Record Breaking Ravenclaw!!!!!!!

Ravenclaw Cover


So yesterday, at 18:00 (GMT), Ravenclaw House made Pottermore history, by becoming the first house to win the House Cup twice in a row.

When the hour glasses were concealed a week before hand, I have to admit that I thought we would need a small miracle to overtake Hufflepuff. So when it came to the announcement yesterday I was running around both in the Ravenclaw Common Room, the Great Hall, and, the Muggle world screaming “WE WON! WE WON!”

I know everyone thinks that their house is the best, and I’m no different. I am extremely proud of being a Ravenclaw, and have been since the day I got sorted. It is like Professor McGonagall said, “…you’re house will be like your family.” I have made some fantastic friends in Ravenclaw, and they have become like a family to me; so when we succeed I feel even more pride for them as I do myself, and when they’re sad, I feel sad with them.

We’re the smallest house on Pottermore, and sometimes (just like Hufflepuff) we get overlooked because people think it’s more impressive to be a Gryffindor or Syltherin, yet we have just done something that neither of those houses have been able to do yet. And even if one day they do, we will still be, and always be, the first house to do so. Fellow Eagles; no one can take that away from us. I will be eternally grateful to you for being my friends, and eternally grateful to JK Rowling for giving us the gift of Harry Potter that has brought us all together.

I could write a huge list of people on Pottermore I count as friends, but I’d probably run out of space, and you know who you are besides. So to ALL of Ravenclaw, I say THANK YOU and WELL DONE!!!!!! So here’s to making it three in a row.

To the other houses (especially Hufflepuff), I also want to say congratulations to you. You worked so very hard to win!!!!!!!!!!!!! You earned every point you were awarded, and I know that you are all just as loyal to your houses and friends as I am. So here’s my challenge to you: If you want the House Cup, COME AND GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




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