As I’ve stated on the ‘Join In’ page, I have an email address you can contact me anytime you like on, it doesn’t just have to be about this blog. It’s

I’m also on Facebook, Twitter, Wattpad, and Google+:

Facebook: Thestral Snidget

Twitter: @ThestralSnidget

Wattpad: ThestralSnidget

Google+ Group: Pottermore Friends Again

You can add me on any of those places or email me if you like, as long as you have permission from your parents/guardians if you’re a younger user. You should be able to find me on these sites with my email address. This is what my profile photo looks like:

Ravenclaw Profile

Once you find me, you can find others I’m already friends with in those places that you might already know, and if you don’t then it means new friends for you to make.

I suggest that if you are going to add people from Pottermore, create a separate account with your Pottermore username. That way you get to keep personal information private, because if you’re under 18 you should NEVER share any personal details with anyone you meet online, even if you think they are your best friend in the whole wide world. And even if you are over 18, I’d still recommend caution before doing so.

There are some other communities and chat rooms I’ve found which are pretty cool, and you can find them on the Links Page, but the ones above are the ones you can find me on, along with the chat room I’ve made on the Chat Page.




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