Harry Potter Collection

It goes without saying that when you are a big fan of something like Harry Potter, you will want to buy a lot of memorabilia, so this post is all about the collection of Harry Potter items I have collected since I became a fan. Some of the things I have shown you guys before, but most is stuff I have never managed to include in other posts.

To start with, this is all the clothes I have:
                        a8 a14 a20

Next is a little potions kit I have been making for myself, I am still working on it and still want a full size cauldron. I always loved making potions on Pottermore. I brought a lot of the bottles from Etsy, and the cauldron in the second photo is just a tiny one for decoration:



And of course here are the books that I have:a15a18They are all 1st Editions, which is why there are some missing, as the early books are expensive to buy in first edition. But I have all of them as ebooks, so I can read them whenever I like. I have all of the movies on DVD to, and I am replacing them slowly with the Ultimate Edition’s, which have unseen footage and even more extras.

I also like to collect autographs, so I want to show you all the autographs I have from the actors and actresses of Harry Potter:

                 Daniel Radcliffe Rupert Grint Emma Watson 1

                 Katie Leung Bonnie Wright

Evanna Lynch

                           Matthew Lewis Timothy Spall

Ellie Darcey-Alden

Roger Lloyd-Pack

If you want to collect autographs, a good way to start is to simply write to the person who’s autograph you would like an ask them. You can find the addresses for a lot of celebrities at http://www.fanmail.biz Yes, you can find autographs for sale on websites like eBay, but why buy them if you can get a personally signed one with your name on it? Remember to include return postage. You can also get autographs from people if you go to something like a Comic Con or movie premier where that person is appearing.

These are all the posters I have. The first four came with the Harry Potter movie companions I have, and the last two were brought at the Comic Con I went to in London last October:

                       a17 a16

   a13 a12

                        a2 a1

I also have Hermione’s and Luna’s wands:

   a5 DSCF3181

Finally, here is some random things that I have, the last one is of some tickets I have for the Harry Potter Studio Tour in London:

             a6 a4

              a10 a9

                          a19 a21

      a11 trivial-pursuit

If you want any of these things for yourself, the best place to go for the books is obviously your nearest book shop (most good book shops will order books for you if they don’t have them in stock), or Amazon. As for the other things, if you can’t find them in shops on your local high street, then I suggest looking on websites like Amazon,or you can visit either www.harrypotterplatform934.com or www.noblecollection.com/harry-potter

I really hope you have enjoyed reading this post, and I will posting some more Harry Potter facts soon.

“Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak. Courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.” Sir Winston Churchill.



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