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Happy Anniversary


It was three years ago today that I first created this blog and posted my first book review. So much has happened to us, and the whole world in that time, but my love for books, and the friends it has given me (you guys) has remained constant.

I am proud that it is still going, and that you guys still come back to read what I have to say. So thank you everyone, and cookies for all!




Strike: The Cuckoo’s Calling on BBC One

Last Sunday night saw the first episode of a three-part adaptation of The Comoran Strike novels by Robert Galbraith on BBC1 here in the UK. For those of you who don’t remember, Robert Galbraith is the pseudonym of J.K. Rowling.

I didn’t get to watch it last Sunday, only getting to watch it on Catch Up TV on Friday night. It has some differences from the book, which is to be expected of course; no adapatation is every a 100% copy of the original text, but overall I think they have done a good job of taking the novel from the page to the TV screen.

The casting has been done well, especially the main character, and I am really looking forward to the next episode tonight, which is about to start any moment. I was hoping to post this yesterday to give everyone the chance to catch up on the first episode, but unfortunatly my Nan was taken into hospital yesterday so that has taken over my weekend.

I hope you enjoy watching it.



MCM Manchester Comic Con 2017


Today is a bumper edition, as I will be making TWO posts, to make up for the lack of a post on Saturday. This, the first one, is all about Comic Con over the weekend. I had such an amazing time, and as usual I wanted to share it with you guys.

It was a very busy event, so much so that even with a priority ticket it still took over an hour to get into the event on Saturday morning. It can get pretty packed, but everyone is really friendly, so it never mattered if people kept knocking into each other.

Here are a few photos of some of the stalls that I found that made me think of you. The first one made me think of Blackthorn as we both love Doctor who. The second made me think of those of you who have cats. The next two were all Pokémon stuff, which I thought was awesome, and the last one just made me smile.IMG_8820



I almost brought one of these, but they were way too expensive, though I did buy a unicorn milkshake like in the second photo.



The next photos are of some of my favourite cosplay from the weekend.

There weren’t many Special Guests there this year, but of the ones who were there Professor Flitwick (Warwick Davis), and the cast of Class (a Doctor Who spin-off) were my favourite. I got the autograph of Sophie Hopkins (Class), and she was super nice. AND it turned out I was staying in the same hotel as some of them. I saw them in the bar, and even got to speak to them. 🙂

Finally, here is a picture that I thought would make you all smile. Izzy kept saying she wanted to go to Comic Con and Cosplay, and she finally got her wish.


I hope you’ve enjoyed the post, and check back in a little while for post two of the day!



General Update

Recently, I have been feeling like I have been neglecting you guys. My muggle life has increasingly been eating into the time I would have been spent with you guys. For this I am sorry, and promise to give myself more time to spend with you guys. Visiting Wattpad and checking emails have particularly suffered (I think I currently have several hundred emails to check, though most are junk). I will also be getting in front of my posts for this blog again, as I was in a position where I had several weeks worth of posts and waiting to go live, but now hardly any. I don’t like that, because I hate posting late. I will also post more regularly in the ‘Message’ Page if I have something for a specific person.

I once posted about a game I play online called Forge of Empires. I haven’t really played it over the past 4-5 months, but in the last few days I have taken to playing it again. Because I spent so long away from it I have started a new world called Cirgard, and will no longer play the old ones. This is so I can start afresh, and just concentrate on one world to succeed in. If we are friends there, or you want to start playing, you can send me a friend request. I am also still playing Pokemon Go. My username on Forge of Empires is Thesi, and on Pokemon Go it is ThestralSnidget.

I also want to say to all of the friends from Pottermore that I haven’t seen or heard from in such a long time, that if you are reading this I still miss you and think about you all the time.





Last night one of my favourite cities was attacked by a terrorist. At around 10:30pm, at an Ariana Grande concert at the MEN Manchester Arena, as thousands of people, mostly children and teenagers, were leaving, a bomb exploded that has so far killed 22 people and injured around 60 others.

Manchester is very close to my city, and I go there a lot for shopping, nights out, and Comic Con. It is a remarkable and beautiful city, that is very friendly and fun. To see so many innocent children and young people attacked is devastating, and heart-breaking.

But watching the news, I am so proud to see the best of humanity standing up against the worst. The people of Manchester have shown why the terrorist has ultimately lost his attempt to terrorise. Many have opened their doors to give room to those from outside the area who found themselves unable to get home, hotels and restaurants have given free rooms and food, taxis and other people with cars have been giving free rides to those who needed it. Members of the emergency services, while others were afraid and running away, instead ran into danger to save lives and give comfort to people who were suffering, and blood banks have had to turn people away because the amount of people turning up to give blood to those in hospital needing surgery. THAT is why the terrorist has lost. The people of Manchester, from all levels of society and all communities, have come together to help each other in the darkest of times. They were the light in the darkness, the hope that can not be beaten. They gave life.

My heart goes out to everyone who was at that concert last night, and to the families of those who have died. I can not imagine how you feel right now, and I would if I could, make your pain go away.


“There was never a night or a problem that could defeat sunrise or hope.” Bernard Williams.


Breakfast with Doctor Who


Comic Relief is a fundraising event on British TV, raising money for charities all around the world, to help raise money for the most vulnerable people in the world. Over the years it has raised hundreds of millions of pounds, by hosting a TV event full of comedy, music, and sketches, and anyone from Britain will have watched it at some point in their lives. I watch it every year, and love it. You can find out more about their work at

One thing that they have done in recent years is hold an auction, with items donated by celebrities and big businesses who want to help the appeal. This year is no different, and some of the items up for auction are amazing! But the one that I am most excited about is that you can bid on going to a top London restaurant to have breakfast with not one, but 7, Doctor Who’s! But that is not the best part! Most people won’t be able to afford to bid on the items in the auction, so to be in with a chance to have this once in a life time experience you can enter a raffle for just £5. This means that more people have the chance of winning. I know that for many people outside of Britain it will still be impossible, but if you think you would like to be in with a chance, please, please, please consider buying a raffle ticket. You would be helping to raise a hell of a lot of money for charity, AND have the chance to meet 7 Doctor Who’s!

You can buy a raffle ticket (0r 5) at

If you are not a Doctor Who fan, you can also buy raffle tickets to meet Ed Sheeran, VIP tickets to a Little Mix concert, have tea and cake with actresses from the movie The Queen, and have a walk on part in a new Richard Curtis movie!

What are you waiting for? Go buy some raffle tickets!