In the Wind by Robert J. Crane (*16 years and over) SPOILER ALERT! DON’T READ UNTIL YOU’VE READ THE OTHER BOOKS IN THE SERIES!



Title: In the Wind.

Author: Robert J. Crane.

Year of Publication: 2015 (UK).

Publisher: Revelen Press (UK).


Format: Available in paperback and as an ebook.

Cost for Paperback (RRP): £9.99 (UK).

Age Range: 16 and over, if you’re younger than this I suggest asking your parents before reading.

This is the second book in a series called Out of the Box.


This book takes a bit of a detour, and concentrates on Sienna’s brother Reed, who goes to Rome to discover what has become of Alpha, the meta-human organisation he used to work for. What he finds is a country under threat, and with his badass sister busy back home trying to police a whole country of meta-humans, the responsibility to stop a force that seems stronger than him falls squarely on Reeds shoulders.

But despite finally finding love in an unexpected place, and an old god seemingly on his side, Reed has never felt so alone or powerless. That is until the man behind all of the trouble takes something Reed cares about, and pushes Reed to fight as hard as his sister.

The third book in the series is called Ruthless.


“The bond that links your true family is not one of blood, but of respect and joy in each other’s life.” Richard Bach.



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