stayed silent, and seemed sad.


Tir shrugged. “We don’t know…”

“You don’t WHAT?!”

“It’s okay Riou, Jowy’s fine! Honest! Tir promised me!” Nina said.

Tir grinned, and looked at the ground, and Nina elbowed him in the gut. “Right, Tir?”

Tir’s eyes widened. “Mmmhmm…” He said while nodding.

“Well if ‘The master’ says so…” Riou said, bending his fingers.

Tir rolled his eyes, but smiled because he knew that he would say that about Riou.

“Guys, we should leave this house…I-I have a bad feeling…” Gremio said.

“What about Hix and Tengaar? They’re still asleep…” Tir said.

“We don’t have to leave yet! We can at least wait until they get up!” Nina said.

Everyone stayed silent, not an awkward silence either, just a soothed silence.

“D-do you guys smell that?” Flik asked.

Gremio whiffed, then nodded. “Smells like something’s burning…”

The whole building started to shake, and then fire came from the ceiling.

“AHH!” Nina screeched, and Tir grabbed her arms.

“Nina! I’ll protect you!” Tir yelled, and Nina nodded quickly.

He grabbed her, and ran out of the building.

“WAAAIIITTT! H-HIX AND TENGAAR! THEY’RE STILL IN THERE!!!” Nina yelled to Tir, and he set her down right by the entrance.

“Hide girl…” He said, after he set her down.

Nina nodded again, and ran away.

“FLIK! GREMIO! RIOU! OUT NOW!” Tir yelled, looking at everyone.

Gremio grabbed Riou’s hand, and they both ran out.

“F-Flik! You too!!!” Tir yelled, and Flik shook his head.

“Hurry!!!” Flik yelled, and pushed Tir out.

“I can’t just leave-“ Tir began, but Flik slammed the door before Tir could finish.

“F-Flik…Where’s Flik?” Nina asked Tir, who looked at the ground.

Flik looked at Hix and Tengaar, where there was fire all around them, but didn’t seem to touch them.

Flik ran through the fire, and grabbed Hix and Tengaar with both hands.

Tengaar opened her eyes. “EEK! What’s happening?!” She yelled, seeing the fire.

“No time to explain! Just try to wake Hix up!”

“H-HIX! Get up! HURRY!”

Hix opened his eyes, and screamed lightly. “W-What’s going on?!”

Flik threw them outside, and put his hand up, and lightning struck at the fire, and made the fire go away.

“Lightning beats…No way…” Riou mumbled to himself.

Flik breathed in and out heavily, and turned around to face the others.

“Lightning…” Nina said, smiling.

“Lightning Flik…” Flik said, to not one in particular. “BLUE LIGHTNING FLIK!”

Everyone smiled. And Flik was jumping.

“I remember my name!!!”

They all hugged him, and they were laughing.

Pilika grabbed Jowy’s hand, and Jowy smiled.

“C’mon, Uncle Jowy! It’s this way!” She said, and dragged him.

“I’m coming, I’m coming!” Jowy said, laughing.

Pilika went to a pink door, and a golden doorknob, and opened the door.

“See? See?!” She said, pointing.

Jowy walked in, and looked around.

The whole room was pink, with a painted rainbow on the wall, and some stuffed unicorns, with a bed that was ginormous, and a glittery blanket, with some pillows that were shaped like rainbows.

“Jillia did this?”

Pilika nodded, smiling.

Jowy thought that Jillia was an evil queen who was selfish, and didn’t do anything for anyone else. ‘Maybe…Maybe I was wrong about Jillia…’ He thought to himself.

“Flik! You’re a hero! Flik!” Nina said, hugging him.

“I…I am a hero…” Flik said quietly.

“I’m so happy for you!” Tir said, smiling.

“You saved our lives…” Hix said, and looked at Tengaar.

“Yeah! We’ll never forget this!!” Tengaar agreed, grinning.

Flik looked around, everything seemed to get darker and quieter, he smiled, and then fell back onto the ground.

“Flik?!” Flik barely heard Nina yell, as he fell.

Jowy sat down, and looked at Pilika. “Are you okay? Did Jillia hurt you?”

Pilika shook her head. “Nu-uh! Miss Jillia is very nice!”

Jowy sighed. “She is…Isn’t she?”


“Jowy!” Jowy heard a voice yell, he looked around.

“I think Miss Jillia wants you…” Pilika said, looking at Jowy.

Jowy got up, and Pilika grabbed his hand. “I’m coming too!” She said, pulling his arm.

Jowy nodded. “Of course.”

Pilika grinned, and they both walked out of the room.

Tir had Flik’s arms, and Riou had his legs, carrying him around.

“Uh…Are you sure you can trust them?” Hix whispered to Gremio.

“Eh…Why not?” Gremio replied, facing Hix.

“Because remember what Tir did to Jowy?”

Gremio shrugged. “It’s morning now…There are no fireflies out.”

Hix nodded, and looked at Tengaar. “Hey…Tengaar…”

“Yeah Hix?”

“How is this gonna help me become a ‘true warrior’?”

Tengaar smiled. “Because, all true warriors go on adventures to save people! Don’t they? Huh?!”

Hix sighed. “Yeah…I guess but…”

“Don’t worry! Soon people will see your awesome warrior skills!”

“I’m not worrying…”

“Well, I guess that’s good.”

“We REALLY need to take him somewhere! HE’S SO HEAVY!!!” Riou yelled, dragging Flik’s legs.

“Oh c’mon, man-up Riou! We’ll find somewhere eventually!!!” Nina said, looking at Riou.

“I am one-hundred percent man!!!” Riou replied, shaking his head.

“The only person ‘one-hundred percent man’ around here is Hix!”

Hix looked at Nina, and smiled.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Tir asked, looking at Nina.

