Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Movie


At 5 minutes past midnight, on Thursday night, I went to watch the new Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them movie in the cinema. Just like with The Cursed Child, I was worried that something new from the world we love so much would damage it somehow. We have invested so much time and energy into following Harry, that it would be painful to see it in a bad way. But just like with The Cursed Child, I found that I was worried about nothing.

The cinema was packed, and so was the 3D screening in the next screen, and I proudly wore my Ravenclaw t-shirt and scarf (yes, it proved to be a little warm in the scarf after a while, but I refused to take it off). I have always loved going to the cinema, and when it is to see a new Harry Potter movie it is even more exciting.

I won’t give the story away, as unlike the previous movies, none of us have been able to read the book first, so have no idea what the story will be until we have watched it. I will instead just tell the basics of what is already known through publicity. The story is set in 1920’s New York, as a former Hogwarts student arrives in the city with his suitcase. It’s no ordinary suitcase, but as Newt Scamander is a wizard it’s not so surprising,  especially as he is researching magic creatures for his new book on behalf of the Ministry of Magic.

Only within hours he runs into trouble. His suitcase gets mistakenly picked up by a muggle with an identical one, and opens it. What happens next gets Newt  into a whole heap of trouble, and leads him to be suspected in things that threaten the International Statute for Secrecy. Having only just arrived in America, Newt has very few friends to back him up; and one is a muggle, or I should say a no-maj. All he knows is that no magical creature could be behind what is happening in New York City, and he and his friends must risk life and limb to discover the truth before things go terribly wrong.

I was so engrossed by the film, that I didn’t even realise it was past 3am until I got home. The acting was great, the special effects were awesome, and there were some genuinely funny parts to the film. Plus, there was a surprise for me towards to the end of the film, when a very famous actor who I didn’t realise was in the film made an appearance, in a part that we will be seeing a lot more of in the next film (that’s right, there will be five films in total).

All in all, I am very happy about the film that I saw, and can’t wait for the next one.


“Harry Potter isn’t real? Oh no! Wait, wait, what do you mean by real? Is this video blog real? Am I real if you can see me and hear me, but only through the internet? Are you real if I can read your comment but I don’t know who you are or what your name is or where you’re from or what you look like or how old you are? I know all of those things about Harry Potter. Maybe Harry Potter’s real and you’re not.” John Green.



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