Randomness One


So this post is full of completely random stuff, in a completely random order, for absolutely no reason at all.

Recently I got a new car, because the old one needed several things doing to it, and I don’t have a clue how to fix them. This was my old car:


It’s a Fiat Punto, and it was my first car. I called it Luna, and I drove about 75,000 miles all over Britain in it. I know it sounds weird, but I love that little car and I miss it.


This is my new car, and it’s also a Fiat Punto, but a newer version. It’s only had one owner before me, and has hardly any miles on the clock, so it should keep me going for quite a while. I’ve decided to call this one Sansa from A Song of Ice and Fire (more commonly known as A Game of Thrones).

This is my dog:

Speed Star 1.1397434  00

His name is Rodney, and he’s named after a character from the best British comedy of all time called Only Fools and Horses. He’s really smart, but very grumpy, and won’t eat dog food, only ‘people’ food. Rodger Lloyd-Pack, who played Barty Crouch Snr in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire was also in Only Fools and Horses, and played a character called Trigger.

This is my old dog:

Jake 1

His name was Jake. He wasn’t as smart as Rodney, but he was a lot more friendly and playful. You just had to make sure you still had your fingers if you let him take food from your hand.

When I was younger I was a Scout, and I’m very proud of that! I made some brilliant friends, and we would go camping, and hiking, and abseiling, and put on Gang Shows (which are like variety shows with signing, dancing, and sketches). I also got to travel a lot with them to other countries. I went to Holland, Russia, Chile, and Brazil on Scout trips. We spent a lot of time here:

Copeland Cabin

It’s called Kibblestone, and it’s one of the oldest Scout Camps in the world, and a place I spent a lot of time in my childhood. I have so many fond memories of this place, and sometimes I take a long route to a friends house just to drive past it.

We also spent a lot of time here:

Manifold Valley 15 May 04 004   Manifold Valley 15 May 04 033Manifold Valley 15 May 04 001

It’s the Manifold Valley, in the Peak District National Park. We would swim in the river at a place called Wetton Mill, and race to the top of the valley to play in Thor’s Cave. I still love going to this area now, and it’s where The Pennines start (an English mountain range nicknamed “the backbone of Britain”).

This is the bookcase and DVD storage in my bedroom:

Book Shelf DVD's

I took a load of books to a charity shop a couple of months ago after getting ebooks of a lot of them in an attempt to free up some space, but as you can see I still have no space for new ones.

And for all you Ravenclaws out there, I saw this on sale in a shop near me, and couldn’t resist sharing a photo of it with you:


If I ever find anything special for you guys in other houses, I’ll share that with you too.

So that’s my random post over, but who knows, maybe I’ll do more sometime.


“I like long walks, especially when they are taken by people who annoy me.” Fred Allen.



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