Blog Update

mechanical engineer

I finally have a new laptop! Which means that I can now get this blog back up the standard that I want it to be at. Over the next few weeks I will be going through all of my posts (there are over 200 of them!), and fixing my mistakes. Most are just little things like grammar and format changes, with a few that are missing book cover photos.

The main two that will change are my posts about Barcelona and this year’s trip to Comic Con in Manchester which can be found here:

and here: 

All of the photos are now uploaded, so the posts are a lot more interesting (at least I think so, I hope you guys do too). My tablet has been great, and I certainly have no plans to throw it away, but it hasn’t been ideal for writing my blog.

It has also made it difficult for me to keep in touch with you all, because it would only allow me to be in one place at a time. That is something that I have hated, because there are some of you that I haven’t been able to chat too properly for quite some time. That will all change now, so you’ll all be seeing a lot more of me.

It will also be a lot easier for me to upload videos to YouTube, which I will also be doing a lot of over the next few weeks, including lots of videos of Izzy that I think you guys will like. Here’s the link to the YouTube Channel: (I’ll also post this link in the ‘Connect’ Page, to make it easier to find in future).

I have some fun posts planned now that I am better able to do things how I want to, and I want to thank you guys again for visiting the blog. I feel really proud of myself when you guys like and comment on things, because this blog and the chat are really important to me. It started off as a to share my favourite books and a few other things with you all that I couldn’t do on Pottermore, but it has evolved into more than that since Pottermore took so much away from us. It has become a way to keep us together, because I would be heartbroken if I never got to see you all again.

That is it for this post, and I’m sorry it is a day late. It took me a while to set up the new laptop just how I wanted it and get all of my files/photos etc. in order.




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