I have just spent a week in Barcelona, where I had a fantastic holiday. It is such a beautiful and friendly place, that I wanted to tell you about my trip. I stayed in a hotel called the Senator Spa Hotel, which is only a few minutes away from the Nou Camp stadium where F.C. Barcelona play. It is a 4* Hotel, and very posh, but because I booked it online I was able to get a very good deal on my stay. I would certainly recommend staying there. They even have a swimming pool on the roof, which I used several times.

Over the course of the week I went to so many places, that at the end of each day I was glad for a nice bed to sleep in. One of my favourite places was La Rambla. It is a street lined with shops and resturants, over 1km long, with the port at the bottom end and a large public square with fountains at the top. There is also a great market about half way down, that sells the most delcious food I have ever seen, including sweets and chocolates. Here are a few photos:




On this road there is a great market, which sells the most amazing food. If you find yourself here then you must go inside. There are a couple of awesome sweet shops there that I brought a few things from, one was even a Peppermint Toad!



Another place that I really liked was the port, because that is where all the boats and ships go, and while I was walking around there were even two tall ships in harbour. One looked just like the Durstrung ship. There was a lot of resturants and shops there, and even a cinema that was showing Harry Potter!





I would also recomend visiting Sagrada Familia. It is a cathedral designed by a very famous Spanish architect Antoni Gaudi, and building started on it in 1882. One thing that makes it so famous is that it is still not complete, and building isn’t expeted to be completed until 2026. If you go there I would recomend booking tickets online before you get there, because the queues are very long and tickets sell out quickly, so you could end up queuing for a couple of hours only not to get a ticket. It is a fantastic place, and I could have spent even more time there than I did.



I went to an art gallery called the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya, that looks like a palace. In front is a fountain called the Magic Fountain, where at weekends they hold concerts in the evening (you should go if you can), and inside there is a painting that looks suspiciously like Buckbeak.



Behined the gallery is the Olyimpic Stadium from the 1992 Summer Olympics, which was the first Olympic Games I can remember watching. It is free to go in, and has history going back to the 1920’s, so well worth a visit.



The Nou Camp is also a great place to visit, especialy if you like football. You can go on a tour which takes you all aound the changing rooms and onto the pitch itself. Thanks to Destiny for suggesting it.

I had a great time in Barcelona, and I could go on for hours about all the places I went to, but it would be much more fun if you got to visit for yourself one day. And to make it a little easier for you, most people speak at least some English.


“Wherever you go, go with all your heart.” Confucius.



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