“I-er…Nothing, I guess you’re fifty-fifty percent man…But…”

Tir didn’t say anything, he looked at the ground, ashamed. “Yeah…I guess you’re right…”

“I’m so sick of all this fighting!!” Gremio yelled, looking around.

“Hmm, Jowy’s man too!!!” Nina said.

Tir looked at Nina. “N-Nina…”

Nina sighed, remembering that Jowy was missing. “S-sorry…”

“It’s alright…You forgot…” Tir said, making sure Nina doesn’t feel guilty.

Nina looked at Tir, remembering that he always makes her feel better.

She smiled. “Thank you…”

Jowy walked to Jillia’s room, and opened the door, looking around.

“Jowy. You came…”

“Of course I did, honey…”

Jillia smiled, and looked at him.

“What did you want?” Jowy asked, looking at her.

“I was just making sure you’re okay, the guards didn’t go after you or anything?”

“No, just Pilika…”

“You found her, eh? Well, she’s been waiting for you…”

“Why do you like me so much?” He asked.

“You’re my husband, Jowy…”

“That doesn’t mean-“

“-Mean what?”

“I just…Wanna get re-married…”

Jillia smiled, and looked at him. “Re-married?”

“To you…Of course.” Jowy replied, smiling.

“We’re already married…”

“And this time, I’ll love you…Forever…”

Jillia blinked, and sighed. “Of course…”


Chapter Eight

Flik opened one eye, and saw everyone looking at him.

“Look…He’s awake…” Tir said, looking at him.

Nina hugged Tir. “Yay!!!”

Tir ended the hug, and Nina laughed awkwardly.

“Okay, Flik…I’m SO glad you’re okaaay!” Nina hugged him.

“What…Where are we?” Flik asked, looking around.

It was a white rusty castle that was very tall.

“I dunno…We found this rusty old castle along the way…” Tir said, looking around.

“Hey…I think it looks cool!” Riou said, grinning.

Tir nodded, and smiled.

Flik looked at his arm, which was burnt.

“Yeah, your arm was pretty bad…You ran through the fire…” Gremio said, putting a wet wash washcloth on his arm.

“Ow…” Flik said, as the washcloth touched his arm.

“Yeah, it might sting a little…” Gremio said, in a calm voice.

“I’m glad nothing bad happened to you…I don’t know what I’d do with myself…” Hix said.

“Yeah!! You’re very lucky that it was just your arm, Flik!” Tengaar agreed, grinning.

“Wait until Jowy hears-“ Nina interrupted herself. “-Oh yeah…”

Tir looked at Nina. “Hey, it’s okay…”

Nina smiled. “Yeah, I know…”

“Jowy, when is our wedding then?” Jillia asked.

Jowy stayed silent, then shrugged.

“Hmm…” Jillia said, looking at the ground.

“One week.”

“A w-week?!”


Jillia’s eyes widened, and nodded. “Okay…”

Jowy put his hand on her shoulder. “Well, let’s set up then…”

Jillia smiled. “Alright then…”

Flik looked around, and he was still lying in bed.

“Flik, maybe you should get some rest…” Nina said, smiling.

“But I’ve been laying here…”

Nina patted down on his chest where his heart is, and smiled. “Hey, you need the rest…”

Flik nodded. “Yeah…Okay…”

Nina closed her eyes. “Good.”

She opened her eyes, and looked at Flik.

“You have beautiful eyes…” Flik said, smiling.

Nina blinked, remember that Tir said the same thing. “Y-yeah, I know…”

Flik grabbed her hand, and closed his eyes, and feel asleep.

Nina gasped, but let him hold it, because she didn’t want to hurt his feelings.

Tir leaned his back into a fancy couch, and kept rearranging himself in it.

“Can you not get comfortable?” Gremio asked, serving a plate of tea on a coffee table.

“Noooo!!!” Tir said, irritated by squirming.

Hix laughed. “Just sit normally, Tir!”

Tir threw his head back, and sat normally.

“There!” Tengaar said, smiling.

Riou smiled, and flopped into the couch, and grinned.

“W-what do you think Nina and Flik are doing in there?” Gremio asked, trying to start a conversation.

Tir sighed deeply, as he hung upside down from the couch.

Gremio bit his lip. “Never mind…”

Tir sighed deeply again, but louder this time, and more desperate.

Gremio thought that Tir was trying to get his attention. “What is it, Young Master?”

Tir’s eyes widened. “Who says I wanted anything?” He asked, sitting up.

Gremio shook his head. “If you don’t want anything, that’s okay with me…”

Tir walked toward Gremio. “No! Wait! I never said I ‘didn’t’ want anything! I do want something, well, not want, I want to talk to you about something, something important to me anyway, I just hope it is for-”

“-JUST TELL ME.” Gremio interrupted, rolling his eyes.

Tir nodded, and put his hands on his chin. “Well, I like Nina, but she likes Flik so when you asked about what they were doing in there, I got all nervous and my stomach was in knots, so I figured that you didn’t want to make me upset, so I started sighing, and that’s when the mood really hit me,” Tir said, quickly.

Gremio sighed. ‘This is gonna be a looooong day…’ He thought to himself, and Tir kept talking.

“I realized, I’m gonna let Nina pick the guy she wants, I can so tell that she likes me back, and she also likes Flik, but that is a problem, because she can’t be in a relationship with two people! That breaks the laws of physics,” Tir gasped for air. “And, Nina’s a smart girl, she will make the right decision, right? Right?!”

Gremio nodded, and rolled his eyes a bit.

Tir smiled. “I’ve done it again, right?”

“Done what?”

“Over talked…”

“It doesn’t bother me…”

Tir smiled, and lied his head on Gremio’s shoulder.

