Chat Update One

I had been thinking about making the chatroom for a while, but when Pottermore took the Common Rooms and Great Hall away from us I had to rush and make it, so I didn’t get the time to plan it as much as I wanted to, or more importantly tell more people about it. There are still friends I have not seen since they changed everything, and I still hope that I will get o see them again. But I am very happy that you guys do know about it, because I would be lost without you all, and I am very happy that yyou like it.

One thing that I had been planning to do to make it more like how Pottermore used to be was to create our own little Marauders Map, to make it seem more like an actual place in our imaginations. So on my flight to Barcelona a couple of days ago (I am currently on holiday) I finally had the time to draw something. It’s not great, as I am not a very good artist, but it kind of shows what I was thinking, and I hope you guys like it. So here is the drawing, an if there is a good artist amongst you then please let me know, and we can have a better drawing than what I can do:



If anyone is good with computers I would love to know if it would be possible to post these drawings (or new ones if someone draws us a better one) as a background in the chatoom, and I would also like to be able to play music in the background, please let me know if that is even possible. I already have a playlist on my itunes account of music that would be good, and I can add suggestions, I just don’t have a clue if it can even be done.

I am having a great time in Barcelona, and I will post all about it after I return home.




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