New Car


Today has been a very busy one, because I have been car shopping. After much deliberation I have decided to buy a brand new Vauxhaull Corsa Sting. It is a very nice city car, and the photo at the top is what it is going to look like. It is full of lots of little gadgets like Bluetooth and a Loudspeaker for my phone.

I then had to shop around for insurance and arrange the road tax I will need, and agree on a service plan with the dealership so that I can keep the car running well. Now that is all arranged, all I have to do is decide on what to call the new car; and that is where you guys come in.

I want you guys to come up with suggestions, as I am having trouble trying to think of the right name, because all good cars need a name. You can leave your suggestions as a comment in this post, email me, or let me know via social media/chat. You will have until Sunday to do this, at which time I will pick the name that has been suggested the most. In case of I tie I will pick one out of a hat.




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