Jillia was waiting outside her own bedroom for Jowy to get done changing.

Jowy walked out in a white lab-coat, and the same blue tank-top, but with no belt, black pants, and grey boots that go to his knees, with his hair still in a messy ponytail.

“Ahh, looking better hon.” Jillia complimented.

Jowy smiled, and kissed her on the lips, and Jillia kissed back.

“Jillia, you are the love of my life, my one and only…”

“Jowy, you are the only man for me, I love you…”

Pilika skipped to them, grinning.

Jowy grabbed Jillia’s waist, while Jillia’s hand were around his neck, they were dancing together, happily.

Jillia giggled, as he twirled her around.

“Do you guys really have to do that here? NOW?!” Pilika asked, shielding her eyes.

Jowy grabbed Pilika, and threw her up in the air.

“Jowy, she’s out daughter…Adopted daughter…”

Jowy looked over at Jillia, and smiled.

Nina smiled at Flik, who was still asleep, she let go of his hand, and went to the others.

“Nina,” Tir ran to her and hugged her. “How’s Flik?”

Nina smiled at Tir. “He’s just resting.”

Tir sighed, he was relieved that Flik was okay, just because he was dating the person he loved didn’t mean they couldn’t be friends.

“Thanks goodness…” Gremio said.

“I need some air…” Nina said to herself.

Tir grabbed her hand, and she looked at him. “I’m coming with you, you know.” Tir said.

Nina grinned. “Of course!”

Flik looked around, and felt a pain in his arm, not the one that was burnt, the other one.

He screamed a little, but not enough so no one could hear.

He was in pain, he started to shake, as both of his legs felt like someone was ripping them apart.

Nina and Tir were already outside of the castle, it was a big yard, but they went for the dirt trail, and they held hands the whole way.

Nina started skipping, and Tir looked at her, and Nina looked back.

Tir smirked, and started kicking around awkwardly.

Nina moved closer to Tir, and he stopped kicking.

“Did you know I always loved taking walks with you, Tir?” Nina spoke up.

Tir looked at her. “Same here,” He said, smiling. Then his eyes widened. “I mean, with you! Not me!” He laughed.

Nina laughed with him. “I knew what you meant.”

Tir leaned closer to Nina, and Nina smiled. “This is special? Eh?” He said, getting closer to her.

“Very…” She said, leaning toward him.

“Hello?!” Nina and Tir backed away from each other, laughing awkwardly as they heard the voice.

“Yes? Hello?” Nina asked, looking around.

The girl came out from a tree, she had light short orange hair, a green dress that looked like it was made from leaves, brown boots, and blue eyes.

They could tell she was an elf, she had the ears.

“Hi! What’s your name sweetheart?” Tir asked, bending down to the little girl.


“Nice to meet you Lily! I’m Tir! And that’s Nina, she’s my…Uh…”

“Girlfriend?” Lily said, looking at him.

Tir’s eyes widened, and shook his head. “No no!!!”

“We’re just friends, miss.” Nina said.

“Oh…Well, I…” Lily looked at Tir, and smiled. ‘He’s so…Cute…’ She thought to herself.

Tir looked at her. “How old are you, hon?”

“I’m f-five…”

“How did you get here?” Nina asked, worriedly.

Lily shook her head. “I’m just looking for my dad…”

“What’s his name?” Tir asked, and put his hand on her shoulder.

“His name is Kirkis…”


“Kirkis…” Lily finished.

Tir nodded. “So are we.”

Lily’s eyes widened, and grinned. “Really?! Really?!” She asked, jumping around.

Nina nodded, knowing that she loved Tir.

“Oh my gosh! I’m so happy! Someone as pretty as you-I mean, awesome-er, cool-uh…” Lily said.

Tir chuckled. “I am all of those, aren’t I?”

Lily nodded quickly and grinned. “Is it just you two?!”

Nina shook her head. “No.”

“Really? There are others?”

Tir nodded, and smiled at her.

“Yay! Can I meet them?”

“Of course you can, Lily!!!” Tir said, happily.

Nina grabbed Tir’s hand, and Lily grabbed the other.

Jillia looked over at Jowy, who was laying on her bed.

“Jowy, dear, the wedding’s in a week,” Jillia jumped on the bed, and hugged Jowy. “Don’t you think we should get everything set up?”

“Set up? Eh, we don’t need too. We’re king and queen. The knights’ll do it for us, huh?”

Jillia sighed, and let go of Jowy, who was looking at her.

“What’s wrong dear? You seem tense…” She said.

Jowy shook his head. “I’m happy. Too happy, you were right, I am home and happier now.”

Jillia smiled. “I know, I know.”

Jowy hugged Jillia. “Hey, if you’re worried about the wedding, don’t be. Everything’s gonna be perfect. Pilika’s gonna be our flower girl, and you’ll look beautiful. As usual.” Jowy kissed Jillia’s head, and she smiled.

Flik was still squirming, but it was worse, he was almost jumping in his bed, but he was also asleep.

“Did you know, that the word fries also means suspense?” Riou said, smiling.

Gremio looked at him, confused.

Tir, Nina and Lily walked in, with both of the girls still holding Tir’s hands.

Flik woke up, and was in even more pain before, his eyes widened.

“AAAAHHHH!” He yelled, in a painful voice.

“Did you guys hear that?” Nina asked, looking around.

Tir nodded. “It’s Flik…”

“Flik? Who’s Flik?” Lily asked, looking at Tir.

“No time to explain, we need to help him…” Nina said, and everyone went to see Flik.

“Oh my gosh! What happened to him?” Lily asked.

Tir smiled, and looked at her. “It’s fine, Lily. You shouldn’t worry so much.”

Lily shook her head. “Even though you’re usually always right, you’re wrong this time.”

Tir widened his eyes, and backed away behind Nina.

