Blood of Elves by Andrzej Sapkowski (14 years and over)


Title: Blood of Elves.

Author: Andrzej Sapkowski.

Year of Publication: 2008 (UK).

Publishers: Gollancz (UK).

Website: (This website is in Polish, so you will need get your computer to translate it for you.)

Cost for Paperback (RRP): £8.99 (UK).

Format: Available in paperback, and audiobook, and as an ebook.

Age Range: 14 and over. If you are younger than this then I suggest asking your parents first.

This is the 1st book in a series called The Witcher.


Humans, dwarves, gnomes, and elves fought for centuries until an uneasy peace was called over 100 years ago. Now however, the peace is over, and the killing has resumed.

But there is one hope that might save everything, but then again, she might just as easily destroy it all. Ciri, the granddaughter to Queen has unusual powers, and has been pre destined to change the world for good or bad.

A witcher by the name of Geralt takes Ciri to the safest place he can, to have her trained in using her powers, but time is running out, and there is another who would wish to use Ciri, and he has far from the best intentions of how her power should be used.

The next book in the series is called Time of Contempt.


“Everything is funny, as long as it’s happening to somebody else.” Will Rogers.



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