Tortoise Diaries Part Four

Izzy is doing well, and quite happy that summer has arrived, because it means more hot sunny weather and in the garden. She is more active this time of year because of the good weather, and over the last few weeks I have found her trying to climb out of her house quite a lot in order to go exploring, but don’t worry she can’t get out. When she does this she always reminds me of Spider Man trying to climb up a wall, so I took this picture to show you:


Another thing that has been making her happy recently is the abundance of dandelions that are around. They are her favourite thing to eat, and she will go straight to her food bowl as soon as I put them down. My whole family will collect them when we take the dog for a walk (the dog still doesn’t like Izzy), and my dad collects them on his walk home from work. Her record is to eat six large dandelions in one go.


Izzy loves to climb, so much so that she will try to climb over anything in her way rather than walking around it, even my shoes. Though maybe they were a bit smelly for her, because she turned around and climbed down pretty quickly.


I brought this little fridge magnet a few days ago; when I saw it I just had to buy it:


I have made a Facebook page for her, where I am posting photos and videos of her, so if we are friends on Facebook please send me a request to join if you would like. For those who don’t use Facebook I’ll soon be making a YouTube channel for the blog, which will include some videos of Izzy.




2 thoughts on “Tortoise Diaries Part Four

  1. thecollegiatetck

    Aww, tell Izzy I said hello and that I’m glad she’s enjoying the nice weather and the dandelions that have come with it!! Let me know when you start your youtube channel so I can head over and take a look at it! Thanks for posting, Thesi, I really enjoy reading your blog! 🙂

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