“How would YOU know if Tir’s ALWAYS RIGHT?” Nina asked, looking at Lily.

“Er, wild guess.”

Nina rolled her eyes. ‘What does she know? She’s only five! Her and Tir are NOT a thing!!!’ She thought to herself.

Tir looked at Nina, like he could read her mind, and smiled squinting his eyes.

Flik looked around, then suddenly passed out.

“Flik?!” Nina said, watching Flik.

“Oh. My. Goodness.” Riou said, in shock.

“Hey, hey…Stay with me Flik…” Nina said, looking at him.

“Move!!! MOVE!” Lily yelled, walking to Flik, and shoving everyone aside.

Tir watched Lily, and smiled, trying not to laugh.

“It’s a good thing I pack really good medicine!” She said, and poured some medicine in a thing that looked like a container.

“Drink this, Flik…” Lily said, reaching the container to his mouth.

But Flik didn’t open his mouth.

“Flik!” Lily yelled, she put the container down, and tried to open his mouth with her own hands.

“It won’t work…” She said, looking at everyone.

“D-does anyone have a knife? Or something?” Lily asked, looking around.

Tir rose his hand, handing her a knife.

“You’re always there for me, Tir…”

Tir nodded, and smiled.

“Where do you keep that?” Hix asked, looking at Tir.

“I always have one…”

“Remind me not to get on your bad side…”

Tir smiled, and looked at Lily and Flik.

Lily gripped the knife, and pointed it toward Flik’s neck.

“W-what are you doing?” Nina asked.

“Trust me. Back before the Village Of The Elves burnt down, I was a doctor in training…”

“You’re only five!”

“Yeah, and I’m more mature than you!!!” Lily yelled.

Nina walked behind Tir.

Lily quickly cut open a spot in Flik’s neck, and sighed.

“That’s where me and my dad were going, you see…To Kyaro Town to rebuild the Village Of The Elves…We were gonna go with mom, but then…”

“And then, before you knew it, your dad was in prison…” Gremio replied.

Lily nodded. “Yup…”

“How did you escape?”

“I didn’t. Dad told me to hide, so I did, and I was trying to survive ever since. It’s been two whole years…”

Gremio sighed.

Lily cut open his neck some more, which made Nina worried.

“STOP! YOUR HURTING HIM!” Nina yelled, trying to run to Lily, but was being held back by Tir.

“I’m not hurting him…” Lily said, pouring the medicine in his neck.

Flik groaned in pain.


Lily shook her head.

“Does anyone have a needle?” Lily asked, looking around.

Gremio nodded, and handed Lily a needle.

“And some string?” She asked, looking around.

“I do! I DO!” Riou said, handing Lily some string, and everyone looked at him.

“What? Gremio had a needle, and no one questions that…”

Lily started to stitch his skin back together, with the string and needle.

Nina widened her eyes.

“It’s okay, Nina…” Tir whispered in her ear.

Jowy ran his hand through his own hair, and looked at Jillia.

“Are you okay?” She asked him, looking at him.

“What? Of course I am! Why wouldn’t I be,” Jowy said, looking at Jillia. “I have the most beautiful wife in the world,” he said, kissing her cheek. “And the most amazing daughter in the world!” He picked Pilika up, and tossed her in the air.

“Jowy!!!” Pilika said, up in the air.

“I dunno…You seem…Upset…”

Jowy shrugged. “Well, I’m not.”

Jowy went over to Jillia, and kissed her on the lips. “Did that help?”

Jillia nodded.

Lily looked at everyone, and dropped the needle. “He’s as good as new…”

Tir let go of Nina, and she ran to Flik.

“He’s okay…Right Lily?” Nina asked, looking at Lily, who nodded.

“Yes. He’s just fine.”

Nina nodded back, and then sighed.

Gremio picked up his needle from the ground, and put it in his pocket.

“Here, Riou…There was still some string left over!” Lily said, over-enthusiastically.

“YES! MY STRING!” Riou yelled, and Lily handed him the string.

Riou hugged the string and kissed it.

Tengaar looked over at Riou, with a concerned face.

“What? Gremio loves his needle, doesn’t he?”

“Yeah, kinda. But I don’t make out with it…” Gremio said.

Riou stuck his tongue out at Gremio.

Tengaar shook her head, and threw her hand on her face.

Jillia looked over at Jowy, who was lying on her bed. “Jowy, are you awake?”

Jowy nodded.

“What’s wrong honey?” Jillia asked, worried about Jowy.

Jowy sighed, remembering he said those exact word to Nina a few days ago. “Uh, nothing hon. Just thinking.”

Jillia smiled. “That’s good. I was hoping there was nothing wrong…”

Jowy smiled and turned around to face her.

“I guess I’m tired…” He said, and she grinned.

“Well, you rest and I’ll go get you a blanket…Be right back…”

Jowy watched her leave the room.

Nina and Lily sat next to Tir, who was sitting by Flik watching him.

Nina scooted closer to Tir, and Lily also scooted closer.

Lily and Nina both scowled at each other, and then Tir leaned in closer to Flik.

Flik slightly opened his eyes, but not enough for him to be awake yet.

“Hey…Flik,” Tir whispered. “Guys, I think he might be waking up…”

Nina looked at Flik, who’s eyes suddenly opened.

“FLIK!” Nina hugged him, and squeezed him tight.

“Nina,” Flik said, smiling. “Oooh, what happened?”

Lily looked at Flik, and smiled. “You were boiling up by the fire that got inside of you…You’re all fine now…” She said.

“B-but…You-” Flik began.

“-Are only five? Yeah, I know…”

“And she saved your life, Flik.” Tir said, encouraging Lily.

Lily smiled, and nervously grabbed Tir’s hand, which made him smile warmly.

