Tortoise Diaries Part Severn

*PHOTOS TO FOLLOW* I am having trouble uploading the photos for this post from my phone, but will add them tomorrow.

Now summer is finally showing signs of arriving, Izzy is very happy. She has been into the garden a few times now when the weather has been good enough, where she hunts for dandelions and tries to eat pebbles.

The photo at the top was taken after a meal of three dandelions, and as you can see she is a very messy eater and still has leaves hanging from her mouth. This next photo is Izzy cuddling up on her woolly hat. It is her favourite place to sleep, and she gets very upset if I take it away to wash after she has got it dirty.


As I mentioned in the last post about Izzy, she sometimes climbs on top of her tunnel to try and climb out of her house for an adventure. I have still not been able to film her doing it, as she never seems to do it when I am watching, but here is a photo of her once she has managed to climb on top of it.


She is also very strong, and has recently started pushing the bathroom door open. I really want to catch this on camera to show you all, as it is very funny to see her pushing at the door with all her strength. 

As I am going on holiday in a couple of weeks, Izzy will also be going on her own adventure. She is going to stay with one of my friends and his family while I am away, and will be able to play with their son. Being a tortoise, she will be a little nervous for a few days about being in a new place, but she will soon settle in and enjoy having new places to explore. 

I hope you’ve all enjoyed reading about Izzy, and I will post more about her in the future.




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