Say Hi to Izzy



Today I got the tortoise that I’ve wanted for so long. I’ve called her Izzy after a really cool friend from Syltherin. She’s 8 months old (tortoises are usually around this age when sold), and the best thing ever (sshhh, don’t tell my dog I said that). I say she, but it’s hard to tell a tortoises gender before it reaches a year old, though I’m 85% sure it’s a girl. The fist photo is her enjoying a nice meal, she seemed to really enjoy the cucumber. The white powder is a calcium supplement, which helps to make her shell nice and strong. She had a poo on the blanket just after I took the second photo, which was a pain, but she seemed to enjoy exploring her new home.


This is the house my dad and I built for her, and I will be keeping her in my room. She’s been hiding a lot, but that is normal for a baby tortoise to until it is used to new surroundings and feels safe knowing that my dog doesn’t want to eat her.

Tortoises, and the equipment you need to keep them (such as a heat lamp that also provides UVA and UVB lights, a tortoise table like what I have or a vivarium, and having it micro-chipped) are expensive. They also live for a long time; ages from 80-100 years old aren’t uncommon (there are some who have lived to 160). The food they eat is pretty cheap, but you need to know what to feed them and what not to feed them. Because of that, I would give the same advice I would before getting any pet: Make sure you can afford to care for it. Make sure you have the time to care for it. Research all you can about the animal to find out exactly how to care for it. Only buy pets from reputable pets shops and breeders.

A good place to go for information and advice about tortoises and turtles is I also have the following book which has taught me a lot, because I brought it last year and have read it several times to make sure I knew what I needed to do to care for my new friend properly:


Title: Tortoise: Understanding and Caring for your Pet

Author: Lance Jepson

Year of Publication: 2011 (UK)

Publisher: Magnet & Steel (UK)


Cost for Paperback (RRP): £ 9.99 (UK) $14.99 (USA) $23.99 (AUS) $28.99 (NZL)


I think Izzy is perfect, and I’m really looking forward to having her as my pet.




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    I have a question. I signed the petition and it said make a donation. Do I have to put in a donation because my parents wouldn’t allow me to do that and I can get into series trouble?

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