Tir had no idea about Lily’s feelings for him, he thought she was just being nice.

Nina blew her hair off of her face, then crossed her arms.

Tir realized that Nina was acting different, he sighed. “What’s wrong, Nina?”

Nina shook her head. “Nothing…”

Tir watched Nina, and she looked at him, and smiled lightly, and he smirked.

“Wait, where did you find her?” Flik asked, looking around.

Lily sighed. “I was looking for my father, Kirkis-”

“That’s right! Kirkis,” Flik interrupted. “Did we get him yet?”

Tir shook his head.

“-No. Anyway, then we got separated by this girl, she was the queen of Highland,” Lily continued. “We were gonna go to Kyaro Town and rebuild The Village Of The Elves. Then, the queen captured my daddy, and I never seen him since…”

“Kyaro Town? I was born there…” Riou said, looking at Lily.

Lily looked over at Riou. “Really? That’s cool!”

“So does my sister…Well, so DID my sister…We went our separate ways a few months after the war…”

Everyone looked at Riou.

“Anywaaay…” Riou said, trying to start a new conversation.

“Flik, me and Hix had an idea…” Tengaar said, walking to Flik, who nodded.

“Well, since you saved our lives and all…” Tengaar began.

“…We thought you should…” Hix said.

“Be our leader!” They both said, happily.


“You know, lead us in an army against Queen Jillia.” Tengaar explained.

Flik looked around. “How?”

Hix looked at the ground. “Uh, well, you can fight in battles, and recruit new members…”

Flik sighed. “I don’t even know my past life!”

Nina looked at him. “You were a great fighter, Flik. I promise you.”

Flik looked back at Nina. “What if it’s all wrong? How do I know you’re not the spies?!”

Tir shook his head. “You’re like a brother to me…”

Flik looked at Tir, and blinked.

“You know, we can’t just let him decide now. We should give him time.” Gremio said.

“Yeah, Gremio’s right. Let’s let him decide on it later. When he’s ready, he’ll tell us.” Tir agreed, and looked at Gremio.

Lily walked out of the room, crossing her arms.

Lily walked into a room, that looked perfect for a bedroom in her opinion.

Lily sat on the floor, and grabbed a piece of paper from her pocket.

She looked at the paper, and saw a letter she wrote to Tir, just because.

“Dear Tir,” she read aloud. “You are the one I love, words can’t tell you how I feel when I look at you, I feel the butterflies in my tummy, and the pain in my head, I feel as if we’re alone. I know you’ll always be there.”

Lily heard the door open and she folded up the letter quickly, there standing she saw Tir.

“Tir!” She stood up, and Tir smiled.

“Hey Lily. Nice letter…”

Lily blushed. “Y-you heard it?”

Tir nodded. “Yeah, Hix’ll love it…”

Lily bit her lip. “Yeah, I’m sure he will…”

“I’ll deliver it to him!”

“Wait, T-Tir wait!”

Tir grabbed the paper from her hand, and ran out of the room, not reading it.

Jowy lied his head back on a pillow, and sighed, and he heard the door open.

“Jillia,” he said.

“Uncle Jowy!” Pilika came in, and jumped on the bed.


“Where’s Uncle Riou? I miss him!”

Jowy sighed, and didn’t reply, he slowly closed his eyes.


“He’s not here, honey…”

Pilika sighed, and lied next to Jowy.

Tir ran to Hix, and handed him the letter.

“What is it, Tir?”

“Here Hix, Lily wanted me to deliver this to you…”

Hix took the letter, and unfolded it, Hix did realize it said ‘Dear Tir’, he just didn’t want to tell him.

“I-it’s cute…” He said, knowing it was meant for Tir.

“I know, I overheard her say it in that room over there…”


“It’s so cute! A five year old girl, has a crush…”

“Tir, hey…”

“I bet you it’s her first crush! Go easy on her, okay?”


Tir stopped talking, and looked at him. “What?”

“This letter was meant for you,” Hix said, showing Tir the letter. “SEE? It says: ‘Dear Tir’!”

Tir reread the letter, and smirked. “Aww…She loves me? AWW! That’s sooo cute!”

Hix smiled.

Lily watched them from the other side of the door, and she sighed.

She noticed Tir walking toward the door, so she hid behind it.

But Tir knew that Lily was watching him, and he smiled, and opened the door to see her.


Lily looked at Tir, slowly, in the shadows.

“Hey, Lily, it’s okay…I’ll be here for you…” Tir bent down to her, and put his hands on her shoulder.

Lily kissed his cheek, and his eyes widened.

“Oh-I-uh, ahehe…” Tir struggled to say.

Lily smiled. “It’s alright Tir, I like you too.”

Tir shook his head. “No. I mean, I like you…But not like that…”

“Oh…It’s because of Nina, isn’t it?”

“No! No! You’re five…”


Tir hesitated, he didn’t want to break her heart or anything. “Uh, us, er, we can’t be…”

“Okay! But, I’ll follow you until we can!”

Tir looked at her, concerned.

“R-really?” He asked.

Lily nodded. “Wherever you go!”

“Woop…Woop…” Tir said, throwing his fist up in the air.


Chapter Nine

Jowy looked at Pilika, who was still lying by him, he hugged her.

“Jowy, I’m back…” Jillia said, walking in with a cyan blanket, that looked like it was crocheted.

Jowy smiled at her, and she covered him up.

“Sorry it took so long…I was washing it…”

Jowy looked at her. “Hey, you washed it for me…”

Jillia giggled a bit, and jumped next to him.

“I’m so glad that I chose to stay with you.”

Jillia wrapped her arm around Jowy, and he rolled over.

