Randomness Three


I’m always coming across things that I think you guys might like to read about, but don’t always get to post about them because on their own it would be a really small post. So I’ve been saving a few things, and now it’s time to share them with you. Firstly there is this sign that my local bookshop has had in front of the store for about a month now:


I’ve already placed my order, and can’t wait!


This next thing is for my friend Wren. It’s of a store in my city that I pass all the time on my way into the city centre to go shopping, and it always makes me think of her.

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 21_Fotor.png

Then there’s this for my friend Lin; it’s a Chinese Take-away near to where I live, and I’ve always wanted to ask if they will give me a discount for knowing her. LoL.

Next is a couple of photos about an English city called Bath, in the South West, which is famous for it’s Roman history, and gets it’s name from the Roman Baths in the middle of the city. You can’t use the baths anymore, because it is full of algae, which has turned the water green. Bath is a great city, with loads of spa hotels, and full of history, so if you were ever trying to decide on somewhere to visit in Britain, that’s not too far from London, this would be a great place. The River Avon runs through the city, and its name is funny, because Avon is Celtic for river; so it’s really called the River River. Apparently it is because when the Romans arrived and asked the Britons pointed to the river and asked what it was, the reply they got was “It’s a river”, so because they couldn’t understand the language they didn’t realise the mistake they were making in calling it the River Avon.



And finally, this is a picture of Izzy being very a messy eater with some cucumber stuck to the side of her face. She is not very lady like at all, but I still love her.




“Grief is the price we pay for love.” Queen Elizabeth II of England.



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