Rise of Souls by Michelle Zink (*10 years and over) SPOILER ALERT! DON’T READ UNTIL YOU’VE READ THE OTHER BOOKS IN THE SERIES!


Title: Rise of Souls.

Author: Michelle Zink.

Year of Publication: 2012 (UK).

Publisher: Atom (UK).

Website: www.michellezink.com

Format: Available as an ebook only.

Cost for ebook (RRP): £1.99 (UK).

Age Range: I suggest from about 10 up, if you’re younger than this I suggest asking your parents first.

This book is an accompanying book in a series called Prophecy of the Sisters.


So what happens when it’s all over? You live happily ever after right? Wrong! With the Gate closed, Lia has settled into family life, but the future has different plans. This is a great little novella that tells what happens after you think the story is over.


“A children’s story that can only be enjoyed by children is not a good children’s story in the slightest.” C. S. Lewis.



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