Flik was walking around the rusty castle, and he saw Hix and Tengaar, arguing about Hix becoming a true warrior, then he saw Gremio, cooking up some stew, then he saw Riou, running with some string, then he saw Tir, walking around followed by Lily, while Nina was watching Tir and Lily behind the door.

“Flik! You’re mobile!” Riou yelled, and put the string in his pocket.

Flik nodded, but laughed slightly.

“Are you okay? HUH?” Tir yelled, running toward him, followed by Lily.

Flik nodded. “Apparently…”

Nina followed Tir, and looked at Flik. “Th-thank goodness…”

Flik looked around, then looked down. “J-Jowy…He hadn’t returned?”

Tir shook his head. “No…”

Flik sighed, and held back his tears.

“But, he’s okay…Tir said so!” Nina said, cheering him up.

“Yeah Tir said so-HEY! That’s me!” Tir said.

Nina smiled at him, and he smiled back.

Flik looked at the ground, hoping Jowy would return soon, so he could see his face again.

“I think…I think I’ve made up my mind…”

“Huh?” Tir said.

“About the leadership…”


“I think I’m gonna accept the opportunity…”

Nina hugged him. “Yay! But, are you sure?”

Flik nodded.

“It’s so sudden, Flik…” Gremio said, looking at Flik, who shrugged.

“Maybe there’s a reason I’m here…Maybe the destiny thing that woman was talking about was that I’m needed here…”

“He has a point…” Tir said, looking at Gremio

Flik looked around, and smiled.

“You’re needed for us, Flik.” Nina said.

Jowy blinked, he wished that he could find the others, or that they could find him. He was happy with Jillia, but he just felt lonely without the other by his side all of the time.

Jillia smiled, and looked at Jowy again.

“Jowy, maybe you should try to get some rest.” She said, noticing he wasn’t sleeping.

“I’m not tired, Jillia…”

“Jowy, honey…”

“I said I’m not tired.”

Jillia was about to kiss Jowy, until Pilika snuck her way in between them.

Jowy laughed, and grabbed Pilika. “She’s just a troublemaker! Aren’t you, Pilika?”

Pilika giggled. “No!”

Jillia smiled, and watched them.

Flik was in the doctor’s room, (which was the room where Lily stitched his neck back)

He left the room, and heard a noise.


Flik looked around, and he heard running down the hallway.

“Ooh, where could he have gone?”

Flik kept walking, trying to find the voice.

Flik saw the girl, she had brown long curly-ish hair, a white over-sized hat, brown eyes, a blue turtle-neck with no sleeves, that was very shaded, a short dark blue skirt, white fingerless gloves, and blue and white boots.

She walked backward, and bumped into Flik.

“Ooh! I’m sorry!” She said, turning around.

Flik smiled. “What are you doing here?”

“I lost my pet! His name is Bonaparte! And he’s very cute!”

Flik looked at her. “And you think he’s in here?”

The girl nodded, and heard something crash onto the ground.

“Aha! Bonaparte! I will find you!”

“Do you need help?” Flik asked her, and she nodded.

“If you want too…”

Flik nodded back, and ran after her.

Tir was sitting, with Lily sitting him right next to him, and they saw Flik and the girl run past, they both looked at each other, then ran after them.

Nina, who was spying on them, followed after them. “Where ya guys going?” She asked.

“Helping Flik of course! And some girl he’s with…” Tir replied.

“G-girl?” Nina said, she felt kind of jealous that Flik was hanging around another girl then she looked at Tir, and felt better.

“BONAPARTE!!!” The girl yelled, searching around the room.

“Who is this, Bonaparte?” Tir asked, helping her look around.

“My pet! I don’t know where he-” The girl began, and saw a yellow small animal-thing,

“Hey, you shouldn’t go over there! That thing might me dangerous!” Tir said, watching the girl.

The girl shushed him, and began slowly walking toward it.

The animal opened its mouth wide, which made the girl scream. “BONAPARTE NO!”

The animal wouldn’t stop, it started to suck her into its mouth.

“NO!” She yelled, and threw an orange-ish-yellow boomerang at the animal, which made it stop, and the boomerang came right back.

“You naughty Bonaparte!” She said, tapping his nose.

“B-B-B…Bonaparte? That’s Bonaparte?” Nina said, looking at the girl.

“Uh-huh! He’s cute, isn’t he?!”

No one replied, but finally Flik nodded.

“He is! I knew it!”

They all looked at the girl.

“Oh right! I’m Millie! And this is Bonaparte!”

“We know who he is…” Tir mumbled, which made Lily giggle.

“Hi Millie. I’m Flik.” Flik introduced.

“Hi Flik!”

“Millie, is that the only reason why you came here?”

Millie nodded, and looked at Bonaparte, who was in her arms.


Everyone looked at Millie, who was grinning.

“Well, I’m off!” She said, heading toward the exit.

Tir saluted her away, and turned around.

“Wait Millie!” Flik yelled, which made Millie and Tir both stop.

“Yes?” She said, walking toward him.

“Why don’t you fight with us?” Flik said, and Tir’s eyes widened.

“You’re gonna let that THING stay with us?” Tir whispered to Flik, pointing at Millie and Bonaparte.

Millie started jumping up and down, then Flik nodded. “Of course, if Millie joins, Bonaparte comes too.”

“Huh? No. I meant Millie. I could care less if the yellow guy stays with us.”

Flik rolled his eyes, and Millie came up to him.

“Me and Bonaparte have decided that we ARE gonna join your group.”

Flik smiled, and looked at Tir. “Good.”

Tir sighed, but nodded with agreement. “Since we need recruits…”

Millie smiled, and looked around. “Hey, there is someone else, well two more people who might be good recruits.” She said, grinning.

Flik tilted his head. “Oh who?”

“His name is Kinnison and his pet Shiro. You might not know him, but he’s my friend. And a pretty good fighter.”

