Tortoise Diaries Part Three

IMG_0039It still seems like only yesterday that I brought Izzy to her new home with me, but it has been nearly 9 months, and she has become so incredibly important to me. She makes me happy when I am down, and makes me laugh all the time when she does things like get stuck trying to crawl under my bed.

Since I got her, she has grown over 1cm, and put on over 100grams in weight, which means she is growing well, so she is now 9cm (that’s the length of her shell from front to back, not including her head, tail, or legs) and 225grams. When she reaches 10cm, I will get her microchipped. This works in the same way as getting a cat or dog microchipped, and will make sure that she can never get lost or stolen. The chip will be put into her back left leg, which is why I have to wait until she is at least 10cm long, so that her legs are big enough for the chip to fit. It will be done by a vet, and won’t hurt her one bit, so don’t worry about that.

I didn’t hibernate Izzy, as it is advised to keep tortoises awake until they are two or three years old, because they loose weight when they hibernate, and young tortoises can loose too much weight while they are asleep. There was a few weeks where all she wanted to do was sleep, but I just had to keep waking her up, and now she is ready for summer when she can go outside again. In the wild she would have hibernated because the temperature would have been too cold for her, and when she is older I will hibernate her, but for now I kept her awake to make sure she is safe.

Next week I will take her the vets to get her nails cut, as they have grown quite a bit, and the get a check up to make sure she is nice and healthy. I know I have posted the picture of her at the top before, but it is my favourite picture of her, so I wanted to post it again.




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