Tortoise Diaries Part Two


Izzy is growing well, and enjoying a good life. She is now 8.5 cm long and weighs 150g, which is good for her age.


I got this while I was on holiday a few weeks ago, as they sold a lot of tortoise and turtle souvenirs because they have wild ones living in the area. I didn’t see any, but I thought this was really nice so I brought it.

As Izzy likes to explore, I let her out of her house to walk around my room, but this can sometimes mean that my family don’t know she is on the floor when they enter my room and could step on her by accident. So I made a sign to let them know if she is in her house, or on the floor, that way they won’t step on her by accident. Izzy also likes to climb, so she will climb anything that is left laying around. It is from a template I found online, and I simply coloured it in.

thumb_IMG_0187_1024  thumb_IMG_0186_1024


I have to give Izzy a bath very few days, to keep her clean and healthy, especially as she is very messy. She doesn’t like it much, but she is getting better at not trying to climb out of the cat litter tray I use as her bathtub.


In the summer I tried to grow some cucumbers in our back garden from a plant I got at a local supermarket, as it is one of her favourite foods. I didn’t do very well; I only got one small cucumber from it, but she ate it all so I guess she liked it.


Tortoises have markings on their bellies (called the Plastron), which are like fingerprints and help to identify individual tortoises. This is Izzy’s:


Finally; here is a photo of her having a little nap one afternoon recently with her head tucked into her shell.



“What’s another word for Thesaurus?” Steven Wright.




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