“Where does he live?” Flik asked, looking at Millie.

“He’s waiting for me outside this castle…”

“Really? Well, maybe we can ask him to join our group.”

Millie smiled. “Yay! I’ll go tell him!” She said, and started to skip out of the room.

“Okay…” Flik said, and watched her leave the room.

“It’s getting dark…I wonder when Millie will come back…” A boy said, he had brown hair, a red scarf, a yellow long-sleeved shirt, lighter yellow pants, and brown boots.

“Arooooo!” A white fluffy dog howled.

“You said it, Shiro…”

The boy sat down and rested his back on the castle, with his knees up to his chest.

He heard the entrance door open, then he stood up.

“Kinnison?” Millie said, looking at the boy, and he smiled.

“Hey, Millie. Why did it take you so long? Is Bonaparte okay?”

Millie nodded, and showed him Bonaparte, and he sighed with relief.

“Thanks goodness.” He said, then hugged her.

“Hey, Kinnison, there’s something I have to ask you…” Millie said, and Kinnison stopped hugging her.

“What is it, Millie?” He asked, smiling.

“Well, there is a boy in there, he wears A LOT of blue-”

“-Hey, you wear a lot of blue too…”

Millie smiled. “Yeah…But still, he asked me to be a part of this army-”

“-And what did you say?”

“I said yes of course! I told him about you and Shiro…And he wants you two to join.”

Kinnison sighed, and rubbed his own arm. “I-I dunno…”

“C’MON! It’ll be fun!”

Kinnison looked at Millie, and nodded. “It’s been so long from war…I don’t know if I can handle it again.”

“B-but you’re SO good with arrows!”

“I guess but…”

“Oh c’mon,” Millie said, and grabbed his hand. “You’ll be with me the WHOLE time!”

Kinnison looked at their hands, and looked back up at Millie. “Okay…”

“YAY!” Millie dragged Kinnison inside.

Jowy sighed, and closed his eyes, thinking of his friends.

“What are you thinking about, honey?” Jillia asked, noticing that Jowy was upset.

“Huh?” Jowy said, leaving his daydream.

“Are you okay?”

“Yes, you ask that a lot, and I always say yes.”

Jillia ran her hand on his back, and Jowy sighed.

“Does that feel good?” She asked, still doing it.


Flik and Riou were sitting on some couches, and sighed.

“I’M SO BORED!” Riou yelled.

“Guys, guys! If Lily asks where I am, tell her you didn’t see me!” Tir said to them, breathless.

Flik and Riou nodded, and Tir gave then two thumbs up, and kept running, and he bumped into Hix.

“Ooh! Sorry Hix! I’m doing something!”

Hix widened his eyes, and nodded.

“Has anyone seen Tengaar?” He asked, looking at Flik and Riou.

“No…” Flik said.

“OH MY TIR!!!” They heard Lily yell.


Riou chuckled, and Flik smiled.

Lily ran to Flik, Riou and Hix.

“Have any of you seen my Tir?”

Riou shook his head.

“No.” Flik said.

“Actually, I saw him run over there…” Hix said pointing to the door right by them, not knowing that Tir said not to tell.

Lily grinned. “Thank you Hix!” She said, and ran to the door.


They heard Tir scream slightly, and Riou smiled.

“That cured my boredom.” He said, smirking.

Flik smiled, and looked at Riou.

Millie, who was still dragging Kinnison, reached Flik and Riou.


Flik turned around, and saw Millie and Kinnison, followed by Shiro, he didn’t know them, he just smiled.

“This is Kinnison!” Millie introduced.

“Hey there…” Kinnison said, slightly waving.

“And that’s Shiro!” She said, pointing at the dog.


“I’ll translate, he said: ‘Hello, Flik!’” Kinnison said, grinning.

“You can to speak to animals?” Flik asked.

Kinnison shook his head. “No, I can just tell what he’s saying.”

“Ahh,” Flik said, and looked at Shiro. “So this is the amazing Kinnison that Millie told me about.”


Millie shrugged. “Sure…”

Kinnison smiled, he had special feelings for Millie, but he didn’t know if she liked him back.

“He said he’d join!” Millie said, grinning.

“Good, we need more recruits.”

Kinnison nodded, smiling.

Gremio put some carrots into a basket, and Nina was sitting on the couch, watching the fireplace, then they heard the door open.

Tir walked into the room, and looked around.

“Is Lily in here?” He asked, looking at them.

Gremio shook his head.

“No, Lily is not in here.” Nina said, keeping her eyes focused on the fire.

Tir sighed with relief, and sat next to Nina.

Nina didn’t pay any attention to Tir, she was breathing in and out heavily as the heat from the fire was warming her face.

“Hey, Nina…About Lily…”

“Tir, no it’s okay. She just had a crush, it’s not like you like her back or anything. Right?”

Tir smiled. “No, I don’t. She just always follows me around, it kind of gets creepy…”

Nina didn’t reply, her eyes had the reflection of fire in them, and Tir looked in her eyes.



“You’re not, j-jealous are you?”

“Jealous?! Of Lily? That’s ridiculous!”

Tir smiled, and sighed.

“Okay, maybe a little…” She mumbled.

“Nina, Nina…Don’t be jealous. I think of Lily as a friend is all…” Tir said, and tucked Nina’s hair behind her own ear.

Nina smirked, and gazed at the flames again, and Tir grabbed her hand.

Nina looked away from the fire and at their hands, then looked at Tir.

Tir scooted closer to her, and smiled.

“Do you mind if I squeeze through here…” Gremio said, sitting in between them.

Nina and Tir scooted farther away from each other so Gremio could sit by them.

“Of course…” Tir said to Gremio, who grinned.


Tir and Nina looked at each other, and they grabbed each other’s hands from the back of the couch.

