Breakfast with Doctor Who


Comic Relief is a fundraising event on British TV, raising money for charities all around the world, to help raise money for the most vulnerable people in the world. Over the years it has raised hundreds of millions of pounds, by hosting a TV event full of comedy, music, and sketches, and anyone from Britain will have watched it at some point in their lives. I watch it every year, and love it. You can find out more about their work at

One thing that they have done in recent years is hold an auction, with items donated by celebrities and big businesses who want to help the appeal. This year is no different, and some of the items up for auction are amazing! But the one that I am most excited about is that you can bid on going to a top London restaurant to have breakfast with not one, but 7, Doctor Who’s! But that is not the best part! Most people won’t be able to afford to bid on the items in the auction, so to be in with a chance to have this once in a life time experience you can enter a raffle for just £5. This means that more people have the chance of winning. I know that for many people outside of Britain it will still be impossible, but if you think you would like to be in with a chance, please, please, please consider buying a raffle ticket. You would be helping to raise a hell of a lot of money for charity, AND have the chance to meet 7 Doctor Who’s!

You can buy a raffle ticket (0r 5) at

If you are not a Doctor Who fan, you can also buy raffle tickets to meet Ed Sheeran, VIP tickets to a Little Mix concert, have tea and cake with actresses from the movie The Queen, and have a walk on part in a new Richard Curtis movie!

What are you waiting for? Go buy some raffle tickets!




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