General Update

Recently, I have been feeling like I have been neglecting you guys. My muggle life has increasingly been eating into the time I would have been spent with you guys. For this I am sorry, and promise to give myself more time to spend with you guys. Visiting Wattpad and checking emails have particularly suffered (I think I currently have several hundred emails to check, though most are junk). I will also be getting in front of my posts for this blog again, as I was in a position where I had several weeks worth of posts and waiting to go live, but now hardly any. I don’t like that, because I hate posting late. I will also post more regularly in the ‘Message’ Page if I have something for a specific person.

I once posted about a game I play online called Forge of Empires. I haven’t really played it over the past 4-5 months, but in the last few days I have taken to playing it again. Because I spent so long away from it I have started a new world called Cirgard, and will no longer play the old ones. This is so I can start afresh, and just concentrate on one world to succeed in. If we are friends there, or you want to start playing, you can send me a friend request. I am also still playing Pokemon Go. My username on Forge of Empires is Thesi, and on Pokemon Go it is ThestralSnidget.

I also want to say to all of the friends from Pottermore that I haven’t seen or heard from in such a long time, that if you are reading this I still miss you and think about you all the time.




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