Emma Watsons’ #HeForShe Campaign

Emma Watson #HeForShe


I know this has nothing to do with books, but I think it needs talking about. Emma Watson has grown up with a lot of us as we have read Harry Potter and watched her play one of our favourite characters in the movies. The speech she gave at the UN recently for the launch of her HeForShe campaign has shown why more people- of both genders, especially children -should be having her as their role modal, rather than other ‘celebrities’ who are only famous for the gossip that surrounds them or the person they are supposed to be in a relationship with. She has shown that even in an industry such has hers, education and self respect is still important. She has stood up to be counted, which is far braver, and deserving of far more respect, than ‘celebs’ who get famous just for taking their clothes off or selling their wedding photos to magazines.

I think that she has shown the world that good people treat others with respect, no matter their gender, race, ability, age, colour, sexuality, religion, or anything else that some would use to assert why they are better than others. I think that people sometimes get confused; thinking that treating someone as equal means they have to be the same as you, but it doesn’t! I think Emma is a very different person to me (at least the public face of Emma, I obviously don’t know her personally) that goes far beyond the fact that we are different genders, but if I was ever lucky enough to meet her I would treat her as an equal because we’re both human beings.

There are still people in the world who are trampled on because they are different, which makes me sad, and Emma is using her position to stand up to them, which is exactly what Hermione would do. She is braver than those ‘celebs’ who are famous simply for being famous and don’t care about the example they are setting for their fans. Well I’m a Ravenclaw!!!!!! AND I’M PROUD OF BEING DIFFERENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I support Emma’s HeForShe campaign, because I treat everyone as equals. WELL DONE EMMA!!!!!!!!!

You can show your support by using #HeForShe on twitter and other places on the internet.




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