Where She Went by Gayle Foreman (*14 years and over)


Title: Where She Went.

Author: Gayle Foreman.

Year of Publication: 2012 (UK).

Publisher: Black Swan (UK).

Website: http://www.gayleforman.com

Format: Available in paperback, an ebook, and an audiobook.

Cost for Paperback (RRP): £7.99 (UK).

Age Range: I suggest from about 14 up, if you’re younger than this I suggest asking your parents first.

This book is the second book in a series.


This book is set 3 years after If I Stay, and a lot has changed. Some things for the better: Mia is studying at the best school in the country. Some things not so: The once love of her life is no longer hers and has gone off the rails.

But what happens if you get another chance? Can they work through all the problems to be together, or will it all prove too much for love to conquer? I like this book a lot, even though it is heart-breaking, because of the fact that it is heartbreaking. It is a great exploration of human emotion, and reveals why the old words of wisdom to “be careful of what you wish for” should be remembered.

There are no plans at present to turn this book into a movie, but I hope that it will be; and with the same cast, as I think it is certainly screaming to be made.


“I installed a skylight in my apartment… the people who live above me are furious!” Steven Wright.




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