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My Nan


On Wednesday 14th March (2018) my Nan passed away after a long struggle following four strokes in the last year. She was surrounded by her family, and is no longer in any pain. It has been a very tough few weeks for us, and I am glad that I have my family and friends around me for support. We are not sure when the funeral will be as we are still waiting for some paperwork from the hospital before we can arrange anything.





I’m sorry for missing my posts. My Nan is in hospital again, and we are losing her. I am also still having problems with my arthritis. Altogether I am struggling a bit, and things are getting on top of me, so I apologise. I will have to see how things go over the next day or two, then hopefully make up my poor presence here. I hope you all understand, and will have patience for me to get back on track..


Funny Facts

I wanted to do something different for this post, and as I always seem to remember random funny facts that I never I thought I would need, I thought I would share some to make you laugh, or at least find a little interesting. Here goes:

  1. Cherophopbia is a fear of fun.
  2. It is illegal in the UK to eat mince pies on Christmas Day.
  3. If you lift a kangaroos tail of the ground then it can’t hop.
  4. You can’t snore and dream at the same time.
  5. The Titanic was the first ship to send out the SOS distress signal.
  6. It is illegal to die in the British Houses of Parliament.
  7. Slugs have four noses.
  8. George W. Bush was once a cheer-leader.
  9. In the Lord of the Rings books, after Gandalf persuaded Bilbo to give the One Ring to Frodo, he spent 17 years researching the rings story before returning to Frodo.
  10. The national animal of Scotland is a unicorn.

I hope you enjoyed this little post. Have fun!



Blue Planet II


This is a bit of an unusual post for me, because it is not the kind of thing I normally post about. But after watching this show, I can see why it has sparked so much debate.

As you all know; I love animals and, and I love nature, so shows like this are always interesting to me. What has sparked so much debate is that the show has highlighted the impact the human race is having on the planet and the rest of it’s non-human inhabitants. Even if you don’t believe in global warming, or think that fracking is fine, the show undeniably shows just how dangerous humans have become to the planet we call home and the animals we claim to love.

We can’t all have the huge impact on the world that this show has, but we don’t need to. All we have to do is make an impact on our own little place in the world. Every piece of plastic you recycle is one less piece that ends up in the ocean where it harms wildlife, and every piece of paper you recycle will help reduce the amount of trees being chopped down and destroying habbitats.

I hope you guys get to watch the show, or read the book that accompanies it, because it truly is a remarkable piece of television.



Riddle Me This Forty-One

So, the answers to last set of riddles are:

1) I fly without wings and cry without tears. What am I?


2) You can drop me from the tallest building and I’ll be fine, but if you drop me in water I die. What am I?



1 House Point if you answered one riddle correctly, and 5 if you answered both correctly.


Your next set of riddles are:

1) It has no top or bottom but it can hold flesh, bones, and blood all at the same time. What is this object?

2) What kind of coat can be put on only when wet?


Good luck!


I would also like to let you guys know, that even though I am still ill, I am feeling less tired than before so have more energy to stay awake and write my blog posts. Though I am far from better, it means there should be far less interruptions to my posting schedule. Thanks for continuing to follow the blog, it means a lot to me.



Merry Christmas 2017

26. Merry Christmas 2014

It’s Christmas Day again, and I’m pleased to say that it’s been a good day. I have spent the day with my parents, and after dinner we spoke to my brother on a video call. We are all full of food (including Izzy and Rodney), and happy to be spending the day at home.

Being with my family is the most important thing to me, and putting thought into the gifts that I buy for them makes seeing them be opened is special. My family mean a lot to me, so giving them gifts that mean something to them is a way for me of saying thank you for what they do for me.

I have also been very lucky in what I have received as always. I was given a new Blu-ray player and a Sound Bar to enjoy my favourite films, and several books to read. Of course I was also given some Harry Potter related gifts, which I love:

As for Izzy, she received a sign for her house, and some special tortoise treats to keep her healthy:

I hope you are all having a great day, whatever you are doing, and we (Izzy, Rodney, and I) wish you a Very Merry Christmas!


“Christmas is the spirit of giving without a thought of getting. It is happiness because we see joy in people. It is forgetting self and finding time for others. It is discarding the meaningless and stressing the true values.” Thomas S. Monson.


Bad News


I have some bad news to share with everyone. As some of you know I have been having a lot of trouble recently with very painful feet, which has been so bad that I have not been able to walk and have had to take a lot of time off work.

I have had to have several visits to my doctor and the hospital, and yesterday I finally got to see a specialist doctor. After what feels like a long time, I have a diagnosis of Psoriatic Arthritis; which is a chronic autoimmune disease.

Luckily it is not fatal or anything really bad like that, but there is no cure so I will have it for the rest of my life. The doctor tells me that once I have started the correct treatment it could take a few months for me to return to health, but then I will have long periods of time (up to 10 years) where the condition will not affect me at all.

I have decided to take a positive attitude towards this, because I know that the condition is something that doesn’t have to change my life in the long-term if I take certain steps to minimise it. Medication and exercise will mean that I will be able to go long periods without the arthritis causing me any pain, therefore my life can continue as normal.

So to make it clear, I am very much going to be fine once the treatment has had time to take effect. I just have to be strong for a few months while the treatment starts to work. In the mean time I ask for your patience, as fatigue (extreme tiredness) is a symptom of the condition, so I have been spending a lot of time sleeping, and I also have a lot of hospital appointments. This means that there may be times where my posts will not always on time, or I might not be around to chat to as much as we would like. I hope you guys will forgive this.

Don’t feel to bad about it. I have family and friends who make me happy (including you guys), and this doesn’t have to mean my life has to change to drastically.


“Being sick is just your body’s way saying you’re way too awesome, and you need to slow down so everyone else can catch up.” Unknown.