“So guys, I was wondering what you two wanted for supper tonight…” Gremio said, looking at them.

Nina licked her lips, then closed her eyes. “I dunno…Anything…”

“I feel for a nice salad, Gremio.” Tir said, smiling.

“And I will make that!” Gremio said, standing up.

“Aha, you do that!” Tir said, encouraging Gremio.

“Yeah…Yeah…” Gremio said, getting quieter and quieter, and went to the kitchen.

Nina smiled, and Tir smiled back, and they were still holding hands.


Chapter Ten

Lily opened the curtains, to see if Tir was there.

“TIR! YOU CAN’T ALWAYS HIDE FROM ME, YOU KNOW!” She yelled, and waited for Tir to reply.

“Lily?” Lily tuned around, and saw Tengaar by her.

“Heeeey, Tengaar! Have you seen my Tir?”


Lily nodded, and kept searching.

Tengaar smiled, and shook her head. “Okay then, have you seen Hix?”

Lily beamed brightly, and nodded quickly. “He’s looking for you too, I think…”

“Really? Did he mention me?” Tengaar asked.

“Well, yeah…”

Tengaar smiled. “Do you know where he is?”

Lily shrugged. “I think he’s hanging around with Flik and Riou…There just down the hall…” She said, pointing.

Tengaar smiled, and ran to where Lily was pointing.

Pilika looked over at Jowy, who was finally asleep.

“Pilika, Pilika honey…” Jillia said, quietly.

Pilika looked at Jillia.

“Since me and Jowy’s wedding is in a few days, I was wondering if you’d help me pick a dress. I have a few that I love. I need your advice.”

Pilika grinned. “Okay!”

Jillia grabbed Pilika’s hand.

“Hey Flik…” Riou said, looking at the ground.

“Hmm?” Flik said, then looked at Riou.

“Do you think that my sister is okay?”


“Oh right, you don’t remember. Nanami.”

“Oh…Uh, well…Tell me about her, I might remember. Her name rings a bell…”

“Nanami, she was a very brave girl. She was about sixteen when we got separated. It was by a boat crash, I just hope she survived.”

“Hmm…Well, let’s just wish her the best.”

Riou nodded, and sighed. “I hope so…”

Hix walked in from a different room, and sat down. “Hey guys…I can’t seem to find Tengaar anywhere…”

Flik shrugged. “I’ll bet she’s okay.”

Hix nodded. “You’re right. You’re always right.”

They heard the door open, and then Tengaar walked in.


“Tengaar! I’m so glad you’re okay!” Hix hugged Tengaar, and she laughed.

“Hix, I’m okay! The real question is, are you okay?”

Hix nodded. “Yeah…”

Tengaar grabbed Hix’s hand, and Hix smiled.

Pilika sat on a chair, waiting for Jillia to come out in a dress.

“Are you done yet, Miss Jillia?”

“Almost, Pilika!”

Pilika smiled, she knew what kind of things Jowy liked, so she was ggonna chose one that Jowy and herself would like.

Jillia came out in a white, long mermaid dress that had see-through long-sleeved turtle neck.

“Wow…” Pilika said, smiling.

“Well, what do you think?” Jillia asked, and spun around in the dress.

“You look…Pretty…”

Tir slowly finished braiding Nina’s hair, and then she looked at him.

“Thanks…” She said, then smiled.

Tir blinked, and pulled a pink rose out of his pocket.

“Whatcha doing with that?” Nina asked.

“You’ll see…” He said, and tucked the rose behind her ear.


“You look beautiful. As usual.”

Nina gigged a little, and hugged him.

Tir hugged her back tightly, and he sighed.

Nina stopped hugging him, and put her arms around his neck, and he put his hands on her waist.

Gremio looked over at them, and chuckled a bit.

Nina giggled with awkwardness, and let go of Tir.

Millie looked over at Kinnison, who was playing with Shiro.

“Uh, Kinnison…Maybe Bonaparte can play with Shiro for a while.” She said, and Kinnison smiled.

“Sure. Maybe we could hang out too…” Kinnison suggested, and Millie smiled.

“Sure! It’ll be fun!” She squealed, grinning.

He smiled back. ‘Maybe I’ll have a chance with her…’ He thought to himself.

“TIR! DON’T RUN FOREVER! I CAN SMELL YOUR SCENT!” Lily yelled, running around.

Lily started to walk backward, and bumped into someone.

“Ooh! I’m so sorry, mister!” She said, spinning around, he wore a purple shirt, with light yellow sleeves, cyan jeans, brown boots, and black hair.

The boy smiled. “It’s okay…uh…”

“Lily. I’m Lily.” Lily grinned.

“Klaus…” The boy said.

“Nice to meet you Klaus!”

Klaus looked around, and sighed. “Where am I?”

“You’re in-uh, this castle…Led by Lord Flik.”

“L-lord Flik?”

Lily nodded, and grinned.

“But-I-uh, how did I get here?”

Lily shrugged. “I dunno…”

Klaus sighed. “Sierra’s probably worried sick…”

Lily looked into Klaus’s eyes, and saw the glitter in them.

“So uh, where is this Flik?”

“In the room down the hall…”

Klaus smiled at her, and began shyly walking down the hall.

Lily watched him walk away. “I-Uh…Ah…”

Klaus reached the room, and opened the door slowly.

Riou stood up, and walked to Klaus, and eyeballed him.

“Riou…” Klaus said.

Riou hugged him, which made Klaus confused.

“Klaus…I’m so glad you-you’re okay…”

“I-I’ve been fine…”

Flik walked to Riou and Klaus.

“W-who are you?”

Klaus didn’t reply, because he knew that Flik knew him.

“Klaus…Flik lost his memory…” Riou whispered to him.



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