I am very sad to say that today, 14th January 2016, the actor Alan Rickman, aka Professor Snape, has died from cancer aged 69.

He was a fantastic actor, who played not only Professor Snape so perfectly that no one else will ever be able to play him better, but has had a remarkable career on stage and screen for decades. He will be sadly missed by all Potterheads, for he played a man of great courage and love, for which his family and friends will no doubt say were qualities that he shared in great abundance.

We should all remember the part this man has played in the world that we love, because Harry would never have defeated Voldemort without him. So in memory of him, I would like you all to watch any Alan Rickman film today, as his legacy will be his work, and will immortalise him in ways that Voldemort could never understand or achieve.

All Potterheads will remember you Alan Rickman, our Professor Snape.


“Always.” Professor Snape.



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